On a cheerier note...

So I tried asking my Mum if we really are staying for a year. And thank God. She said the longest we'd stay is July.


I'm going to miss celebrating my 21st birthday with Andrew though, but we can squeeze that in with post-celebrating Valentines and our anniversary. And its been years since I last celebrating my birthday with my folks. Plus I heard Ban and Carlo would be here, too. And *drum roll* I'll start working anytime soon. That kind of excites me too.

Today I got a LOT of nice texts. Honey comforted me, Ja told me how much he loved that entry about high school (read: it really was about him), and Tata tried to book me for a shoot.


At least she told me that I should inform them as soon as I get back. Not bad. That really lifted up my spirits. Even if I turned down a couple of shoots, they understood. Jeez, of course they would.

Ah! Thank you Seventeen! I can't wait 'til I see all of you again!

SHOUT OUT to my great online buddies, Crisel, Ana, Jobiebie and my BGFF, Mara who made these!

Digital make-up! That is so interesting! Crisel is the greatest! I just saw one of her artworks from her page and I told her how much I wanted mine to be edited too. She said I should give her photos of me without make-up on, and I planned on sending one to her asap. But the next day, I found this is in my mail! She's not only the greatest, she's the sweetest!

Ana's been an online bud way back 2005. She told me that she was bored one day at napagtripan niya yung photos ko. She gave me a link and I saw 4 edited photos! But I love this one the best! You rock, Ana. Thank you!

I posted this in my entry the other day but the photos were blurry. Ack. I resized it too many times. This is my GF's artwork, she made 7 of them but this one's my favorite. Just wanted y'all to see clearly.

This one is as far as I remember the first artwork a friend has ever given me. Its from JOVE! (Hi, I love you!) This has been Andrew's and my desktop theme. Its cool, no?

And with me, being so jealous with how everyone is SO good with editing, (ACK) I tried editing again! I used to edit my photos too but the ones that 5 year olds are capable of doing, too. The ones I made of this photo the other day are basic too. But this one I used several effects on, not just one. And I also love how it looks. So...cartoony.

AH. Thanks again guys, for this. I love you for taking the time to make them! You guys are the best!

Okay so I won't blab about too much today. Since it's pretty much the same.
Also, I'm gushing on The Holiday. Ha,ha. Still hits you the same seeing it the second time.
Thank you again guys, for being there for me.

Here's to earning and SAVING!
*candy wink*