There is beauty in the breakdown.


Actually I just want to ask you to please please please watch Unang Hirit tomorrow, Laureen called me a few hours ago and she asked me to model for her along with two other models, hopefully Dior will be one of them so I can hang with both Laureen and Dior again! YAY! Haha. I'm not really sure what time we'll be on, but Laureen says its about 6-7am. Heehee. For those of you who gets up that early please tune in! If not, well that's okay. Haha.

I'll update you guys by tomorrow. Meeting Andrew, its his enrolment so he'll be at school. I cannot wait to see that boy, I miss him even if he's been making me lose my temper lately. Hahaha.

Last semester na ni Drew this incoming sem. Hala. It feels like its only been yesterday, I saw him in a tank and shorts with his gym bag off to the field for Track practice (he used to be part of the Track & Field team in our school).

Amazing how time flies, man.

Next thing you know, its June 1. And you know what that means for me.
You should know. I mean it. Hahaha!


Say, if Tricia Mirasol can do it - then so can I!

GO TO THE LOWER LEFT SIDE OF MY PAGE AND PUT OPUS 36 ON PAUSE! Make way for PULLING OUR WEIGHT by the Radio Dept to give more inspirational feel to this blog entry. This is one special, special blog entry on my journey to Antoi. LOL!

FIRST OF ALL, to Tricia - as I've said, thank you SO much for letting me in and for allowing me to grab photos from your trip to, must I say it without trembling... VERSAILLES! I swear, when I saw the photos from your blog I almost fainted out of excitement and happiness that one of my online buds was actually IN Versailles! In the place that witnessed history! The very walls that have kept Marie Antoinette's very life and secrets! I get goosebumps whenever I imagine myself actually being there and I've always thought that it would only be a dream, but YOU really made me feel like its SO possible. SO POSSIBLE!

SECOND of all, how grateful I am for Tricia to actually allow me to grab photos from her Multiply account and allowing me to post them HERE for all you to see, too! I swear as I was browsing through her album, I really couldn't help but smile, because she made me feel like I get to see the "real" thing without actually being there.

Thank you so much Tricia, for in a way making me a part of your trip to Versailles!

(I swear I'm freaking out that I remember the place so much from the film!)

All photos courtesy of Tricia Mirasol.
(with the guidance of her photo captions as well. Haha!)

The facade of Chateau de Versailles.

This is the opera! Wow. Can you hear her clapping? I do.

Its where she married Louis XVI! Hey maybe I could get married here too! In my dreams.

OMG its the garden of deceit and gossip! LOL. I wanna run/walk around like she did in the film!

So, I suppose this is where Madame Du Barry seduces herself? In this mirror-filled hallway... Haha. Groolness.

OMG its Marie's...Its Marie's....MARIE'S..... *(&%$*&$%&*^!^&%!


Jason Schwartzman said it, and said it too. "ANG LAKI!" Malaki nga.

THANK YOU MS. TRICIA ANGELI MIRASOL for this wonderful wonderful experience you shared with me! I swear, I love reading your blog posts, I just don't get to drop a line or two whenever I visit, but with your blog being a must-read, this one just made me love it more. Thanks again, you have no idea how much this struck me!

All photos courtesy of Tricia Mirasol.

And you know, when God gives me one of the sweetest days of my life to let me go see it myself too, that's when I know I can screw up anything in the future. Of course I'm quoting Patty Laurel when she said in her blog, after the got an uno for her hardest FLCD class that she could screw up anything in the future and could get away with it by saying she got an uno for her hardest class in UP Diliman.

I, on the other hand can get away with it by saying "Do you know that I am capable of great things? I got to sniff dust off Marie Antoinette's bed in Versailles!".

Now that my friend will make a hit for one getaway line!
Thanks again Tric. I can never thank you enough!


Obsession is no sin when its over Marie.

Count Axel Fersen and Marie Antoinette. Don't they just make a better couple?

Now that I've gathered ideas for my bedroom, I'm starting to gather ideas for my wedding! Like her hair in this photo for example. Hahaha!

