Nothing beats the first time.

My dear friends! Tata (Mapa) of Seventeen asked me to help her compile HILARIOUS stories for Seventeen's TRAUMARAMA section. This time its about FIRSTS. She gave examples, like first kiss, first time to drive, first time to ride a plane - anything HILARIOUS about your first experience that you can share with us.

Please send your stories to my YAHOO email address (abbie_almasco), together with your name and age, and I'll forward them to Tata myself, along with my story. Hmm. I wonder what I'm going to share.

And speaking of firsts, although this isn't hilarious (and since I'm watching Marie Antoinette right now), I got all nostalgic on how I first fell in love with her.

A DAY I WOULD NEVER FORGET: It was love at first sight.

I will never get tired of her!

Well, mind you this isn't the longest I've been obsessed. My relationship with Antoi has to remain strong so we can last longer than all my other obsessions, like BOYZONE and RYAN AGONCILLO. Ha,ha. Although I still have a crush on Ryan Agoncillo, I even believed I was going to marry him (well, I believed I was gonna marry Tom Cruise, Josh Hartnett and Ronan Keating too when I was in HS).

I'm glad you guys like the new lay-out, I'm still working on adding a few stuff on the sidebar...or the header. I don't know. I'll come up with something.

ANYWAYS, I can't wait to hear your stories! Please mail them to me ASAP! Oh and I have new artwork! I'll post it later or tomorrow.

Aw, you guys.