Nothin' like a good 'ol chill down the spine.

Its nice when you find yourself falling in love all over again with someone you felt you've been with since birth.

Its like getting shivers when he kisses you, not only when he does on your lips, but when his lips touch your cheeks, the sides of your nose, your forehead...

Its when he would unconciously put his arm around you or hug you while you walk behind your friends in a mall.

Its when he would tell you that he loves you on the most unexpected times, or show signs of how much he worries about you going home ALONE late at night.

And how he goes shopping with you even when he's tired.

Its all the little things happening over and over again, but somehow... it brings back the days when you were just starting over, not believing you're finally together.

Oh, do I love you Babe.