Chucky sent me a message saying : Mukhang di ka pa nakaka get-over kay Marie Antoinette ah" and I replied with Haha! I will never be over Marie Antoinette!

Marie wishful thinking. Now isn't she just so adorable?

I surely do have tub moments like these in Jeddah. Haha!

Only ONE of the pages form Vogue's September 2006 issue. MUST EFFING LOVE.

I really have to thank Saab, because if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have a "soft copy" of the magazine, and these photos! Haha. I LOVE YOU, BELLA!

Oh and thankfully, looks like I'll be getting my original DVD and book (Antonia Frasier's "Marie Antoinette: The Journey") by mid-June after all. God is so good. And you know what they say! Better late than never. For Marie, its always worth the wait. THANK YOU, KUYA! I LOVE YOU!

Okay now, shut it. This is about MY love for Antoi, you tweed. Hahaha. Go hide at your corner or something. Run away, you! Scoot, scoot!


I'm It.


THE GORGEOUS JOEY TAGGED ME! And that was right before I read Lucy's blog and asked her to tag me, so... THE GORGEOUS LUCY tagged me too. LOL!

This is what you are supposed to do. Cut and paste if you decide to participate in the tagging game.

Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog.

READY? OKAY! Hahaha.

1. My biggest fear in life is to fall face flat on the ground. AND break a tooth or worse, lose a tooth. That's why whenever I run really fast, or walk on a floor full of wires or things I can stumble on, I cover my mouth to "protect" it, I also sometimes bite both my lower and upper lip. Especially when there are stairs involved.

2. When I'm bored, I play with my face too much or pinch my nose bridge a lot. Either I make a lot of silly faces, or like "pull" my cheeks together. I pinch my nose bridge every damn day because I believe that it would help fulfill my mission in life - to get a nose like Nicole Kidman. And hey, a few weeks ago my friends told me they've been hearing rumors in school that I had my nose fixed! Isn't that just weird? Oh yeah. That's because I am weird.

3. I am the most paranoid person to ever walk this earth. I tend to overanalyze EVERYTHING from what Andrew's "HEHE" really meant at the end of his message. Did he mean to say that he found it funny, or was he being sarcastic? And then things start to get to my head and I end up thinking that he's mad and then I start a BIG fight out of it. Paranoid much? There is never enough paranoia in my life.

4. I contradict myself a LOT. Jeez, I don't think I have to explain myself on this. I'm one messed up person. Like Marissa Cooper, only I have far more sensible reasons to have this screwed up brain. Okay maybe Marissa did have sensible reasons, too.

5. I hate having fair skin. I always wished I was born tan. Whenever I see photos of tan girls I always think of them as godesses who'd sit by the beach everyday. Yet when I see photos of really white girls, I start to wish I maintained my old skin tone before I got so dark. Now tell me, is that weird or what?

6. I always complain about not gaining weight. But that's because I don't eat much as I used to. And even after I skipped a meal or slept really late, I expect not to lose weight! HOW WEIRD IS THAAAT?

Oh and Jo, I am so with you on numbers five and six. Luce, I'm so with you on number six. Hahaha!

I TAG: Cams, Nininz, Lance, George, Badge and Ayeen!

Oh and before I end this....


Me, Yoy and Mara! I missed them!

Parang wala lang. The BOYS! Ivan, Pich and Mark!


Make-up by Tatin Yang, Gown by Edwin Tan


This was for Bianca Consunji's graduation article, taken a day before my graduation!
Make-up by Tatin Yang, Photo by Ocs Alvarez, Dress by Karimadon

Taken after a shoot for Inquirer, coming out mid-June, can't wait! Thanks again, Biancs!!!
Hair and Make-up by Claire and Ricky Diokno (I love them!)

Okay that's it.



Catch me if you can.

Let's kick it old school.
(In random order)


Me and my good friend, Eric!

Sun worshippers: Drew, Me and George

Ready to conquer!

