Rippled and Blurry.

Its Mara and Aldrich that got me thinking of how Andrew and I got together. I can't believe that its been three years since, I couldn't stop myself from giggling. Anyways, this is fun for me. If you're not interested you can skip this entry anyways. Hahaha.

OHMYGAA why can't I stop giggling! Ugh. Okay. I'm putting on a straight face now.


So, its been about two weeks since Andrew gave me the cold treatment and told me that he would stop courting me already (after about three months of panunuyo. Ha,ha) But it was then I realized that I wanted him too.Only that it was too late. Things were so complicated then. Those days were one of the most confusing days of my life. EVER. I tried asking him for another chance but he stood by his decision. Days later we texted, and we said that it would be great if we still remained friends.

Ed was a close friend of ours, he used to own Royal Food Castle at the Square canteen (remember that, my fellow DLSU-D students?) and me and my fellow dorming friends who were close to him would sleepover at his place sometimes on weekends.

This one night, Ed invited Andrew to tag along, too. Since we would be drinking (gah, I barely drank. I couldn't stand the feeling of getting wasted. I'd only drink if I was in my rebellion state. Ha,ha).

I remember us eating at this one Taco place Aldrich mentioned recently, which was just in front of Isabel. We were all inside munching on cheap tacos until everybody finished and went out to hang by the Starex one by one, until Andrew and I were left inside. We both knew what they were up to so we just gave each other this look, I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable so I said, "Tara, labas tayo."

We then headed into Ed's dorm. He sat on the couch with my friend Eya ( I miss you! ) and sat on the floor by the door (wow I rhyme), but I kept looking at him at the corner of my eye, and he'd catch me most of the time.

There were two mountainbikes outside. Everyone rode it, but I would scream at them and say "Someone teach me to ride a bike!" Everyone teased Andrew about it. And he did, out of embarassment. Ha,ha. It was so obvious. And I didn't hesitate to learn even if had heels on.

Minutes later I gave up. And then everyone started teasing that he should take me for a ride. I sat in front of the saddle, Andrew started peddling, Eya was on the other bike and was right behind us.

Andrew and I biked around Isabel, but I noticed the farther we got from Ed's place the slower Eya peddled.
There were A LOT of humps, and EVERY single time we passed by one, we would really fall off the bike. But mostly, I had this smile plastered on my face thinking that this is one moment I am never going to forget, and the cold air that night helped, too.

On this last hump we "stumbled" on before making our way back, we fell off the bike again, but this time Andrew held me by my tummy, preventing me from falling. We were laughing so hard until I just felt it rushing in me.

I turned around and hugged him.

"Ikaw ang gusto ko. I-try lang natin. Tignan natin kung magwo-work. Sorry sa lahat ng nagawa ko. Promise di na kita sasaktan...Mahal kita, ikaw ang mahal ko..."

I would've felt bad if he didn't hug me back. It was like, a sign for me, that somehow, this tiny part of him still wants me.

But he hugged back. And he sighed.
And then he nodded.
We smiled.
It was 12:00 AM.
January 24, 2004.

We decided it was time to head back to Ed's since it was quite dark on the street we were standing on. I was so excited to tell Ed about it, because he was our cupid. But when we got there I found out he rushed to 7-11 to grab a few stuff we'd munch on.

As soon as I saw him get out of the Starex, Andrew and I showed him that we were holding hands and we were both smiling. Ed just passed by us.

"Ah talaga? Ayos ah."

Andrew and I looked at each other, confused. A second later Ed closed the door, leaving both of us outside. It wasn't until we heard him scream, "T*NGINAAAAA!!!!" followed by his usual declaration of "I'M SO F*CKING HAPPY" manner of laughing that we figured out it was his way of congratulating us.

Less than an hour later, he was leaning on the door, and I was leaning on him. It was his first time to ever tell me (he whispered, actually)...

"Mahal kita."

And I melted.

We slept on the couch that night, I was next to Eya. Everyone was still outside, drinking.
Gothika was on. But I fell asleep holding on to his arm with my head on his shoulder. Nothing beats the first few hours of "getting together".

The next day, we both couldn't believe that we were a couple. A couple. After everything we've been through, no one knew we would still end up together.

Has it really been three years?
We've been through so much. Through some really screwed-up times. But we always manage to get on with life.

And now, we're seriously talking about where we should raise our unborn children. And he's already lecturing me about saving.

Most people think that it was a mistake that I made that move.
Its one mistake I'd do over and over again.