And it was all mellow.

OPUS 23 by Dustin O'Halloran. Genius. Genius, I tell you. Its soothing 'no? Makes me really want to go smooth on this entry. No cussing or woohoo's. Ha,ha. But that's kinda hard to do.

Anyways, its been a while. And its also been so unfair of me to have ignored my blog the past few...days. Weeks? When I'm logged on Multiply almost 24 hours a day. Okay don't throw tomatoes at me (or the screen) yet.

Okay, the past few weeks in photos!

1. This is me with George and Aldrich. Funny it looks just like the photo we had taken together about four years ago at a night out in Eastwood. This photo was taken at Paeng's while the rest of them were bowling. Raa. 2. That's Lance! The guy you've been hearing about a lot. Ha,ha! He just got home from the States. Guess what he got me? Hot stuff from Hot Topic! Yay! 3. That's me and Aldrich. And he obviously wants my watch.

Shameless plugging. Haha! 1. That's Seventeen's March Issue. Its the part of the shoot we had last year, my first (Summer) Fashion Ed. Eee! 2. That's for Inquirer's 2Bu! Graduation Article (by Bianca Consunji of course, who else?). Bianca also told me that THIS photo is displayed "around the metro", at Karimadon stores! Wawaweewa. I hope I still get to see it this Saturday. Haha.

1. The Seventeen shoot for the June and July issues of Seventeen. I'm loving the Chocolate & Co. Pinafore dress. Summery! Heehee. 2. That's me with my hero, Tata (Mapa). 3. That's me and photog Monica Barretto (formerly Seventeen's Lifestyle Ed). She's one of the coolest. 4. And who wouldn't LOVE Tatin (Yang)? She's the one of the nicest, sweetest, funniest and smartest make-up artists out there. 5. Oh that's just me feeling it. Hahaha!

Oh these were taken when my Babe spent 5 days at home with me (before I spent 8 days at his place in Pangasinan. Hahaha!) 1.That's us watching TV and me falling asleep. Hahaha! 2.That was really a stolen picture. Proof of how much I love Seventeen, too! Weepee!

There's more actually. But I feel really lazy editing photos now in that format since we still don't have PS installed in this PC ( I was at Andrew's the time I "edited" the ones I just posted kase eh. Badtrip).

But anyway, here's a latest pic of me and Andrew, taken last Sunday.

Starbucks, ATC.

That was taken while we were playing DoTA at the ECG. Hahaha! Sheesh. He looks so disappointed. As usual, sinadya niyang magmukhang timang.

I had another haircut again. Damn my impulsiveness. I felt like a 5 year old while I was getting it done. I knew I didn't like how it looked but I didn't say a thing. Oh well. Its only hair. It grows. Hahaha. Na-inggit kase ako kay GF nung nakita ko yung album niya na kakapagupit lang niya. Tapos naisip ko summer pa. Ang init. Ang sarap magpa-ikli. Tuloy. Mukha na akong Harajuku girl. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that. Its just that, I'm not ready to sport this look yet. But yeah. Good thing I can still tie it up.

O, here. So you'll know what I'm talking about.

Tell me what you think. Yikes!

Okay that's it for today. Its 1 AM. Gotta get up early. Meeting Andrew at school tomorrow. Feeling estudyante parin ako.

Belated Happy Birthday, my dear Belay!!!