Missing Frankenstein.

Hi Abbie! This is Charisse Katigbak, contributing stylist for Seventeen magazine. Are you free for a shoot on Wednesday June 27 11 am? Its for the What's In Store section of the September issue. (June 23, 10:45 AM)

I regret saying I'd contact her again when I get back. Haaay buhay. On some days I wish I were filthy rich I had a private jet to fly in whenever I get texts like that. I don't know if that sounds pathetic, I know its not a cover shoot or anything like that but man, I'm missing out on doing what I really love doing.

Did I tell you I also had to back out of the international airing of a softdrink ad (read: it's a Coke commercial, kill me now). I was called for a final casting, and when it was down to me and two other girls for the lead (daughter) role, I had to back out as soon as I heard the shoot was moved to last week of June. Flights were fully booked 'til August so there's no chance that I re-book for another flight. Our VTRs were sent to China and I backed out a day before the results were in. I prayed really hard that I didn't get chosen to begin with to save myself and my agency from shame. WAH! But, my agent, Jaymie (who I really love so so so much) told my Mom I was not in some sort of "modeling/casting blatter". In short, hindi ako na bad shot sa caster at sa agency, thank God.

God knows how much I love to model.
I know he has plans for me, so like always I'll just really have to trust him with that.

But I'm human though. Sometimes you can't forget to feel sad about it but that's another feeling I have to fight.