Probinsiyanang oh-so.

Someone get me to Pagudpod right this second. I need to unwind for a month. If not, I bet your ass I'll get my hair cut short like my ANTM favorite, Mollie Sue (too bad she got boot out). I've already had three haircuts this month. And its been 5 years since my hair was this short. Hahaha.

Here, the history of Abbie's crowning glory.

Tell me what you think, yo! Haha. Kirsten Dunst's current haircut inspired me to get it cut short, too. Only mine is an inch shorter than hers. Hahaha.

Anyways, the PC at home is busted (again). I swear it broke our (me and my cousin Mao's) heart. Hahaha! These past few days we spend nights playing Mario Kart or Mario Party on the Gamecube while we sip on Louie's specialty - Milo. And afterwards we pop a DVD and snore the night away while it plays. Hahaha. And still I think of it as a productive day. On the days that I'm not at home, I'm at ATC or Makati, meeting up with Andrew, or visiting him at school (I get to see my Kidlat friends too! YAY!). Lately I've been accompanying Andrew to several modeling agencies (of course including mine - Elan) because he's finally considered to get into modeling after years of turning down a LOT of offers. GO BABE! Haha! While I was at Elan, I saw Mamu (our manager, Miss Cecile who is even hotter as ever) there and she was like, "Hey you! Its been awhile! Its good you gained a LITTLE weight! Even just a bit!" And then Andrew goes, "Naaalagaan ko na po kase ng mabuti eh..." And Mamu was like, "That's good, dapat lang!" And I told myself, "Talaga lang ah?" Hahaha!

What also made my month is doing another Fashion Ed with Laureen (Uy) for Seventeen and seeing Nans and Saab again (with not seeing Nans for nearly two years and Saab nearly a year!). I also made new friends with Dior, Laureen's friend and Chamy and Apang (Saab's friends, with Apang happening to be Camille Cruz's friend, too! I miss you Cams!). I just love making new friends! Hahaha.

While I'm so bummed out on not finding the Vogue September '06 issue and the original Marie Antoinette DVD (just like the book, naubusan ako!), I bought the Marie Antoinette OST at Music One in Alabang. There were only like, three of them. Sheesh. And as much as I wanted to get a Putomayo CD (French Cafe! WAH) and throw in Norah Jones' NOT TOO LATE (since the OST costs both of them combined), getting the original OST is really better than just having it on your player. But it really makes me feel like I got it just for the inlay card. Hahaha. So what? It rocks anyway!

Oh and I need your help. Can you suggest a job I can apply for? Like, part-time and doesn't involve a contract? I really need to do something USEFUL while I'm here. And just so I can shop some more. Andrew's been paying for me all the time already, nahiya na ako. Hahaha!

And SOMEONE FLY ME TO LONDON ON THE FIRST OF MAY. Its just so unfair that they fly in Kate Moss for Topshop goodies by June pahere in Manila! Rawr. Good thing though, my Aunt lives in the UK. Hahaha. She promised she'd get me something from Kate Moss' line. Yun nga lang I'll get it by August pa. But at least! Hahaha. Better to get it late, than not getting anything! Besides if I'm still here by June, I'll go grab them myself. The more, the merrier. Hahaha. And if not, my Mom can always me something pag-uwi niya. RAWR. I love Kate Moss. I loved her since I was 12, when a Tito of mine told me I can still get into modeling despite of my height. "If Kate Moss can do it, then so can you! She's one of the shortest models out there!" From then on, she was an inspiration. Damn you Kate, I'd cross all the borders for you, if you know what I mean. Hahaha! Will post photos from the Lookbook of the ones that I like soon. I swear, they make me go "THAT'S GORGE!" LOL.

Anyways, Andrew's right behind me watching TV. Yep, you guessed it right. I'm up North in Pangasinan! Got here the other day.

As for you my dear reader, I embrace you.
Good day!

Thank you ZY for telling me that DJ Kelly of Magic 89.9 mentioned my "Big Brother" experience! That's so grool! It really made my day! Thanks again. Heehee.