One totely Beachin' Byotch on the loose.

*runs like Melody from Josie and the Pussycats*

I'm flying by tomorrow. ACK. I really can't believe it. I'm finally going to march.
And whaddya know, I get to spend early summer in the Phiilippines. Ha,ha!

And, being inspired with Pammy's Summer entry, here are a few of my summer must-haves:

1.) TANNING OIL. I heard that TAN is out this season, but I don't care. I still think its the sexiest complexion EVER. Ha,ha. Preferrably Hawaiian Tropic's TAN AMPLIFIER. It rocks. Plus I love how it gives you the golden baked tone! Now that, my friend...IS HOT.

2.) OFF! Insect Repellant. It's preventative. In my case, at least. I never left the beach without suffering from sandmite bites. It nearly destroyed my buzz while I was in Bora! Jeez. I apply it before bathing myself with tanning oil. Hahaha.

3.) SPF. For those who plan to bake, and who are smart enough to not want to suffer from skin cancer. Of course you apply that before you apply tanning lotion, if you want to tan but not TAN. Ha,ha. Got it?

4.) SHISHIEDO'S SELF-TANNING LOTION. For those of you who are afraid to bake. Enough said. Ha,ha!

5.) SUIT up, yo! If you're maturing and you want to be practical like me (err, sort of) I suggest you invest on really expensive, but really great swimsuits like the ones from Roxy and Billabong. (Yes, call me cheap for saying they're expensive! Hahaha) I have ONE pair from Billabong that I wear ALL the time. Hahaha. However, if you want to stock on a LOT of swimsuits, I suggest swimsuits from LAE, too. They're not just affordable, they're SOOPER cute too!

6.) ACCESSORIZE...ACCESSORIES. I've never been a fan of plastic and beaded accessories (it is a summer theme, right?) except on my ankles, that is . I have nothing against it though, just not my thing. I make up for it anyway by wearing silver. Whether they're chunky, or just a simple necklace with really cute pendants. If you don't like accessories, well your boardshorts, minis and your latest pair of Havaianas can do the trick. (Duh, like you didn't know that! Hahaha. Just making sure! LOL!) They do make your look beachier, right?

7.) SUMMER TRACKS. Mine has always been 50 First Dates' OST. But now that I've downloaded THE BEACH'S OST, that's an addition. SPINNING MARY (by Sugar Ray) will totely be on repeat mode. Kokomo and Don't worry, be Happy are great beach tracks, too. Ah, MUSIC. They complete the whole summer experience.

8.) PAPARAZZI-MAGNET LENSES. Don't wear them while baking, though. Unless you want racoon eyes. Hahaha. And remember, don't always go with WHAT'S IN, wear the ones that are trendy, but suit you best. Just not those small, rectangular-shaped shades. Well, if you're a fan of the 90's then go ahead.

9.) A CAMERA and a PHOTOGRAPHER. Shushal! Hahaha! Jeez, I don't think I should include this since its the first item you throw in your bag before anything else, I assume!

10.) YOUR SUMMER POSSE. Mine's Paris, Nicole and Lindsay. We'll be hanging out at St. Tropez, maybe we'd skinny dip and flirt with the Paparazzi a little. (Hahaha, dream on Alodia!) Jeez, man. Spending summer with your bestEST friends? It couldn't get any better than that. Just like that last summer my JOU friends and I spent at El Cheapo! The best, pare!

TA-DA! Okay hope that helped. I might add a few more later, if something pops in my teeny tiny little burrain. Mwahaha!

Okay, now my favorite type of entry. RANDOMS!

Oh and I kinda lost weight again from all the PUYAT! Oh well.

Call me a loser but I just saw JT's WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND video earlier. And I drooled. Fudge darn it, two of the hottest people making out! My jaw hit the floor. I loved the song way before I saw the video, but man. The video made me love it more. Marry me Scarlett!

Err, Justin! Ha,ha!

I'll post artwork soon (thanks again Ayeen), together with the photo "ABBIE DIN ANG NAME KO" showed me (Madonna as Marie Antoinette). Thanks Abbie, the photo rocked. I mean, I love Madonna, too! So to see her pose as Marie WOWED me. Ha,ha. Thanks again!

AND to my zeetees: I love you...not,but goodbye anyway. Finally. My forehead is free of break-outs. Woohoo!