So, its the laughter.

It was just like yesterday, only this time she wrestled me. On some days she'd tickle me or kiss me all over my face just to get me out of bed. Shower's ready, but as usual, the water is still too cold for me. I turn the faucet until I can feel the water almost burning my skin. Its always been that way. Hot showers make my day.

Today I fight the God of sleep by trying to enjoy my breakfast. But I realize that this day will be different from the rest, because this is the first day. The first day I'd ever get to see him knowing that he's mine, after three years of wanting him from a distance, and getting nothing else but friendship.

The intercom buzzes. The carpool's already downstairs, waiting with 10 passengers inside the van. I grab the entire house and head downstairs. One more stop and we're headed to school.

Incubus is playing on the stereo. MEED. The light suddenly turns to red and I find myself staring at the gasoline station singing to Drive, tapping my hands on my knees.

I get down from the van with this silly smile plastered on my face. I was trying to give the "OKAY HE'S TAKEN, BY ME THIS TIME!" impression to most of the girls I see on the way to our villa. Turn right, and make a left turn over there. That's it right ahead. Its funny that we share the same villa with students three years behind us. As usual, the boys are already sweating at 8 in the morning from all the silly freshmen things they do, some are hanging by the bathroom and some are playing the guitar, its what you'd see on most days. I head right up and skip steps out of excitement. I drop my things and head to his classroom, just right beside ours. We should've gotten together last year since we were classmates then.

He isn't there yet. He's late. He does come late to school sometimes. I head back to our classroom and take out my CD player. I brought my entire CD collection, in its respective crystal cases. I take out the POP compilation and listen to Cruise. Ban-ban sits beside me and takes the earphone out of my right ear and puts it into his left. We sing together.

After Physics,the first subject, he marched into the room. I saw him everyday since sophomore year. But this is one vision of him I will never forget. Then he smiled at me. I smiled back.

Its "wash day" today, and our teachers postponed classes to practice so we'd be able to practice for me cheering competition. But that would always be our cue to invade each other's classrooms, while some would try to escape out of school and head to someone's house nearby to watch DVDs while the couples would make out. We decide to stay in my classroom. We sat next to each other. And for the first time, I put my head on his shoulder. He rests his head on mine while we held hands. 12:00 PM. Twenty minutes later, we wake up, he kisses my hand and asks me what I want to have for lunch. He gets up and as my eyes followed him out of the room, I saw my two bestfriends, Ayah and Maya smiling at me. I laughed.

Everyone was in the quadrangle, practicing for prom. I headed back to the classroom and as I turned around, he was there, grinning at me. We hugged. And then he gave me a kiss. Seeing us dance together, I couldn't help but smile. This was our last prom. But it would be more meaningful than last year's, since we're together now.Each schoolyear was getting funner and funner. But this year was different. It was the best. It was the most unforgettable.

Everything that happened between us. At school, outside of school. On a schoolday or on weekends, whether we were fighting or all over each other (in a less tacky way, because we were never the tacky couple), were UNFORGETTABLE. They were the days that would make it hard for me to leave this place.

The doorbell rings. He's on the door. Pop asks him how his Dad is doing. He enters my room. There are boxes everywhere. He hands me my videocam. I had forgotten it yesterday at the Bridge's head office ( I was one of the literary eds of the school paper, but I didn't do much though ).

We couldn't have a moment alone. A few minutes later, he heads home. I look at him from our window and he stares at me while he walked his way to the corner to hail a cab. We were smiling at each other. But it was too far for him to see that I was crying. And then he turns at the corner. That was the last time I saw him. My life would never be the same again. April 3, 2002. Five years ago.

On an ordinary (read: blissful) school day.

Although life has been beautiful for both of us, we've separately had the best and worst moments of our lives, and we grew to be more mature. After a few years of not being in good terms after the break-up, we worked our way into becoming close friends. Thankfully we still are. Closer than ever. We're both happy now, and even if we're currently not responsible for making each other happy, we will always have a part of each other. And that's how we intend it to be. We text, we talk, we laugh, we tease. We rant about our current relationships to each other, and reminisce about the past sometimes. We had a beautiful relationship, and we still do.

And even if he broke my heart, I wouldn't have anyone else do it for him. I am glad to have gone through all the pain and happiness from being with him. And I've learned so much. He will always be my bestfriend, my ex, my boy. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here's to us, Ja. And the beautiful life ahead of us still having each other.