Say it right.

(Sorry, LSS. Ha,ha!)

See, here's the thing. I LIKE TO OVERSHARE. Whether it means sharing too much, or sharing things you should just keep to yourself.
Tenenen! Hahaha!

I like having conversations with cabbie drivers. Its nice to see life through another person's eyes. Plus it makes the trip more sensible. And somehow, its nice to share (and debate, in a way) about life with a stranger.

When I get jealous, my self-confidence boosts. Is that weird? I'm guessing I'm not alone in this one. Ha,ha. When I think Andrew is attracted to other girls (which is normal, c'mon admit it guys!) I always think that I'm better. Sometimes, I do things to show him that what he has is still better. Hahaha!

I wish my friends and I could live on "THE BEACH". Didn't you just love the movie? I mean, its actually so possible! It could be happening right now. Ha,ha. I guess I just really love the beach (darn, who doesn't?). Oh, I didn't finish that! I wish my friends and I could live on "THE BEACH" and I'd be with Leo, too! Hahaha!

I am conceited! As irritating as it is, that's just me. No one can ever love ME like ME! Y'all know what I mean? Ha,ha! I think a few of my contacts in Multiply are pissed from looking at my albums, especially the ones I've been posting since I got here. Hahaha. Oh well.

I am weird. I tend to like the weirdest of films for the weirdest of reasons. I appreciate films most people appreciate just because its cool (like Indie films). I miss talking to Chucky about films. I cried at the end of Brokeback Mountain. I mean, how many straight people got affected with the film, eh? I bet your ass most of them couldn't get the thought of Heath Ledger kissing Jake Gyllenhaal out of their heads. Ha,ha.

I was as disturbed as Marissa Cooper. Sans the tequila and sleeping around. But its still not something I should be proud of just because she's played by Mischa Barton. I did do a few stupid things though, but I'm really thankful that God still came to my rescue. As always.

JT+HOT SHOWERS= ONE HAPPY ABBIE. Ha,ha! OMG I sing and dance (LOL I moonwalk!) to the songs. I just step out of it feeling GREAT! Of course I listen to the upbeat tracks.

MARIE ANTOINETTE OST+HOURS SOAKED IN THE TUB = Makes me feel like I could live to a hundred. It makes me feel (like a) royalty! It just rocks. Especially Opus 17, 23, 36 and Avril 14th! Now all I need to do is listen to them while I'm in the SPA! Hahaha.

I have big dreams, but too scared to fulfill them. This is too complicated.

I fell in love with Greek literature in Sixth grade. We were reading Homer's THE ODYSSEY and THE ILIAD back then, and I finished the book way ahead of my class because I was so interested. TROY would still amaze me up to this day, and its not just because Eric Bana and Brad Pitt looked so hot in skirts.

I ADORE IVANKA TRUMP. Okay so, here's the thing: I never heard about who Donald Trump was if it wasn't for Ja (Gawd, Ja is actually really smart. Ha,ha. Back in HS he'd tune into CNN 24/7 and I fall asleep on the phone talking to him while he tells me how outraged he is with US politics. Hahaha). And after I saw The Trumps (Donald, Ivanka and Donald Jr.) on Tyra, I fell in love with Ivanka the moment she opened her mouth.

I like being jologs. Sadly, I'm thinking some of my model friends look down to me because of this. Hahaha! I'm happy that I have a few model friends that can be jologs with me. Like CHAM (Castejon)! I miss her.

I love Clint Eastwood's twisted happy endings. Ever notice how his films always end? They always have this distorted happy factor injected. Like, say Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby. Space Cowboy,too. Okay like I said on all of his films. Hahahaha.

I suck at thinking about the best pasalubongs for friends. Fudge darn it. CRISIS! Total crisis! I've been dealing with it since last week!

I like staying inside the movie house watching the credits roll. YES. I am one of those people. But on some cases I end up squeezing into the crowd just to run to the bathroom. Either the movie is too good to miss a second with your eye focused on somewhere else, or the film is too creepy I'm too scared to go to the bathroom alone. Hahahaha.

I like taking a LOT of BTS photos in all of the shoots I'm part of. Mwahaha. It rocks that Sara (Black) and Bianca (Consunji) would tease me about it! Hahahaha!

I strut while I tune into FTV. Hahaha! I am a (big) dreamer, I told you. AND seeing all the models really toned pushes me to do more than my usual 100 sit-ups a day (6 months ago)...err a week (now).

My Pop really does love Andrew! I'll tell you why in a few days! Hahahaha.

I'm no longer nocturnal. I am now a vampire. Seriously. I'm awake at night and asleep by day. I feel the sleepiest at 1PM (6PM Philippine time).

Methinks I have a celebrity soulmate. I just noticed so much similiarities! But I won't tell who! Hahaha. Sabihin niyo pa ang laki na ng ulo ko! Hahahaha!

Okay that does it for today. Mwahaha. Must tuck myself in, got church to go to later! I can't wait to see all y'all soon.

I embrace you!!!

Tabs went to Bora. I hate him! RAWR.

Sana pagdating ko, showing parin yung 300. $#@!^%*$*!!! Hahahaha!