She's Madonna.

Fudge Darn it. The song's been stuck in my head for days.

Anyways, I literally slept the whole day today. Ack I meant yesterday. Ha,ha. THE RED FLAG IS UP! Okay, that does it for oversharing.

Hey I'm planning on trying something on my next entry. I'm finally accomplishing number fifty-seven on my Because I like 'em BIG (Part Two) list. I'm so excited I can't wait.

I think one reason why I can't come up with something interesting to write is because of this really BIG problem I'm having right now. And for some reason, it's the first problem I'm having that I don't feel like telling all my friends about. I couldn't get much sleep, I couldn't eat well, I cry out of nowhere, and I cry while I pray.

This is what I want against (and this is such a strong word to use in this situation) what my parents want for me. I figured I'm only doing this for them, but this isn't what I want for myself. This is the first time I'm doing something I don't want to. But why did I nod in agreement? Was it because I was scared that my unborn child would do that to me in the future and I'd feel miserable? Was it because I loved my Mom so much, and because she does have a point, or was it because I was secretly wishing I could do it without feeling...sad?

This is the easy way to get something that I want, but it's as hard, too.

God, why couldn't I just decide for once. What I really want to do. Why did it have to be this hard for me to realize that I should've went through the other door instead?

Someone beat the living crap out of me please.

Okay before I break down again, I'm totally loving what my friends made me. Its what made my week, aside from snagging really great vintage finds from Jeddah's Ukay Ukay Capital.

CELINE ANGUE'S SILENT SANCTUARY. My friend Celine was inspired by Silent Sanctuary's Fuschiang Pag-Ibig album, and she edited this. I REALLY LOVED IT! Totally reminded of those days Madonna was into Henna, only this is more GLAM! Plus I'm starting to love Silent sanctuary too since the song Andrew uploaded for me on Valentine's was from their album.

TINKA TINKERED WITH MY PHOTOS! But hey, in a really good way!! Weepee! Ha,ha. I love that this looks really dramatic. I love it! I also love the other one she made me, but its too uhm...daring for my blog! Hahaha!

Its a Certified CCOC Artwork! Because its made my one of their members. Marilyn De Mesa! Who's also my "Psychic Sister" Ha,ha! We both think her artwork would make great wallpaper material, too! Woohoo!

YOU GUYS ARE SO GREAT. Thank you for making these for me, I swear. All the time and effort you make. From the bottom of my full, full heart, I LOVE THEM, THANK YOU!

Okay I'm watching Dirty Dancing right now. Pot, you should totally watch this already.

Oh, oh! Before I forget, check out my yearbook photos!

I had new creative shots taken. Ha,ha. Okay enough of anything related to Graduation and the Graduation march before I really lose it this time. You wouldn't want to see me break down or you'd call me WATERWORKS.

I love you guys. Thank you for commenting on my posts. As weird as this would sound, you guys really mean a lot to me, especially in times like these.

(Thank you Annie for the cyber series).

And now...