There is beauty in the breakdown.


Actually I just want to ask you to please please please watch Unang Hirit tomorrow, Laureen called me a few hours ago and she asked me to model for her along with two other models, hopefully Dior will be one of them so I can hang with both Laureen and Dior again! YAY! Haha. I'm not really sure what time we'll be on, but Laureen says its about 6-7am. Heehee. For those of you who gets up that early please tune in! If not, well that's okay. Haha.

I'll update you guys by tomorrow. Meeting Andrew, its his enrolment so he'll be at school. I cannot wait to see that boy, I miss him even if he's been making me lose my temper lately. Hahaha.

Last semester na ni Drew this incoming sem. Hala. It feels like its only been yesterday, I saw him in a tank and shorts with his gym bag off to the field for Track practice (he used to be part of the Track & Field team in our school).

Amazing how time flies, man.

Next thing you know, its June 1. And you know what that means for me.
You should know. I mean it. Hahaha!