From my mouth, I can sing you...

Okay, so the internet at home still isn't working.
^%&$(#&@(!* !!!!

I just came from a shoot and I'm currently on another public computer. Only this time I'm in Alabang. I rode with Tatin (Yang) from the shoot at Valle Verde. I figured I should post this entry I typed offline yesterday. Ack.

Its about time I bombard you with photos and my usual gobbledygook. YEEHOO! Hahaha.

ONE. I've been on an airplane alone before. But that was like, my usual vacation trip to Manila from Palawan. I've never flown internationally. This was like, a really cool experience and I've never felt so independent. You know how I said my life as a dormer gave me my sense of independence? Scratch that. It was this moment. And nothing rocked more than walking around Dubai's International Airport alone! Hahaha. What made it even cooler was sitting ALONE on the Jeddah-Dubai flight. I could be dancing in my seat for all I care! Ha,ha. On board I also saw really cool movies like The Black Dahlia, Bobby, The Last Kiss and Deja Vu! Everything was perfect, except the part where I get "lost" at the waiting area - in my own country. That's effed up.

1. Mommeh, Pop and Me before I checked in. 2. Who else would I be listening to? (of course aside from John Legend and JT.) 3. I told you... It really does rock!

TWO. Okay don't get me wrong. I love(D) my curly hair. But I decided I've been loopy too long and it was about time I went back to my original straight (and stubborn) hair (I was really inspired by Nelly's SAY IT RIGHT video, too!). A few days later after I got it straightened...I got a haircut. Hahaha. Tatin was right, I am indecisive. LOL!

1. That's a photo I took a few minutes after I got it straightened (wherelse? The fix salon at Greenbelt!). 2. That's hours after I had a haircut, and was taken during a Seventeen shoot at Valle Verde.

Speaking of the Seventeen shoot, I saw Mia on her way out while I was in the Seventeen office. She had to do a double take on me, she said I look so different! Woohoo. I like looking different from time to time. Anyway, during the shoot,my phone died on me just as I was going to take photos with everyone. Fudge darn it. It was also my first time to work with a guy. We had to look each other in the eye, and I was okay with it but Justin was laughing the entire time! Hahaha! It made it even harder. What made us more comfortable was when Monica and Tata advised us that we talk about ANYTHING. We talked about 300 and Hugh Grant's latest movie. Then we were laughing. Hahahaha. That was hilarious. I rode with Tata and she dropped me off at the Town. I had so much fun talking to her on the way. I loved talking to her, she made me really open up about everything! Plus her Dad is so nice! Thank you again Tata, for everything! And thank you Lyca for booking me!

THREE. Finally, at the same day I got my hair straightened, Andrew and I met up at Glorietta. It was so cool! I mean, he said he didn't recognize me. Hahaha. We hugged and kissed (not make-out. Public decency, hello?) and we couldn't get our hands off each other (and I mean that in a no-tacky tacky way). He kept kissing my temple while we were walking around. I love it whenever he kisses my temple. And then we gave each other gifts. I gave him the pasalubong my Pop got for him.

A Swatch watch! Yes, my Pop thought of getting that for him, not me. I love my Pop so much. He's the coolest.

FOUR. The next day, Andrew went with me to a shoot for Inquirer, my first time to ever commute to Katip (okay Saab, now I can finally visit you! Mwahaha!) to get to Tito Ocs' studio. After the shoot we went to Dasma (talk about TIRING) to claim my toga and Graduation invites. Met up with Franco and had a super YUMMY brunch at McDo. I friggin' miss eating with Andrew and friends at fastfood chains. Hahaha.

Finally, we get to camwhore camwhore camwhore again!

FIVE. I finally get to march. THIS IS WHY I CAME HOME! My Grammy and Drew came with me. My Tito and cousin Louie waited outside (Fudge darn it, I should've gotten like 10 tickets, if only it was possible). I had so much fun, and I got really nervous when I walked across the stage. I know I was done with school last October, but this makes everything official. It is the most bittersweet feeling ever. The next time I'll be feeling this way is during marriage. Hahahaha.

1. Me and Len outside the PICC. 2. With my grammy and Babe. 3. The stage. Waaaah! 4. The girls, Len and Sky, who I missed and will be missing more! 5. FP incomplete! Boohoo. But I still had fun with them and we cherished this moment together, even if we were tuliro after the ceremony. Hahahaha. 6. That's me and my girl, Sky in our dresses. 7. With my proud, ninja-turtly smiling babe. When I descended from the stairs he gave me a super tight and warm hug, and he kissed me. He asked me if I was feeling alright since he knew how sad I was finishing college. He told me I should cry and let my true emotions out! Hahaha. He kept comforting me, and I kept assuring him I was fine. Still didn't stop him from kissing me again! Haha. Kilig.

SIX. Post-grad was SIMPLE. We got take-out from Jollibee and ate at home! Hahaha. Grammy's treat! And then I was really "feeling" my eyelashes because I finally bought my dream falsies! The Shu Uemura Diamante False Eyelashes! Yes, the one I included in my Christmas wishlist! Hahaha. So I camwhored away. With Babe, of course. He spent 5 days at home since we met up.

