Say the magic word!

Have you ever heard of the movie DROP DEAD FRED? God, I am such a child of the 80's.

We used to own a video store back in Palawan, and back then I was into films like Airborne (its about this really cute skater...the end. Ha,ha!), Dazed and Confused (about college boys getting high. Woohoo! Ha,ha! Ben Affleck in a 'fro. Smooth. Ha,ha!!) and The Book of the Dead (a really sick and funny comedy flick).

Drop Dead Fred is a movie about having imaginary friends - that would exist until you wturn 26. Elizabeth (played only by the coolest and my all time favorite actress back then, PHOEBE CATES!) as a child, had this imaginary friend named Drop Dead Fred. He comes out of a JACK IN BOX toy. After her Mom got so infuriated after she and Fred made MUD PIE and set it on the table, she taped and hid the box and Elizabeth wouldn't open it years later. She's in her 20's and she still sees him, turns out Fred wouldn't leave her unless she was happy and wasn't afraid of being alone.

It really doesn't make that much sense, but back in the 80's, it did. Ha,ha. I love that film so much I'd hide it so no one else could rent it. Hahaha!

My Mom was channel surfing last night and found it playing on Dubai One! I was jumping around the flat and settled on "my bed" (LOL) and watched the film. It was the perfect time to paint the words DO NOT DISTURB on my face! Ha,ha.

I swear you should let your kids watch it, so you'd hear them call their friends SNOTFACE! Man, I can't wait to see the day. Hahaha.

Speaking of unborn children, it was funny that Andrew wondered how our children would look like. I just hope they have his eyes. His eyes are so beautiful. Heehee.

And speaking of Andrew, its so obvious how Pop loves him. He asks me about and mentions Andrew a lot, too! Like "When is Andrew going to graduate?", "Who are you texting? Andrew?", "Tell Andrew to install Skype in his PC so you guys can voice chat!", "Are you getting something for Andrew?", and "Call up Andrew and tell him we need him here!" was the latest. He said that while we were setting up this wooden cabinet in their bedroom. Ha,ha.

Oh well. Oh and here... PICTURES!!

This one's cool! Care Gumin made them for me! My friends said it looks like a character from a graphic novel and an anime character too! Ack! Thanks so much Care, this is too cute!

KAYE AWATIN ANTOINIFIES ALODIA! ha,ha. I've shown you the first one she made, right? Its cool no? Heehee! Thanks again, Gorgeous!

And speaking of Antonia (again), this is her in the ROSE OF VERSAILLES. My friends Aiman and Ayeen told me about it. OMG Antoi in a manga! Ha,ha. I heard about it a few months ago but I really want to show her to you (well to those who haven't heard about it). I can't see a trace of Antoinette in her but this is the Jap's version of Antoi, so I'm guessing she's still going to rock!

YAY. Camwhoring. Ha,ha. If you look closely, you can see the scar above my upper lip. I've had that since I was 10, I got it from my cat, JASON! Ha,ha.

Okay that ends your dose of gobbledygook for the day.

Congrats Abby Cruz for winning 2nd runner up at the 2007 Bb. Pilipinas! Woohoo! You go, Abby!! Hope I work with you Elan girls again soon!