Happy Valentine's, err...Year!

This month I have felt nothing but love. Love from my friends, love from my OL buddies, love from my family,love from Andrew and his family, love from family friends, love from church mates... Love from GOD.
Even love from the zits on my forehead. But hey its unrequited love, because...hell, I won't love them back! That's why I have white cream on my forehead 24/6 (not on Friday's 'cause we go to church).

Anyway, the whole point is... I'm really thankful. For the first time in my life, even if there are a few people hating right now, I barely feel it because I have a lot of people who love me.Sometimes it really gets me so teary-eyed thinking about how blessed I am. Ha,ha. Sorry. But I'm just so overjoyed.

Before it gets too sappy, my friends have again made me new artwork. AND I LOVE! Weepeedoo!

This is from my friend, FRANCE! Don't you love that it looks so vintage? And the drops of water makes it look like it was found on a puddle of rainwater or something. Coolness!

Ishna is really sweet too! She said, "December 2 was the first time i posted pala sa page mo. 3 months na. hehehe. I made this just to say thank you for being nice. :)" This is so sweet! I was gushing the entire time! And it reminds me of Nick De Ocampo's "MAYNILA" even if the cartoons were drawn in a whole lot different way. Hmm.

OMG, this one Janna made for me. Cool right? Its like looking at me with a pair of two-toned aviators on! She's so sweet. She also blogged about how happy I made her. Heehee. Basta! She said this and it really got me teary-eyed. Swear!

I was telling Abbie how the haters crushed my heart. I told her I'm not affected but it somehow made me think if I really suck in writing. She told me to laugh it off. I did and it felt so much better...My face literally lit up. I'm touched Abbie. I didn't realize how it is to be loved by a friend like you. I'm getting all mushy here but really it made me smile. Can't wait to see you soon. Can't wait to have Shopping, Gossiping, Movie Watching, Swimming and Camwhoring days with you.

I feel lucky to know someone so kind, caring, friendly and gorgeous. Abbie, pa pinch! *pinches Abbie's cheeks*

And you do really Rock My Socks.

AWW! That was really sweet of her. Hey sweets. ANYTIME. I love you!!

Oh and I was browsing through my GF's (Mara) multiply today and I found this and it kind of broke my heart.

I really REALLY miss them so much! I'm so jealous that they all get to hang-out every now and then. I really miss everything about school, and the company of my friends. *sighs* Isn't my GF the prettiest? She's so freakin' gorgeous! Heehee. I'm also so lucky to have her keep an eye on my Babe from *EHEM* you don't wanna know who. Hahaha.

This is a photo she edited of Andrew and our friend, Adel. Aw Andrew looks so gwapo! I miss him so much, I can't wait to run in his arms and snuggle in his chest! Rawr.

Oh well. C'est La Vie. Its still up to God, whatever his decision is for me. I just keep praying that he helps me go through it, whatever it is. And I'm sure he will.

Okay I'm off to see J.T. now so we can make-out until the cock-a-doodle-doos.

(READ: Off to dreamland, yo!)


Due to these comments:

7 Mar 07, 14:04
tin: sorry ah, pero mukha kang bading. just like ur bf. don't give fuss to everything. the world doesnt need to know your opinion anyway.

7 Mar 07, 16:11
tin: wow, mga sawsaw to the rescue ah. i just said the couple looks bading ah. ano masama dun? andrew is gay. abbie looks like a gay. gay! may namatay ba? wala nmn,dB?pa message message ka pa,sus, big deal

I want to say this - I have nothing against gay men so I don't mind at all if you say I look like one. I have friends who are gay, have had gay friends since 6th grade and they would love to read your comment. I bet we'll all be cheery and crap. But my boyfriend? Looking like a gay man? Let's see...

If you think he looks gay, then I think that he's one of the hottest gay-looking men in the planet!

Seriously, if you're sick about me bragging about my boyfriend, I can't help it. I'm so proud of him and his silliness. I think every girlfriend is proud of her boyfriend. Ha,ha.

So whether it really was TIN or not (nadala na ako sa KING incident), thank you for your comment. It really means Andrew and I are meant to be together. I can't wait to have gay-looking children with him, and I'd brag about them too.

But next time... R-E-S-P-E-C-T please. Oh yeah. I should've known you were stupid, whoever you are. Ha,ha. You don't know that word.


I am not stupid (and thanks to Lance too).

MARIA/TIN, stop making a fool out of us. Stop framing other people up. Because CRISTINE is not the one who's behind this. Are you mad at me? Or her? Or is it both of us? Kaya pala MARIA was defensive, biglang nag-comment ng IDEDENY NIYA YUN! Ha,ha! Hmm. Anyways, in case you didn't know, MARIA/TIN, your IP address is - memorize it if you can, just for fun.