1. Babe is feeling it, yo! Hahaha! 2. Whatchalookin'at? 3. Eyelocking at its finest. Hahaha. 4. We're really just...HAPPY. 5. I guess we're impatient with the third Spiderman installment? Hahahaha. 6. OOOH that's me really feeling my lashes! Hahaha! 7. WAH. Okay, that's enough.

SEVEN. 38 months! Yay! I know we said we were gonna celebrate it BIG but how we were feeling that day. Our original plan was to go to Megamall to get me some Krispy Kreme doughnuts, then head to MoA where we'd eat at Burgoo's again or something. BUT WE WERE TOO LAZY. At 11am we were still lazing around at home, our legs on top of each other watching Tyra. I decided one of us should be moving (time is gold, yo!) and so I got up (boohoo, I left such a beautiful nook) and got ready. Then we headed to the farthest mall. THE TOWN. LOL! Hahahaha. We ate at CPK lang but this time we had two pizzas. Holy crass I'm salivating right now. Then we saw 300 and I salivated again. After the movie I saw Saab's friends and I texted her, telling her I saw them and that I was at the Town. She replied minutes later saying, "I'm at the Town! Stay 'til later, let's meet up!" But it was too late. I was already on my way home. Boohoo.

1. Babe, I love you so much! 2.UGH. Please. MORE! 3. Babe equally distributing the goods. Hahaha. 4.Taken under the table. LOL.

Okay I think that's enough nonsense for today? Or do you? Do you want some more?
Hahaha. I'm kidding, I know you don't.

It sucks I forget to pray everynight before I sleep. I hate that I forget to thank God for blessing me so much! UGH. How could I do that? Slap me please.

I can't wait to meet up with my friends. GRR. Ayah, Maya, FP, Kidlat, the Autistiks, Gotsys.... RAWR. TEXT ME, YOU GUYS!

OH AND, before I forget... watch my bestfriend/soulmate on ASAP (every Sunday) at ABS-CBN. He's part of the Colgate Borakada Challenge. Red team, yo! Ka-Kidlat ko yan! Hahaha.


Some kind of easy.

HERE, HERE! Let me make it up to you! In summation.

I GOT "LOST" at the airport.

HAD MY HAIR straightened.

MET UP WITH BABE for the first time after nearly three months.

INTERNET at home sucks.

HAD A SHOOT for Inquirer. (I love you Bianca)

GRADUATING kicked ass.

ANDREW staying with me at home.

CURRENTLY using a public computer.

WILL DATE TOMORROW. (Monthsary, yo!)

I WILL POST NORMALLY soon. Ha,ha! And bombard you with photos. And will reply to tagboard comments soon. Must save money. Hence... must save time. Hahaha.


I'M soarin', flyin'...

Ha,ha! sorry that is such a lame title.

Anyways, just wanna let all y'all know that I'm in Dubai already. In 9
hours (less, actually) I'll be kissing Philippine grounds HELLO!
hahaha. O-yay. I'm on my I-mate right now.

It feels really good and scary flying alone. But in summation to this
experience... I AM OFFICIALLY INDEPENDENT. Ngek. Ha,ha.

I'll see you all soon!
I embrace you!

Gotta go, boarding time!!


One totely Beachin' Byotch on the loose.

*runs like Melody from Josie and the Pussycats*

I'm flying by tomorrow. ACK. I really can't believe it. I'm finally going to march.
And whaddya know, I get to spend early summer in the Phiilippines. Ha,ha!

And, being inspired with Pammy's Summer entry, here are a few of my summer must-haves:

1.) TANNING OIL. I heard that TAN is out this season, but I don't care. I still think its the sexiest complexion EVER. Ha,ha. Preferrably Hawaiian Tropic's TAN AMPLIFIER. It rocks. Plus I love how it gives you the golden baked tone! Now that, my friend...IS HOT.

2.) OFF! Insect Repellant. It's preventative. In my case, at least. I never left the beach without suffering from sandmite bites. It nearly destroyed my buzz while I was in Bora! Jeez. I apply it before bathing myself with tanning oil. Hahaha.

3.) SPF. For those who plan to bake, and who are smart enough to not want to suffer from skin cancer. Of course you apply that before you apply tanning lotion, if you want to tan but not TAN. Ha,ha. Got it?

4.) SHISHIEDO'S SELF-TANNING LOTION. For those of you who are afraid to bake. Enough said. Ha,ha!

5.) SUIT up, yo! If you're maturing and you want to be practical like me (err, sort of) I suggest you invest on really expensive, but really great swimsuits like the ones from Roxy and Billabong. (Yes, call me cheap for saying they're expensive! Hahaha) I have ONE pair from Billabong that I wear ALL the time. Hahaha. However, if you want to stock on a LOT of swimsuits, I suggest swimsuits from LAE, too. They're not just affordable, they're SOOPER cute too!