I'm good knowing he worships me, too.

Planting one on me. I love!


Attending a VTR at Monaco with Drew and Tabs

Bust talking to Girlfriend number two. (Kidding!)

After attending separate VTRs. Haha!

Me and my Gf, Mara accompanying Drew and Tabs to a VTR

Lovin' our tops. Drew got me mine, he got his from his cousin, Reagan!

MY FIRST COMMERCIAL (as an extra!!!)

Serious girls : Abbie, Stephie and Abby!

I love them.

Arvi's Angels (Arvi is our agent, and I love him!!!)


With fellow Yayas, Cham and Saab

Keepin' the 17 friendship alive! Hahaha. Thanks Chammy for the ride! Love you!

Saab texted at 3 AM after we met up: "Gnyt Abbie, I love you forever!" God knows I'll love Saab forever, too!


Me and my girlfriends, Mara and Yadah!



AlaBANG girls: Me, Chi and Maoie!

In the skull-printed tunic Andrew got me.


I just love my shorts! Hahaha!

Someone's happy.


I HAVE THE VOGUE SEPTEMBER 06 ISSUE. Not in my hands though, let's just say I have Saab to thank since she's obsessed over Kirsten, too. (Thank you Zuv for sharing some info. Hahaha!)

I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE TRANSFORMERS. At first I was really hesistant to see it because I was scared the film would be a disappointment to a Transformers fan like me. I used to watch it as a kid even if I didn't really understand what was going on, all I know was that I loved the part where they transform into robots. I thought it was best to preserve their glory in my head (in not so good resolution) but after I saw the trailer I went bonkers. Too bad I'll be experiencing it on DVD. Good thing we have surround sound back in Jeddah. Now. Popcorn, anyone?

IMAGO'S "SUNDO" IS MY MESSAGE ALERT TONE! Sorry, I'm in love with the song (I'm also singing it right now).

I'VE BEEN CRAVING FOR MOO ICE CREAM AND SUSHI SINCE LAST NIGHT! Anyone who's willing to pig out with me - CALL ME!

ENERVON WORKS! Must drink two glasses everyday! Hahaha!

Okay that's all the gobbledygook there is to share for today.
Oh and watch Shrek the third! It rocks! You'll see the Transformers trailer, too! Hahaha! Woohoo!


Liar, Liar pants on fayerr.

GOOD LIES. WHITE LIES. Do they really exist? What constitutes a good lie? Is it the purpose it serves? The person we lie to? The person we lie for? Is it to prevent them from hurting, or just preventing them from knowing the truth? Either way, its still a lie isn't it?

My Mom would slip the white lie to save my ass. She would most of the time and I love her for it. Does that really make a good lie?

So, good lies. Depends on who is lying? For you? To you? At the end of the day, doesn't it all go down to just one thing... that it will always be a lie, whether good, or bad? A lie. Nothing else. Just that. No sub-categories. No branches.

A lie, is just a lie. Or is it?

One thing's for sure though. Its one of the million reasons why I love my Mother to death. She will lie to save my ass.

But today, I felt betrayed. I'm praying that the lying will stop the minute I sent that last angry text message.

Don't lie to me. When I ask you a question, just tell me the truth. I won't ask you if I know I couldn't handle the big T. At this point of my life, there is no turning back. No regrets. No holding back. Shyness won't stop me. Anger won't stop me. Nothing will stop me from being the most honest person that I am to you. And I hope, you could do the same for me.

Scratch that.
At the end of the day, it all goes down to WHO is lying to you.


Don't confess.

Its one of those days I wish I listened to my gut more.

I'm sorry, been out of focus lately. And I hate posting photos when I can't arrange them my way. Boohoo.

Okay. A lot's been up.

I just wish I listened. Someone strangle me!

VOTE WISELY! If only I were a registered voter, I'd go straight GO! Hahahaha. Actually mostly from GO and some Independent and Unity candidates. Hmm. Basta mahal ko si Francis Escudero! WOOHOO!

Okay back to tragic mode.