Say, if Tricia Mirasol can do it - then so can I!

GO TO THE LOWER LEFT SIDE OF MY PAGE AND PUT OPUS 36 ON PAUSE! Make way for PULLING OUR WEIGHT by the Radio Dept to give more inspirational feel to this blog entry. This is one special, special blog entry on my journey to Antoi. LOL!

FIRST OF ALL, to Tricia - as I've said, thank you SO much for letting me in and for allowing me to grab photos from your trip to, must I say it without trembling... VERSAILLES! I swear, when I saw the photos from your blog I almost fainted out of excitement and happiness that one of my online buds was actually IN Versailles! In the place that witnessed history! The very walls that have kept Marie Antoinette's very life and secrets! I get goosebumps whenever I imagine myself actually being there and I've always thought that it would only be a dream, but YOU really made me feel like its SO possible. SO POSSIBLE!

SECOND of all, how grateful I am for Tricia to actually allow me to grab photos from her Multiply account and allowing me to post them HERE for all you to see, too! I swear as I was browsing through her album, I really couldn't help but smile, because she made me feel like I get to see the "real" thing without actually being there.

Thank you so much Tricia, for in a way making me a part of your trip to Versailles!

(I swear I'm freaking out that I remember the place so much from the film!)

All photos courtesy of Tricia Mirasol.
(with the guidance of her photo captions as well. Haha!)

The facade of Chateau de Versailles.

This is the opera! Wow. Can you hear her clapping? I do.

Its where she married Louis XVI! Hey maybe I could get married here too! In my dreams.

OMG its the garden of deceit and gossip! LOL. I wanna run/walk around like she did in the film!

So, I suppose this is where Madame Du Barry seduces herself? In this mirror-filled hallway... Haha. Groolness.

OMG its Marie's...Its Marie's....MARIE'S..... *(&%$*&$%&*^!^&%!


Jason Schwartzman said it, and said it too. "ANG LAKI!" Malaki nga.

THANK YOU MS. TRICIA ANGELI MIRASOL for this wonderful wonderful experience you shared with me! I swear, I love reading your blog posts, I just don't get to drop a line or two whenever I visit, but with your blog being a must-read, this one just made me love it more. Thanks again, you have no idea how much this struck me!

All photos courtesy of Tricia Mirasol.

And you know, when God gives me one of the sweetest days of my life to let me go see it myself too, that's when I know I can screw up anything in the future. Of course I'm quoting Patty Laurel when she said in her blog, after the got an uno for her hardest FLCD class that she could screw up anything in the future and could get away with it by saying she got an uno for her hardest class in UP Diliman.

I, on the other hand can get away with it by saying "Do you know that I am capable of great things? I got to sniff dust off Marie Antoinette's bed in Versailles!".

Now that my friend will make a hit for one getaway line!
Thanks again Tric. I can never thank you enough!