Oh no you di-int!

I knew it was possible. But I never thought it would happen.
Not this.

So yeah. Its set to hit the silver screens in 2008. *Sigh* Let's all just cross our fingers and hope for the best.

I found out from my friend Joey. We were chatting and being the random girls that I know we both are, we suddenly ended up talking about SATC.

Joey: i miss SATC
Joey: i wonder how the movie will turn out
Abbie: They're making a movie?
Joey: YES
Joey: i know, right? if it sucks, it would really suck! hahaha
Abbie: You know how those things turn out!
Abbie: HOLY!
Abbie: Dammit!
Joey: i know right?? kaya the movie has to be REALLY REALLY GOOD.. even better than how the show ended
Abbie: I knew but I WISHED THEY WOULDN'T!
Abbie: And when they all talked about THE WAY WE WERE, and when Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda sang the song SAMANTHA started crying!
Joey: aw yeah.. a part of me wants to be a samantha.. but when i think about it, i don't think i can really pull that act off hahaha
Joey: i think i'm a carrie, deep down
Abbie: I think I'm a Carrie too!

Haha. I remember how pissed a few "blog readers" were back then whenever I'd post Carrie-inspired entries in my old blog. Feel na feel ko kase. Hahaha. Whatev, yo.

Anyway, its like I know I'm going to be disappointed because they never turn out the way you remember seeing it. Like, reading the Da Vinci Code and watching the film. And with SATC? It's just NEVER going to be as good as it was on the telly. Or maybe that's just me. Who knows, I could be wrong. I'd still watch it though. Why would I want to miss it anyway?

And with this, let me share one of my favorite episodes with you.
Because season 4 rocks. AIDAN AND CARRIE FOREVER!

For some reason, it reminds me of US. Hahaha! You know who I'm talking about.

Jeez,I watch that ep every single day while I'm at work! Hahahaha! (I have it saved on my portable center. Lol)

So yeah.
I didn't go to work today. Ahgotsdafevahyo!
GAH. But then I think "car" and I just wanna drag myself out of bed.
But I must get loads of sleep first before getting back into the horse.

I'll giddyap baloop bop bop later.


I'm pulling off a Saab!

I made my old Multiply account active again just for YOU!
So, add me up already!
But I haven't really updated in a while, so sorry if the photos are quite old. Will upload and update this weekend.


Oh and yes. Berserked is a word I invented.
Me and my silly teeny tiny brain. Tsk.


You’d make a great mom someday, Bie.


Oo nga. Nakikita ko lang.

Judy was in first grade. She was one of the kids who sat next to me at the benches by the parent’s hall. I don’t remember how our friendship started. All I could remember was that I’d change direction on walking to the gate on some days when I’m not in the mood to talk about Westlife and local showbiz.

On that day though, we were all hanging out on the usual spot. He was there, along with another close friend of ours.

Judy was hugging me so tight. And then I saw him staring at me and smiling.

And then he said those words. It really shouldn’t mean much hearing that at my age, but it sure made my day. It was also because he was the most important thing in my life. He will always be.


I have about two officemates who are pregnant right now.

Seeing their tummies grow bigger week by week just makes me wonder of how life would be for me when I’m finally “with baby”. Its kind of exciting…and really scary at the same time. Knowing all types of people from different races…makes me realize that being a parent is such a big responsibility. Your children will look up to you. What you teach them, the words you say, how you say them… You can see their parents through the type of person that they are.

It's always going to be like "Nako baka di siya tinuruan ng Nanay niya nga ganto..."

I wish I can be like my Mom. She’s the best. She’s not perfect, but she’s great. Really great.

She’s like my bestfriend. When we talk, we talk just like how I would talk to Maya, or Ayah… I’d choke her, pull her hair, or pinch her when she’s starting to get on my nerves with her antics. Sometimes she prances around like she’s my younger sister. Then I scold her and she stops. 5 seconds later, she starts prancing around again. She’s crazy. And that’s one of the things I love about her. My Mom and I also talk about EVERYTHING. Yes. No exceptions. Its because she made me trust her that way. That I can confide everything I want to confide in her, whether its right, or wrong (and of course, whenever its wrong she does her signature ‘core shaking’ sermon). She taught me what most kids these days don’t know.

Like, I hate when kids these days would say “Ay, panget siya kase mataba siya!”

My Mom would never influence me with that thought. I had a bestfriend back then when I was in 3rd grade, and she was plus-sized. But I always thought she was pretty. My classmates would call her “whale”. I would fight for her. I remember her being so nice to me that she gave me this scented pencil erasers. She was really sweet.

I can’t wait to teach my child about loving animals. I want to teach my child not to judge people with their physical appearance and that there is no such thing as an ugly person. Different. But not ugly. And that fat is a compound that can be found in the body, NOT a type of person.

I want to teach my child about valuing each day in life. What I know about God. I want her to have the same idea as I do about religion. And that she should not discriminate other people just because of their beliefs. And that stereotyping is a sin.

I can't wait to read Elang Uling before we both doze off (my Mom would read me that book everynight - up until I was in Grade school, its like this classic Philippine version of Cinderella).

Its a bittersweet feeling. What's really scaring me though are the really tough phases of parenting. Like having your first misunderstanding. The first time they answer back. Or stay out late. The stuff that I did, do and will do that makes Ma worried. Hay. Thinking about it, I really am a pain in the ass. That's why my Mom would laugh whenever I sing her "Sorry Sorry" by Rooney.

