Catch me if you can.

Let's kick it old school.
(In random order)


Me and my good friend, Eric!

Sun worshippers: Drew, Me and George

Ready to conquer!

I'm good knowing he worships me, too.

Planting one on me. I love!


Attending a VTR at Monaco with Drew and Tabs

Bust talking to Girlfriend number two. (Kidding!)

After attending separate VTRs. Haha!

Me and my Gf, Mara accompanying Drew and Tabs to a VTR

Lovin' our tops. Drew got me mine, he got his from his cousin, Reagan!

MY FIRST COMMERCIAL (as an extra!!!)

Serious girls : Abbie, Stephie and Abby!

I love them.

Arvi's Angels (Arvi is our agent, and I love him!!!)


With fellow Yayas, Cham and Saab

Keepin' the 17 friendship alive! Hahaha. Thanks Chammy for the ride! Love you!

Saab texted at 3 AM after we met up: "Gnyt Abbie, I love you forever!" God knows I'll love Saab forever, too!


Me and my girlfriends, Mara and Yadah!



AlaBANG girls: Me, Chi and Maoie!

In the skull-printed tunic Andrew got me.


I just love my shorts! Hahaha!

Someone's happy.


I HAVE THE VOGUE SEPTEMBER 06 ISSUE. Not in my hands though, let's just say I have Saab to thank since she's obsessed over Kirsten, too. (Thank you Zuv for sharing some info. Hahaha!)

I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE TRANSFORMERS. At first I was really hesistant to see it because I was scared the film would be a disappointment to a Transformers fan like me. I used to watch it as a kid even if I didn't really understand what was going on, all I know was that I loved the part where they transform into robots. I thought it was best to preserve their glory in my head (in not so good resolution) but after I saw the trailer I went bonkers. Too bad I'll be experiencing it on DVD. Good thing we have surround sound back in Jeddah. Now. Popcorn, anyone?

IMAGO'S "SUNDO" IS MY MESSAGE ALERT TONE! Sorry, I'm in love with the song (I'm also singing it right now).

I'VE BEEN CRAVING FOR MOO ICE CREAM AND SUSHI SINCE LAST NIGHT! Anyone who's willing to pig out with me - CALL ME!

ENERVON WORKS! Must drink two glasses everyday! Hahaha!

Okay that's all the gobbledygook there is to share for today.
Oh and watch Shrek the third! It rocks! You'll see the Transformers trailer, too! Hahaha! Woohoo!