6.) ACCESSORIZE...ACCESSORIES. I've never been a fan of plastic and beaded accessories (it is a summer theme, right?) except on my ankles, that is . I have nothing against it though, just not my thing. I make up for it anyway by wearing silver. Whether they're chunky, or just a simple necklace with really cute pendants. If you don't like accessories, well your boardshorts, minis and your latest pair of Havaianas can do the trick. (Duh, like you didn't know that! Hahaha. Just making sure! LOL!) They do make your look beachier, right?

7.) SUMMER TRACKS. Mine has always been 50 First Dates' OST. But now that I've downloaded THE BEACH'S OST, that's an addition. SPINNING MARY (by Sugar Ray) will totely be on repeat mode. Kokomo and Don't worry, be Happy are great beach tracks, too. Ah, MUSIC. They complete the whole summer experience.

8.) PAPARAZZI-MAGNET LENSES. Don't wear them while baking, though. Unless you want racoon eyes. Hahaha. And remember, don't always go with WHAT'S IN, wear the ones that are trendy, but suit you best. Just not those small, rectangular-shaped shades. Well, if you're a fan of the 90's then go ahead.

9.) A CAMERA and a PHOTOGRAPHER. Shushal! Hahaha! Jeez, I don't think I should include this since its the first item you throw in your bag before anything else, I assume!

10.) YOUR SUMMER POSSE. Mine's Paris, Nicole and Lindsay. We'll be hanging out at St. Tropez, maybe we'd skinny dip and flirt with the Paparazzi a little. (Hahaha, dream on Alodia!) Jeez, man. Spending summer with your bestEST friends? It couldn't get any better than that. Just like that last summer my JOU friends and I spent at El Cheapo! The best, pare!

TA-DA! Okay hope that helped. I might add a few more later, if something pops in my teeny tiny little burrain. Mwahaha!

Okay, now my favorite type of entry. RANDOMS!

Oh and I kinda lost weight again from all the PUYAT! Oh well.

Call me a loser but I just saw JT's WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND video earlier. And I drooled. Fudge darn it, two of the hottest people making out! My jaw hit the floor. I loved the song way before I saw the video, but man. The video made me love it more. Marry me Scarlett!

Err, Justin! Ha,ha!

I'll post artwork soon (thanks again Ayeen), together with the photo "ABBIE DIN ANG NAME KO" showed me (Madonna as Marie Antoinette). Thanks Abbie, the photo rocked. I mean, I love Madonna, too! So to see her pose as Marie WOWED me. Ha,ha. Thanks again!

AND to my zeetees: I love you...not,but goodbye anyway. Finally. My forehead is free of break-outs. Woohoo!


Say it right.

(Sorry, LSS. Ha,ha!)

See, here's the thing. I LIKE TO OVERSHARE. Whether it means sharing too much, or sharing things you should just keep to yourself.
Tenenen! Hahaha!

I like having conversations with cabbie drivers. Its nice to see life through another person's eyes. Plus it makes the trip more sensible. And somehow, its nice to share (and debate, in a way) about life with a stranger.

When I get jealous, my self-confidence boosts. Is that weird? I'm guessing I'm not alone in this one. Ha,ha. When I think Andrew is attracted to other girls (which is normal, c'mon admit it guys!) I always think that I'm better. Sometimes, I do things to show him that what he has is still better. Hahaha!

I wish my friends and I could live on "THE BEACH". Didn't you just love the movie? I mean, its actually so possible! It could be happening right now. Ha,ha. I guess I just really love the beach (darn, who doesn't?). Oh, I didn't finish that! I wish my friends and I could live on "THE BEACH" and I'd be with Leo, too! Hahaha!

I am conceited! As irritating as it is, that's just me. No one can ever love ME like ME! Y'all know what I mean? Ha,ha! I think a few of my contacts in Multiply are pissed from looking at my albums, especially the ones I've been posting since I got here. Hahaha. Oh well.

I am weird. I tend to like the weirdest of films for the weirdest of reasons. I appreciate films most people appreciate just because its cool (like Indie films). I miss talking to Chucky about films. I cried at the end of Brokeback Mountain. I mean, how many straight people got affected with the film, eh? I bet your ass most of them couldn't get the thought of Heath Ledger kissing Jake Gyllenhaal out of their heads. Ha,ha.

I was as disturbed as Marissa Cooper. Sans the tequila and sleeping around. But its still not something I should be proud of just because she's played by Mischa Barton. I did do a few stupid things though, but I'm really thankful that God still came to my rescue. As always.

JT+HOT SHOWERS= ONE HAPPY ABBIE. Ha,ha! OMG I sing and dance (LOL I moonwalk!) to the songs. I just step out of it feeling GREAT! Of course I listen to the upbeat tracks.

MARIE ANTOINETTE OST+HOURS SOAKED IN THE TUB = Makes me feel like I could live to a hundred. It makes me feel (like a) royalty! It just rocks. Especially Opus 17, 23, 36 and Avril 14th! Now all I need to do is listen to them while I'm in the SPA! Hahaha.

I have big dreams, but too scared to fulfill them. This is too complicated.

