From my mouth, I can sing you...

Okay, so the internet at home still isn't working.
^%&$(#&@(!* !!!!

I just came from a shoot and I'm currently on another public computer. Only this time I'm in Alabang. I rode with Tatin (Yang) from the shoot at Valle Verde. I figured I should post this entry I typed offline yesterday. Ack.

Its about time I bombard you with photos and my usual gobbledygook. YEEHOO! Hahaha.

ONE. I've been on an airplane alone before. But that was like, my usual vacation trip to Manila from Palawan. I've never flown internationally. This was like, a really cool experience and I've never felt so independent. You know how I said my life as a dormer gave me my sense of independence? Scratch that. It was this moment. And nothing rocked more than walking around Dubai's International Airport alone! Hahaha. What made it even cooler was sitting ALONE on the Jeddah-Dubai flight. I could be dancing in my seat for all I care! Ha,ha. On board I also saw really cool movies like The Black Dahlia, Bobby, The Last Kiss and Deja Vu! Everything was perfect, except the part where I get "lost" at the waiting area - in my own country. That's effed up.

1. Mommeh, Pop and Me before I checked in. 2. Who else would I be listening to? (of course aside from John Legend and JT.) 3. I told you... It really does rock!

TWO. Okay don't get me wrong. I love(D) my curly hair. But I decided I've been loopy too long and it was about time I went back to my original straight (and stubborn) hair (I was really inspired by Nelly's SAY IT RIGHT video, too!). A few days later after I got it straightened...I got a haircut. Hahaha. Tatin was right, I am indecisive. LOL!

1. That's a photo I took a few minutes after I got it straightened (wherelse? The fix salon at Greenbelt!). 2. That's hours after I had a haircut, and was taken during a Seventeen shoot at Valle Verde.

Speaking of the Seventeen shoot, I saw Mia on her way out while I was in the Seventeen office. She had to do a double take on me, she said I look so different! Woohoo. I like looking different from time to time. Anyway, during the shoot,my phone died on me just as I was going to take photos with everyone. Fudge darn it. It was also my first time to work with a guy. We had to look each other in the eye, and I was okay with it but Justin was laughing the entire time! Hahaha! It made it even harder. What made us more comfortable was when Monica and Tata advised us that we talk about ANYTHING. We talked about 300 and Hugh Grant's latest movie. Then we were laughing. Hahahaha. That was hilarious. I rode with Tata and she dropped me off at the Town. I had so much fun talking to her on the way. I loved talking to her, she made me really open up about everything! Plus her Dad is so nice! Thank you again Tata, for everything! And thank you Lyca for booking me!

THREE. Finally, at the same day I got my hair straightened, Andrew and I met up at Glorietta. It was so cool! I mean, he said he didn't recognize me. Hahaha. We hugged and kissed (not make-out. Public decency, hello?) and we couldn't get our hands off each other (and I mean that in a no-tacky tacky way). He kept kissing my temple while we were walking around. I love it whenever he kisses my temple. And then we gave each other gifts. I gave him the pasalubong my Pop got for him.

A Swatch watch! Yes, my Pop thought of getting that for him, not me. I love my Pop so much. He's the coolest.

FOUR. The next day, Andrew went with me to a shoot for Inquirer, my first time to ever commute to Katip (okay Saab, now I can finally visit you! Mwahaha!) to get to Tito Ocs' studio. After the shoot we went to Dasma (talk about TIRING) to claim my toga and Graduation invites. Met up with Franco and had a super YUMMY brunch at McDo. I friggin' miss eating with Andrew and friends at fastfood chains. Hahaha.

Finally, we get to camwhore camwhore camwhore again!

FIVE. I finally get to march. THIS IS WHY I CAME HOME! My Grammy and Drew came with me. My Tito and cousin Louie waited outside (Fudge darn it, I should've gotten like 10 tickets, if only it was possible). I had so much fun, and I got really nervous when I walked across the stage. I know I was done with school last October, but this makes everything official. It is the most bittersweet feeling ever. The next time I'll be feeling this way is during marriage. Hahahaha.

1. Me and Len outside the PICC. 2. With my grammy and Babe. 3. The stage. Waaaah! 4. The girls, Len and Sky, who I missed and will be missing more! 5. FP incomplete! Boohoo. But I still had fun with them and we cherished this moment together, even if we were tuliro after the ceremony. Hahahaha. 6. That's me and my girl, Sky in our dresses. 7. With my proud, ninja-turtly smiling babe. When I descended from the stairs he gave me a super tight and warm hug, and he kissed me. He asked me if I was feeling alright since he knew how sad I was finishing college. He told me I should cry and let my true emotions out! Hahaha. He kept comforting me, and I kept assuring him I was fine. Still didn't stop him from kissing me again! Haha. Kilig.

SIX. Post-grad was SIMPLE. We got take-out from Jollibee and ate at home! Hahaha. Grammy's treat! And then I was really "feeling" my eyelashes because I finally bought my dream falsies! The Shu Uemura Diamante False Eyelashes! Yes, the one I included in my Christmas wishlist! Hahaha. So I camwhored away. With Babe, of course. He spent 5 days at home since we met up.

1. Babe is feeling it, yo! Hahaha! 2. Whatchalookin'at? 3. Eyelocking at its finest. Hahaha. 4. We're really just...HAPPY. 5. I guess we're impatient with the third Spiderman installment? Hahahaha. 6. OOOH that's me really feeling my lashes! Hahaha! 7. WAH. Okay, that's enough.

SEVEN. 38 months! Yay! I know we said we were gonna celebrate it BIG but how we were feeling that day. Our original plan was to go to Megamall to get me some Krispy Kreme doughnuts, then head to MoA where we'd eat at Burgoo's again or something. BUT WE WERE TOO LAZY. At 11am we were still lazing around at home, our legs on top of each other watching Tyra. I decided one of us should be moving (time is gold, yo!) and so I got up (boohoo, I left such a beautiful nook) and got ready. Then we headed to the farthest mall. THE TOWN. LOL! Hahahaha. We ate at CPK lang but this time we had two pizzas. Holy crass I'm salivating right now. Then we saw 300 and I salivated again. After the movie I saw Saab's friends and I texted her, telling her I saw them and that I was at the Town. She replied minutes later saying, "I'm at the Town! Stay 'til later, let's meet up!" But it was too late. I was already on my way home. Boohoo.

1. Babe, I love you so much! 2.UGH. Please. MORE! 3. Babe equally distributing the goods. Hahaha. 4.Taken under the table. LOL.

Okay I think that's enough nonsense for today? Or do you? Do you want some more?
Hahaha. I'm kidding, I know you don't.

It sucks I forget to pray everynight before I sleep. I hate that I forget to thank God for blessing me so much! UGH. How could I do that? Slap me please.

I can't wait to meet up with my friends. GRR. Ayah, Maya, FP, Kidlat, the Autistiks, Gotsys.... RAWR. TEXT ME, YOU GUYS!

OH AND, before I forget... watch my bestfriend/soulmate on ASAP (every Sunday) at ABS-CBN. He's part of the Colgate Borakada Challenge. Red team, yo! Ka-Kidlat ko yan! Hahaha.