I am no Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Gown Disaster!

Okay I typed this entry offline. April 1. Ha,ha! I'm at Andrew's right now (in Pangasinan). My cousin Mao texted me last night and she told me, the internet at connection at home is finally A-OKAY! Woohoo. I'll be interacting with all y'all more soon! YEEHOO!

MARCH 31 2007, my NC friends and I met up. Karl, Basil, Aldrich, Joel, LJ, Ben, George, Gail, and most especially...LANCE, who just got home from the states. We had other friends who came too, like Lance's family friend Jenny, our friends from school, Rachel and Coco, who also came with two of his friends. We met up at Festival then headed to the Town. Yeah. As usual. Where else would we be. Grr.

Lance brought me pasalubong!!! Like, REALLY HOT stuff from HOT TOPIC! Sheesh. I'm going to camwhore wearing them soon.

It feels really good catching up with old friends. And I love that these friends of mine didn't change a bit. Most of them were even sweeter to me now. And I'm loving how Gail is looking these days. See what love can do, people! Hahaha. Will post photos as soon as I get to GRAB them from my friends.

I had to leave at 4:30, but just as I was hugging Lance goodbye, he dragged me to Coco and them to stop me from leaving. We had a group hug. But I was in the center! Hahahaha! Basil was really determined to stop me from going. My friends are the sweetest. Ha,ha! Anyway, I had to leave so I could head to Makati and meet up with Tatin. We went to the Manila Bulletin to do a shoot for ABOUT WEDDINGS. While I was in the car with Tatin, I felt so excited so I texted Andrew about it and he replied, "Baka maging mala Sex and the City girl ka niyan, Beb!" Referring to the episode where Miranda dared Carrie to wear this really awful Wedding Gown for fun which resulted to Carrie physically, emotionally and mentally reacting to it. She had rashes all over her body, and she realized that she wasn't ready to get married, which later on lead to her break-up with Aidan (who I believe she really deserved to be with, but anyway). Andrew's text made me laugh really hard. But we both know that's not possible since I'll always be ready to marry him. And he told me he was,too. Heehee.

OKAY, so...Yes,yes. I had to be in a Wedding Gown. It really freaked me out (in a good way) because I've always wondered what it was like to be in one. And knowing that I'm already 20, being in my own wedding gown...well, that's a few years away na. NA and not PA.

I wore an Edwin Tan gown and it was beautiful. The gown looks simple but the detail is... WOW. I wish I could show you the photo once Tatin sends it to me, but I can't show it until the Exhibit at the Edsa Shang is done, which is on May pa. When the photographer showed me the photos, I was in AWE. To be honest, I've never felt so simple, pure and beautiful up until that moment.

I was in a beautiful white gown, and I had this container in my hand which played as a mock bouquet. My smile was just right. Its what a true bride would've looked like. Genuinely happy. And I know I was in a shoot, and I had to be in the moment, but I just...fell in love with it. With everything. I couldn't get over it. Last night I felt like a different person. It wasn't a Carrie Bradshaw disaster, and that's not just because the gown I was wearing was beautiful. I guess its because I'm slowly realizing that I have to get out of that "I'm still 16!" state of mind and move on. FOCUS on the future this time. And that doesn't mean, me daydreaming about a beautiful house at Ayala Alabang or the Forbes with 5 housemaids. Its daydreaming REALISTICALLY about the future. Which is, another story.

Although I didn't get my Carrie Bradshaw wedding gown disaster, something bad happened after the shoot. But I'd rather not talk about it. I still feel bad about it! Rawr.


Okay that's it for now. Will update you guys asap.
I missed you guys!

I embrace you, yo!

Fergie's GLAMOROUS! LSS! Thanks to my *AHEM* in-laws. Ha,ha!