I fell in love with Greek literature in Sixth grade. We were reading Homer's THE ODYSSEY and THE ILIAD back then, and I finished the book way ahead of my class because I was so interested. TROY would still amaze me up to this day, and its not just because Eric Bana and Brad Pitt looked so hot in skirts.

I ADORE IVANKA TRUMP. Okay so, here's the thing: I never heard about who Donald Trump was if it wasn't for Ja (Gawd, Ja is actually really smart. Ha,ha. Back in HS he'd tune into CNN 24/7 and I fall asleep on the phone talking to him while he tells me how outraged he is with US politics. Hahaha). And after I saw The Trumps (Donald, Ivanka and Donald Jr.) on Tyra, I fell in love with Ivanka the moment she opened her mouth.

I like being jologs. Sadly, I'm thinking some of my model friends look down to me because of this. Hahaha! I'm happy that I have a few model friends that can be jologs with me. Like CHAM (Castejon)! I miss her.

I love Clint Eastwood's twisted happy endings. Ever notice how his films always end? They always have this distorted happy factor injected. Like, say Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby. Space Cowboy,too. Okay like I said on all of his films. Hahahaha.

I suck at thinking about the best pasalubongs for friends. Fudge darn it. CRISIS! Total crisis! I've been dealing with it since last week!

I like staying inside the movie house watching the credits roll. YES. I am one of those people. But on some cases I end up squeezing into the crowd just to run to the bathroom. Either the movie is too good to miss a second with your eye focused on somewhere else, or the film is too creepy I'm too scared to go to the bathroom alone. Hahahaha.

I like taking a LOT of BTS photos in all of the shoots I'm part of. Mwahaha. It rocks that Sara (Black) and Bianca (Consunji) would tease me about it! Hahahaha!

I strut while I tune into FTV. Hahaha! I am a (big) dreamer, I told you. AND seeing all the models really toned pushes me to do more than my usual 100 sit-ups a day (6 months ago)...err a week (now).

My Pop really does love Andrew! I'll tell you why in a few days! Hahahaha.

I'm no longer nocturnal. I am now a vampire. Seriously. I'm awake at night and asleep by day. I feel the sleepiest at 1PM (6PM Philippine time).

Methinks I have a celebrity soulmate. I just noticed so much similiarities! But I won't tell who! Hahaha. Sabihin niyo pa ang laki na ng ulo ko! Hahahaha!

Okay that does it for today. Mwahaha. Must tuck myself in, got church to go to later! I can't wait to see all y'all soon.

I embrace you!!!

Tabs went to Bora. I hate him! RAWR.

Sana pagdating ko, showing parin yung 300. $#@!^%*$*!!! Hahahaha!


I can do the twisted pretzel!

Ha,ha. OMG how long has it been? Anyways I'm typing this offline, knowing its not something I can post asap, but whatever today is... I'M BACK!

Let me explain, our phone bill reached about (when converted into peso) PHP15,000! And not that we weren't able to pay the bill, but we had reached the maximum limit which is SR1,000 (the bill was SR1,010.. Ha,ha!) That's why I haven't been online for days. Rawr.

I can't wait!!! EEE!!!

I'll be rockin' PICC in a couple, so instead of having a dress made which was the original plan, I got a dress from Zara instead (always have a plan B!). I was gonna get one from this UK based store, Nicolle Millen, but I liked the one from Zara best (and I've always wanted to get my graduation dress from Zara anyway). And like that wasn't enough, my parents got me this:

OMG! Ha,ha! It's THE best graduation gift everrr!

Ooh and...ARTWORK!

This is something my Choclit Cake (Camille Agcaoili) made for me again! And as usual, just like all of her artworks... I LOVE IT! I love you Choclit Cake, thank you so much for this! Our friendship means a lot to me!

My GF (Mara Babor) edited more photos of me! I love the ones in Black and White best! She edits photos of her friends a lot, she's the best! I love you so, GF! BGFF's!!!! Woohoo.

HARAJUKU MARA!!! Now this is something I made for my GF.The original photo rocked so I decided I wanted to make more edits for her too! Heehee.

And cammyho photos!! Ha,ha. I'm bombarding you with photos as usual. I missed blogging.

Taken 9th of March. Heehee! PAYCE, YO!

BOO! Ha,ha! This is my (trying hard) attempt to look scene. Fudge darn it. I ended up looking...Ionno. EMO? Need SCENE hair! Need SCENE piercings! Rawr.

And oh, meet our other cat, GRINGO! Heehee.

Ha,ha. Sorry there isn't much to share. I'm just so excited. I have a lot of things I plan on doing the next day after I land home.

Oh and you know what? Jeddah isn't so bad after all - after I discovered stores where I could get SEVEN and TSUBI goodies! It really gets me all hyped on working now! I can't wait to get my hands on my first pair! I almost passed out seeing skull-printed everything on Seven denims! And the prices aren't so bad, compared to Seven jeans sold in the Philippines! And I swear, as soon as I earn enough, I'm gonna get me a pair of Viktor jeans too! HAH!
But... here's to earning before anything else. Hahaha.

