A usual case of Blogorrhea.

ACK. Grabe ang daming nangyayari dito ngayon. I've never had this much trouble with family, ever. I guess its normal since we've been apart for nearly 6 years. I know its weird hearing this but maybe I'm just adjusting to having my folks around again. Ang hirap pag naranasan mo na maging independent, tapos babalik ka ulit sa pagiging "anak" If you know what I mean. But anyways, good thing we've resolved things. But did it have to be that hard? Jeez.

God, I'm leaving it all up to you to tell me what I should do with my life, and how I should start my "future". *SIGH*

Oh well.
Did I ever tell you that Kris Aquino is a far relative? Ha,ha. My Grandpop (God bless him) is actually the late, great Ninoy Aquino's "second-degree" cousin. Although I never got to hang-out with Kris (but Mom did waaaay back in the 80's), this whole Kris-James-Hope thing has really got me irritated. I know I'm in no position to say this and this would come off really mean but I think that girl has to look in the mirror over a million times before she says something like that. And the nerve to call Kris a home wrecker! Fudge darn it.

Oh and thank you, thank you for this:

AYEEN. She blogged about our (Cams and I) posers. It was really sweet of her to do. And she wrote this, too.

Abbie and I met each other at La Salle. It's in one of those Fashion Exposures where we're both participants. I never thought that after the show, we would be come a bit close to one another. I was even in doubt if I should greet her whenever we see each other at the hallways. I never greeted her the way she did...Sometimes, I know that she's just meters away from me but I am too timid to say hi or something so I'll just stay at my place, talk to some of my classmates, and then she would be the one who'll greet me first. She would tickle me on the waist and sometimes would tease me that I'm madaldal. That's the time when I finally realized that Abbie's good. I mean, I was too shy to admit that she's my friend because everybody wants to befriend her, I always thought of her as someone who's up there...but then, she didn't make me feel that she is and even was up there. That's what started it all...until that summer when we would see each other MORE OFTEN at the canteen and she would come by our table and make beso.

This is really sweet, Ayeen. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I really appreciate it. Aww!

KAYE. I love love love this edit, too! Its totally Antoi. She said she did it to cheer me up after I found out about the posers. Ack. And it worked. Thanks Kaye, you're the best! (I edited both of the photos in the frame though, but she really made it look HOT!!)

Oh and the Oscars. FINALLY Martin Scorcese wins an award. I told you (my Multiply contacts), THE DEPARTED rocks! Hah! And kudos to Milena Canonero! She definitely deserved that award (Best in Costume Design) for what else? Marie Antoinette! It felt like I was on a trampoline when it was announced. And speaking of Marie Antoinette...

THANK YOU FOR THIS, JANNA! Woohoo! Kirsten Dunst, I will love you FOREVER! Yes, even when you're all wrinkly! You'll still be the bomb! Natalie, don't be jealous. I love you too.

And and and...I cannot wait to move in. Maybe in 5 or 6 months. Not so sure yet. Ha,ha. I also can't wait to act like a party girl on some nights (err maybe just one night) at Embassy when I'm bored at home. Yeah. Let me show all y'all how shallow I can really be. Here's to slumber (and tea? Ha,ha) parties and night swimming and talking all night by the clubhouse.

YES, HOME. Global City, here I come! Woohoo!

Guess what, First seasons of OTH and THE OC will start on Dubai One this Saturday. Just what I needed. MTV France, VH1, OTH and THE OC! I really regret not taking my DVDs with me, but at least its going to be shown here , even if I'm supposed to be watching the fourth seasons of both series now. Jeez. Oh and have you ever heard of MISS SEVENTEEN? That is so friggin' cool. Its like ANTM only teenyboppy-er. Ha,ha.

Okay that ends my gobbledygook.

I want a sidekick encrusted with pink crystals. So yesterday you might say. WHO CARES! Idol! (Joey) Would you recommend I use it? I think it rocks!