Obsession is no sin when its over Marie.

Count Axel Fersen and Marie Antoinette. Don't they just make a better couple?

Now that I've gathered ideas for my bedroom, I'm starting to gather ideas for my wedding! Like her hair in this photo for example. Hahaha!

Chucky sent me a message saying : Mukhang di ka pa nakaka get-over kay Marie Antoinette ah" and I replied with Haha! I will never be over Marie Antoinette!

Marie wishful thinking. Now isn't she just so adorable?

I surely do have tub moments like these in Jeddah. Haha!

Only ONE of the pages form Vogue's September 2006 issue. MUST EFFING LOVE.

I really have to thank Saab, because if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have a "soft copy" of the magazine, and these photos! Haha. I LOVE YOU, BELLA!

Oh and thankfully, looks like I'll be getting my original DVD and book (Antonia Frasier's "Marie Antoinette: The Journey") by mid-June after all. God is so good. And you know what they say! Better late than never. For Marie, its always worth the wait. THANK YOU, KUYA! I LOVE YOU!

Okay now, shut it. This is about MY love for Antoi, you tweed. Hahaha. Go hide at your corner or something. Run away, you! Scoot, scoot!