It might take awhile before I can log-on again! ACK.


This IS the sweetest escape.

And I say (sing?), Woohoo, Yeehoo!. For a few weeks to a month at least.

GOD IS JUST... SO GOOD TO ME. I don't know. But today, after I heard what was about to happen, I dialed 463 and thanked him (Ha,ha I'm so cheesy).

So here's the thing. I'm going to rock PICC's stage on the 22nd. BUT I'd come back here a few weeks after, when my working visa's done. And yes, you heard that right.

I never imagined working here. Maybe because I was scared that most people (this is reality, let's face it) look down on Middle East countries. Siyempre, parang mas shooshal parin pag sinabing States or UK ka magtatrabaho. But a few reasons why working here would rock is: You don't have to pay taxes AND I get to spend time with my family, who I've been apart from for 5 years. Pag umuwi naman sila ilang buwan lang. Plus I get to have a vacay naman. So pag uuwi ako, I can tell Seventeen that I'm home, para in a way I can still be "active", in case they still want me! The only problem I'll be facing is my contract with Elan that's going to expire in 2008. But December pa naman, so I guess I can renew it and have setcard photos taken, so I can be on the website too (LOL)!

With Andrew, well he's really supportive of me working here. He's all out when it comes to our future. He always thinks ahead. He knows that life isn't easy nowadays, and that when opportunities like this come in our lives, we have to take it - as long as it won't do any harm to ourselves. There are possibilities that we both work here, or he works in the States and I follow after. We'll see where the course takes us. I'm sure that wherever it goes we'd still be together. And he's always assured me that he won't leave me, won't cheat on me. A few friends think that there are possibilities that one of us would give up, but who knows better than both of us? We're in the relationship, not our friends.

This is one of the hardest phases of life - MATURING. And I mean, really maturing. You realize that you now have to stand up on YOUR OWN, as cliché as that sounds. But even if you hear it a lot, you'll never know what it feels like until you get there. And believe me, you should be at your strongest. Things get so confusing during this phase. I was scared shitless. Thinking how my future would turn out? Would I get the right job? What is the right job? Should I think about money first? Or should I just do what I love to do?

I'm not sure of how long I'm going to be here. All I want is to earn so I can buy a car (para sagot ko yung car, and my parents, the condo!Ha,ha!), and earn a few more so I can survive for a few months when I get back home and look for a job there, or maybe (just maybe) I could go straight to the States or UK from here. And it would be really easy by then. Basta. I JUST REALLY THANK GOD FOR THIS BLESSING.

God knows what I'll be really doing in the future. But for now, I'm happy with this. Although I'll be missing my friends, relatives and Andrew a lot, he'd always say "WE GOTS TO DO WHAT WE GOTTA DO." Life will get better, by then your sacrifices will be worth it. I know I don't fully understand it now, but I will. I will.

See, as long as you believe in Him, He will guide you and he will give you what He thinks is best for you. Nobody knows best than God. Always remember that. And if you want something so bad, PRAY FOR IT. And believe. Then you'll see.


I can't sleep. I've been up the whole night. Okay I know, what's new with that, but... even if I should be happy, for some reason...I'm not. What is wrong with me?

Maybe I'm just really uncomfortable thinking that it would take a year before I get back home again once I start working.

Is it true that when you start working (and become busy), di mo na namamalayan ang araw?


Happy Valentine's, err...Year!

This month I have felt nothing but love. Love from my friends, love from my OL buddies, love from my family,love from Andrew and his family, love from family friends, love from church mates... Love from GOD.
Even love from the zits on my forehead. But hey its unrequited love, because...hell, I won't love them back! That's why I have white cream on my forehead 24/6 (not on Friday's 'cause we go to church).

Anyway, the whole point is... I'm really thankful. For the first time in my life, even if there are a few people hating right now, I barely feel it because I have a lot of people who love me.Sometimes it really gets me so teary-eyed thinking about how blessed I am. Ha,ha. Sorry. But I'm just so overjoyed.

Before it gets too sappy, my friends have again made me new artwork. AND I LOVE! Weepeedoo!

This is from my friend, FRANCE! Don't you love that it looks so vintage? And the drops of water makes it look like it was found on a puddle of rainwater or something. Coolness!

Ishna is really sweet too! She said, "December 2 was the first time i posted pala sa page mo. 3 months na. hehehe. I made this just to say thank you for being nice. :)" This is so sweet! I was gushing the entire time! And it reminds me of Nick De Ocampo's "MAYNILA" even if the cartoons were drawn in a whole lot different way. Hmm.

OMG, this one Janna made for me. Cool right? Its like looking at me with a pair of two-toned aviators on! She's so sweet. She also blogged about how happy I made her. Heehee. Basta! She said this and it really got me teary-eyed. Swear!

I was telling Abbie how the haters crushed my heart. I told her I'm not affected but it somehow made me think if I really suck in writing. She told me to laugh it off. I did and it felt so much better...My face literally lit up. I'm touched Abbie. I didn't realize how it is to be loved by a friend like you. I'm getting all mushy here but really it made me smile. Can't wait to see you soon. Can't wait to have Shopping, Gossiping, Movie Watching, Swimming and Camwhoring days with you.

