I can do the twisted pretzel!

Ha,ha. OMG how long has it been? Anyways I'm typing this offline, knowing its not something I can post asap, but whatever today is... I'M BACK!

Let me explain, our phone bill reached about (when converted into peso) PHP15,000! And not that we weren't able to pay the bill, but we had reached the maximum limit which is SR1,000 (the bill was SR1,010.. Ha,ha!) That's why I haven't been online for days. Rawr.

I can't wait!!! EEE!!!

I'll be rockin' PICC in a couple, so instead of having a dress made which was the original plan, I got a dress from Zara instead (always have a plan B!). I was gonna get one from this UK based store, Nicolle Millen, but I liked the one from Zara best (and I've always wanted to get my graduation dress from Zara anyway). And like that wasn't enough, my parents got me this:

OMG! Ha,ha! It's THE best graduation gift everrr!

Ooh and...ARTWORK!

This is something my Choclit Cake (Camille Agcaoili) made for me again! And as usual, just like all of her artworks... I LOVE IT! I love you Choclit Cake, thank you so much for this! Our friendship means a lot to me!

My GF (Mara Babor) edited more photos of me! I love the ones in Black and White best! She edits photos of her friends a lot, she's the best! I love you so, GF! BGFF's!!!! Woohoo.

HARAJUKU MARA!!! Now this is something I made for my GF.The original photo rocked so I decided I wanted to make more edits for her too! Heehee.

And cammyho photos!! Ha,ha. I'm bombarding you with photos as usual. I missed blogging.

Taken 9th of March. Heehee! PAYCE, YO!

BOO! Ha,ha! This is my (trying hard) attempt to look scene. Fudge darn it. I ended up looking...Ionno. EMO? Need SCENE hair! Need SCENE piercings! Rawr.

And oh, meet our other cat, GRINGO! Heehee.

Ha,ha. Sorry there isn't much to share. I'm just so excited. I have a lot of things I plan on doing the next day after I land home.

Oh and you know what? Jeddah isn't so bad after all - after I discovered stores where I could get SEVEN and TSUBI goodies! It really gets me all hyped on working now! I can't wait to get my hands on my first pair! I almost passed out seeing skull-printed everything on Seven denims! And the prices aren't so bad, compared to Seven jeans sold in the Philippines! And I swear, as soon as I earn enough, I'm gonna get me a pair of Viktor jeans too! HAH!
But... here's to earning before anything else. Hahaha.

It might take awhile before I can log-on again! ACK.