This IS the sweetest escape.

And I say (sing?), Woohoo, Yeehoo!. For a few weeks to a month at least.

GOD IS JUST... SO GOOD TO ME. I don't know. But today, after I heard what was about to happen, I dialed 463 and thanked him (Ha,ha I'm so cheesy).

So here's the thing. I'm going to rock PICC's stage on the 22nd. BUT I'd come back here a few weeks after, when my working visa's done. And yes, you heard that right.

I never imagined working here. Maybe because I was scared that most people (this is reality, let's face it) look down on Middle East countries. Siyempre, parang mas shooshal parin pag sinabing States or UK ka magtatrabaho. But a few reasons why working here would rock is: You don't have to pay taxes AND I get to spend time with my family, who I've been apart from for 5 years. Pag umuwi naman sila ilang buwan lang. Plus I get to have a vacay naman. So pag uuwi ako, I can tell Seventeen that I'm home, para in a way I can still be "active", in case they still want me! The only problem I'll be facing is my contract with Elan that's going to expire in 2008. But December pa naman, so I guess I can renew it and have setcard photos taken, so I can be on the website too (LOL)!

With Andrew, well he's really supportive of me working here. He's all out when it comes to our future. He always thinks ahead. He knows that life isn't easy nowadays, and that when opportunities like this come in our lives, we have to take it - as long as it won't do any harm to ourselves. There are possibilities that we both work here, or he works in the States and I follow after. We'll see where the course takes us. I'm sure that wherever it goes we'd still be together. And he's always assured me that he won't leave me, won't cheat on me. A few friends think that there are possibilities that one of us would give up, but who knows better than both of us? We're in the relationship, not our friends.

This is one of the hardest phases of life - MATURING. And I mean, really maturing. You realize that you now have to stand up on YOUR OWN, as cliché as that sounds. But even if you hear it a lot, you'll never know what it feels like until you get there. And believe me, you should be at your strongest. Things get so confusing during this phase. I was scared shitless. Thinking how my future would turn out? Would I get the right job? What is the right job? Should I think about money first? Or should I just do what I love to do?

I'm not sure of how long I'm going to be here. All I want is to earn so I can buy a car (para sagot ko yung car, and my parents, the condo!Ha,ha!), and earn a few more so I can survive for a few months when I get back home and look for a job there, or maybe (just maybe) I could go straight to the States or UK from here. And it would be really easy by then. Basta. I JUST REALLY THANK GOD FOR THIS BLESSING.

God knows what I'll be really doing in the future. But for now, I'm happy with this. Although I'll be missing my friends, relatives and Andrew a lot, he'd always say "WE GOTS TO DO WHAT WE GOTTA DO." Life will get better, by then your sacrifices will be worth it. I know I don't fully understand it now, but I will. I will.

See, as long as you believe in Him, He will guide you and he will give you what He thinks is best for you. Nobody knows best than God. Always remember that. And if you want something so bad, PRAY FOR IT. And believe. Then you'll see.


I can't sleep. I've been up the whole night. Okay I know, what's new with that, but... even if I should be happy, for some reason...I'm not. What is wrong with me?

Maybe I'm just really uncomfortable thinking that it would take a year before I get back home again once I start working.

Is it true that when you start working (and become busy), di mo na namamalayan ang araw?