I feel lucky to know someone so kind, caring, friendly and gorgeous. Abbie, pa pinch! *pinches Abbie's cheeks*

And you do really Rock My Socks.

AWW! That was really sweet of her. Hey sweets. ANYTIME. I love you!!

Oh and I was browsing through my GF's (Mara) multiply today and I found this and it kind of broke my heart.

I really REALLY miss them so much! I'm so jealous that they all get to hang-out every now and then. I really miss everything about school, and the company of my friends. *sighs* Isn't my GF the prettiest? She's so freakin' gorgeous! Heehee. I'm also so lucky to have her keep an eye on my Babe from *EHEM* you don't wanna know who. Hahaha.

This is a photo she edited of Andrew and our friend, Adel. Aw Andrew looks so gwapo! I miss him so much, I can't wait to run in his arms and snuggle in his chest! Rawr.

Oh well. C'est La Vie. Its still up to God, whatever his decision is for me. I just keep praying that he helps me go through it, whatever it is. And I'm sure he will.

Okay I'm off to see J.T. now so we can make-out until the cock-a-doodle-doos.

(READ: Off to dreamland, yo!)


Due to these comments:

7 Mar 07, 14:04
tin: sorry ah, pero mukha kang bading. just like ur bf. don't give fuss to everything. the world doesnt need to know your opinion anyway.

7 Mar 07, 16:11
tin: wow, mga sawsaw to the rescue ah. i just said the couple looks bading ah. ano masama dun? andrew is gay. abbie looks like a gay. gay! may namatay ba? wala nmn,dB?pa message message ka pa,sus, big deal

I want to say this - I have nothing against gay men so I don't mind at all if you say I look like one. I have friends who are gay, have had gay friends since 6th grade and they would love to read your comment. I bet we'll all be cheery and crap. But my boyfriend? Looking like a gay man? Let's see...

If you think he looks gay, then I think that he's one of the hottest gay-looking men in the planet!

Seriously, if you're sick about me bragging about my boyfriend, I can't help it. I'm so proud of him and his silliness. I think every girlfriend is proud of her boyfriend. Ha,ha.

So whether it really was TIN or not (nadala na ako sa KING incident), thank you for your comment. It really means Andrew and I are meant to be together. I can't wait to have gay-looking children with him, and I'd brag about them too.

But next time... R-E-S-P-E-C-T please. Oh yeah. I should've known you were stupid, whoever you are. Ha,ha. You don't know that word.


I am not stupid (and thanks to Lance too).

MARIA/TIN, stop making a fool out of us. Stop framing other people up. Because CRISTINE is not the one who's behind this. Are you mad at me? Or her? Or is it both of us? Kaya pala MARIA was defensive, biglang nag-comment ng IDEDENY NIYA YUN! Ha,ha! Hmm. Anyways, in case you didn't know, MARIA/TIN, your IP address is - memorize it if you can, just for fun.



Say the magic word!

Have you ever heard of the movie DROP DEAD FRED? God, I am such a child of the 80's.

We used to own a video store back in Palawan, and back then I was into films like Airborne (its about this really cute skater...the end. Ha,ha!), Dazed and Confused (about college boys getting high. Woohoo! Ha,ha! Ben Affleck in a 'fro. Smooth. Ha,ha!!) and The Book of the Dead (a really sick and funny comedy flick).

Drop Dead Fred is a movie about having imaginary friends - that would exist until you wturn 26. Elizabeth (played only by the coolest and my all time favorite actress back then, PHOEBE CATES!) as a child, had this imaginary friend named Drop Dead Fred. He comes out of a JACK IN BOX toy. After her Mom got so infuriated after she and Fred made MUD PIE and set it on the table, she taped and hid the box and Elizabeth wouldn't open it years later. She's in her 20's and she still sees him, turns out Fred wouldn't leave her unless she was happy and wasn't afraid of being alone.

It really doesn't make that much sense, but back in the 80's, it did. Ha,ha. I love that film so much I'd hide it so no one else could rent it. Hahaha!

My Mom was channel surfing last night and found it playing on Dubai One! I was jumping around the flat and settled on "my bed" (LOL) and watched the film. It was the perfect time to paint the words DO NOT DISTURB on my face! Ha,ha.

I swear you should let your kids watch it, so you'd hear them call their friends SNOTFACE! Man, I can't wait to see the day. Hahaha.

Speaking of unborn children, it was funny that Andrew wondered how our children would look like. I just hope they have his eyes. His eyes are so beautiful. Heehee.

And speaking of Andrew, its so obvious how Pop loves him. He asks me about and mentions Andrew a lot, too! Like "When is Andrew going to graduate?", "Who are you texting? Andrew?", "Tell Andrew to install Skype in his PC so you guys can voice chat!", "Are you getting something for Andrew?", and "Call up Andrew and tell him we need him here!" was the latest. He said that while we were setting up this wooden cabinet in their bedroom. Ha,ha.

Oh well. Oh and here... PICTURES!!

This one's cool! Care Gumin made them for me! My friends said it looks like a character from a graphic novel and an anime character too! Ack! Thanks so much Care, this is too cute!

KAYE AWATIN ANTOINIFIES ALODIA! ha,ha. I've shown you the first one she made, right? Its cool no? Heehee! Thanks again, Gorgeous!

And speaking of Antonia (again), this is her in the ROSE OF VERSAILLES. My friends Aiman and Ayeen told me about it. OMG Antoi in a manga! Ha,ha. I heard about it a few months ago but I really want to show her to you (well to those who haven't heard about it). I can't see a trace of Antoinette in her but this is the Jap's version of Antoi, so I'm guessing she's still going to rock!

YAY. Camwhoring. Ha,ha. If you look closely, you can see the scar above my upper lip. I've had that since I was 10, I got it from my cat, JASON! Ha,ha.

Okay that ends your dose of gobbledygook for the day.

Congrats Abby Cruz for winning 2nd runner up at the 2007 Bb. Pilipinas! Woohoo! You go, Abby!! Hope I work with you Elan girls again soon!


Nothing beats the first time.

My dear friends! Tata (Mapa) of Seventeen asked me to help her compile HILARIOUS stories for Seventeen's TRAUMARAMA section. This time its about FIRSTS. She gave examples, like first kiss, first time to drive, first time to ride a plane - anything HILARIOUS about your first experience that you can share with us.

Please send your stories to my YAHOO email address (abbie_almasco), together with your name and age, and I'll forward them to Tata myself, along with my story. Hmm. I wonder what I'm going to share.

And speaking of firsts, although this isn't hilarious (and since I'm watching Marie Antoinette right now), I got all nostalgic on how I first fell in love with her.

A DAY I WOULD NEVER FORGET: It was love at first sight.

I will never get tired of her!

Well, mind you this isn't the longest I've been obsessed. My relationship with Antoi has to remain strong so we can last longer than all my other obsessions, like BOYZONE and RYAN AGONCILLO. Ha,ha. Although I still have a crush on Ryan Agoncillo, I even believed I was going to marry him (well, I believed I was gonna marry Tom Cruise, Josh Hartnett and Ronan Keating too when I was in HS).

I'm glad you guys like the new lay-out, I'm still working on adding a few stuff on the sidebar...or the header. I don't know. I'll come up with something.

ANYWAYS, I can't wait to hear your stories! Please mail them to me ASAP! Oh and I have new artwork! I'll post it later or tomorrow.

Aw, you guys.



WAIT, CHANGE OF DILEMMA! Notice how my blog leaves about 1/4 of space on the right? Is there such a thing as expanding this so it won't leave any spaces?

I really really hate that I get so OC with this but barely know anything about HTML! Jeez! Someone help me or I'll jump out the window!



Nininz, THANK YOU SO MUCH for telling me!!!

JEEEEZ! Stop it already! Whoever you are, you better pray I won't find you or I'll shove the rock of Gibraltar up your arse, you'd puke your shi-

Okay enough.

If you are under the age of 15, what I meant was, I would pat the poser like a pony and I'd braid her hair and we'd chat all day over ice cream while we stroll on the park.


She's Madonna.

Fudge Darn it. The song's been stuck in my head for days.

Anyways, I literally slept the whole day today. Ack I meant yesterday. Ha,ha. THE RED FLAG IS UP! Okay, that does it for oversharing.

Hey I'm planning on trying something on my next entry. I'm finally accomplishing number fifty-seven on my Because I like 'em BIG (Part Two) list. I'm so excited I can't wait.

I think one reason why I can't come up with something interesting to write is because of this really BIG problem I'm having right now. And for some reason, it's the first problem I'm having that I don't feel like telling all my friends about. I couldn't get much sleep, I couldn't eat well, I cry out of nowhere, and I cry while I pray.

This is what I want against (and this is such a strong word to use in this situation) what my parents want for me. I figured I'm only doing this for them, but this isn't what I want for myself. This is the first time I'm doing something I don't want to. But why did I nod in agreement? Was it because I was scared that my unborn child would do that to me in the future and I'd feel miserable? Was it because I loved my Mom so much, and because she does have a point, or was it because I was secretly wishing I could do it without feeling...sad?

This is the easy way to get something that I want, but it's as hard, too.

God, why couldn't I just decide for once. What I really want to do. Why did it have to be this hard for me to realize that I should've went through the other door instead?

Someone beat the living crap out of me please.

Okay before I break down again, I'm totally loving what my friends made me. Its what made my week, aside from snagging really great vintage finds from Jeddah's Ukay Ukay Capital.

CELINE ANGUE'S SILENT SANCTUARY. My friend Celine was inspired by Silent Sanctuary's Fuschiang Pag-Ibig album, and she edited this. I REALLY LOVED IT! Totally reminded of those days Madonna was into Henna, only this is more GLAM! Plus I'm starting to love Silent sanctuary too since the song Andrew uploaded for me on Valentine's was from their album.

TINKA TINKERED WITH MY PHOTOS! But hey, in a really good way!! Weepee! Ha,ha. I love that this looks really dramatic. I love it! I also love the other one she made me, but its too uhm...daring for my blog! Hahaha!

Its a Certified CCOC Artwork! Because its made my one of their members. Marilyn De Mesa! Who's also my "Psychic Sister" Ha,ha! We both think her artwork would make great wallpaper material, too! Woohoo!

YOU GUYS ARE SO GREAT. Thank you for making these for me, I swear. All the time and effort you make. From the bottom of my full, full heart, I LOVE THEM, THANK YOU!

Okay I'm watching Dirty Dancing right now. Pot, you should totally watch this already.

Oh, oh! Before I forget, check out my yearbook photos!

I had new creative shots taken. Ha,ha. Okay enough of anything related to Graduation and the Graduation march before I really lose it this time. You wouldn't want to see me break down or you'd call me WATERWORKS.

I love you guys. Thank you for commenting on my posts. As weird as this would sound, you guys really mean a lot to me, especially in times like these.

(Thank you Annie for the cyber series).

And now...


A usual case of Blogorrhea.

ACK. Grabe ang daming nangyayari dito ngayon. I've never had this much trouble with family, ever. I guess its normal since we've been apart for nearly 6 years. I know its weird hearing this but maybe I'm just adjusting to having my folks around again. Ang hirap pag naranasan mo na maging independent, tapos babalik ka ulit sa pagiging "anak" If you know what I mean. But anyways, good thing we've resolved things. But did it have to be that hard? Jeez.

God, I'm leaving it all up to you to tell me what I should do with my life, and how I should start my "future". *SIGH*

Oh well.
Did I ever tell you that Kris Aquino is a far relative? Ha,ha. My Grandpop (God bless him) is actually the late, great Ninoy Aquino's "second-degree" cousin. Although I never got to hang-out with Kris (but Mom did waaaay back in the 80's), this whole Kris-James-Hope thing has really got me irritated. I know I'm in no position to say this and this would come off really mean but I think that girl has to look in the mirror over a million times before she says something like that. And the nerve to call Kris a home wrecker! Fudge darn it.

Oh and thank you, thank you for this:

AYEEN. She blogged about our (Cams and I) posers. It was really sweet of her to do. And she wrote this, too.

Abbie and I met each other at La Salle. It's in one of those Fashion Exposures where we're both participants. I never thought that after the show, we would be come a bit close to one another. I was even in doubt if I should greet her whenever we see each other at the hallways. I never greeted her the way she did...Sometimes, I know that she's just meters away from me but I am too timid to say hi or something so I'll just stay at my place, talk to some of my classmates, and then she would be the one who'll greet me first. She would tickle me on the waist and sometimes would tease me that I'm madaldal. That's the time when I finally realized that Abbie's good. I mean, I was too shy to admit that she's my friend because everybody wants to befriend her, I always thought of her as someone who's up there...but then, she didn't make me feel that she is and even was up there. That's what started it all...until that summer when we would see each other MORE OFTEN at the canteen and she would come by our table and make beso.

This is really sweet, Ayeen. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I really appreciate it. Aww!

KAYE. I love love love this edit, too! Its totally Antoi. She said she did it to cheer me up after I found out about the posers. Ack. And it worked. Thanks Kaye, you're the best! (I edited both of the photos in the frame though, but she really made it look HOT!!)

Oh and the Oscars. FINALLY Martin Scorcese wins an award. I told you (my Multiply contacts), THE DEPARTED rocks! Hah! And kudos to Milena Canonero! She definitely deserved that award (Best in Costume Design) for what else? Marie Antoinette! It felt like I was on a trampoline when it was announced. And speaking of Marie Antoinette...

THANK YOU FOR THIS, JANNA! Woohoo! Kirsten Dunst, I will love you FOREVER! Yes, even when you're all wrinkly! You'll still be the bomb! Natalie, don't be jealous. I love you too.

And and and...I cannot wait to move in. Maybe in 5 or 6 months. Not so sure yet. Ha,ha. I also can't wait to act like a party girl on some nights (err maybe just one night) at Embassy when I'm bored at home. Yeah. Let me show all y'all how shallow I can really be. Here's to slumber (and tea? Ha,ha) parties and night swimming and talking all night by the clubhouse.

YES, HOME. Global City, here I come! Woohoo!

Guess what, First seasons of OTH and THE OC will start on Dubai One this Saturday. Just what I needed. MTV France, VH1, OTH and THE OC! I really regret not taking my DVDs with me, but at least its going to be shown here , even if I'm supposed to be watching the fourth seasons of both series now. Jeez. Oh and have you ever heard of MISS SEVENTEEN? That is so friggin' cool. Its like ANTM only teenyboppy-er. Ha,ha.

Okay that ends my gobbledygook.

I want a sidekick encrusted with pink crystals. So yesterday you might say. WHO CARES! Idol! (Joey) Would you recommend I use it? I think it rocks!