Hirap pala talaga maging magulang 'no? Akala natin ganun-ganun lang. Nako. Goodluck saating lahat pag darating na yung araw. Ngayon nga na wala pa akong anak, nahihirapan na ako, iniisip ko palang.

Let's all give our mothers a warm hug before we go to bed tonight.
I always do.

One day, we're gonna feel whatever it is we make them feel.
What a scary thought. Nako, wag naman po sana.


It helps if you close your eyes.

The only thing I hate about working (aside from dragging my ass out of bed at 6:30 AM - but well that wouldn't mean that there's only one thing that I hate right? WHATEV!) is working OVERTIME.

WTH. Ang dami kong gustong i-share.
Heard about Mother Teresa's letters? I hate that people are focusing so much on her personal thoughts rather than what she's done for the world. MOTHER THERESA is just human like the rest of us. And we all, at one point "get there". We doubt.

Mother Teresa did doubt. But what matters is she went running back to God.

Well maybe people would say she wrote those letters at the time she was serving God.
"Practice what you preach", that you may say. But we are not God to judge. Whatever was going on in Mother Theresa's head that time is between her and God. And I'm sure for all the good she's done on earth, God has forgiven her. God always forgives. Because I'm sure she repented too.

Whether it affects Vatican's decision on canonizing Mother Teresa as a saint or not, it shall not matter. What's important is that we remember her, and all the good deeds she's done for humanity.

Remember that line from Jesus Christ Superstar? When Judas pointed out on how Jesus shouldn't have people like Mary Magdalene around him? What did he sing again?


Only God can judge because He is perfect. Not one of us living on earth is.
Always remember that before you talk trash or say something against someone.

Maybe people do have the right to say something about Mother Teresa's letters since she is a religious "figure" now. But I don't think it would make sense if they do.

Walang nagbago sa tingin ko kay Mother Teresa. Ganun parin yung pagrespeto ko sa kanya. Sana kayo rin.

Off to bed now. This morning I had like three cups of green tea (AYAH YOU'RE TO BLAME FOR MAKING ME LOVE TWINING'S!) just so I can keep my head straight and my eyes wide open as a one peso coin.



Comments? Violent Reactions? Wala? Okay.

Mala-qbox ito. Haha.
From latest to oldest cbox tags, in all of its HTML CODED glory! I was too lazy to the the :smily: codes out. Lol.

23 Aug 07, 22:37
Angie: loving the new template. very abbie-ish. lalala love ya


23 Aug 07, 21:45
nadine: wow abbie!!ganda ganda!!so artsy!!nyahaha!!bagay n bgay ng tlga for a 21-yr old!!Nyahaha!!pero swear, its soo cool!!i wish i was good with these codes too!!!:(

Nako, di din ako magaling sa codes! I just stick with one HTML code and I just replace the photos! Heehee! :-D Thanks Nads!

23 Aug 07, 19:00
toni: I like rooney too! pero yung sorry sorry lang alam ko:)

I know little of their songs but I know they all rock. Lalo na yung lead. WOOHOO!

23 Aug 07, 19:00
toni: I like the new layout abbie!:) It's very abbie. haha. Anyway, I miss you! I hope you'd go online more. Kindly change na my link when you have the time. Thanks Abs!

Hey sure! I always go OL naman, but I mostly hang in Multi. Hahaha! Sige now that I've changed my template, I will update here more! Let's all wish na di ako laging ginagabi from work!

23 Aug 07, 18:47
tric: wow abbie! nice! i love yours too! :)


23 Aug 07, 18:13
bliss weddings: hi just dropping by :)

Loving your website!!!

23 Aug 07, 13:47
Tinkai: Very nice! :D

Tinks! Thank you!!!

23 Aug 07, 12:11
reese: OMG ABBIE!! ang ganda ng new layout mo!!!! love it!!! galing mo eh! *inggit mode* haha! :)

Promise??? Wah kinilig ako! Salamat Reesey!

21 Aug 07, 17:21
maite: chaka mo abbie!

21 Aug 07, 16:43
.diana.: hey idol =)..cud u stil remembr me?? i believe I saw u in la salle lately.. =)..just dropping by.. :P

Hi Di! Oo naman I still do! Wah! La Salle where? Dasma? Baka you saw someone else sweetie, I'm in the Middle East now. :-(

18 Aug 07, 15:20
Max: I love reading your blog. :D Link! LInk! :D

Hey thanks Max, I love yours too! CUTE ENTRIES, panalo!

18 Aug 07, 11:26
jervin: kumusta po kayu ate? :)

Okay naman ako. :-) Salamat sa pagtanong!

17 Aug 07, 22:43
zyra: hey you girly, do u have friendster? coz i've seen one, u know kenneth punzalan???

Yes I do, but I don't use my real name anymore. My first one is inactive. Heehee!
And yes I do know Kenneth! He's my Kuya! Heehee. How do you know him? He's been my friend since high-school.

17 Aug 07, 16:32
Pot: ABBIE!! :) Aww, miss you!


17 Aug 07, 14:28
tric: love love abbie :) hehe its funny that i made a new template too, and my reason is.. because im turning 20. haha! *KISS*

*HIGH-FIVE* at pareho talaga tayo ng reason! Kaya tayo nagkakasundo eh! Heehee! I LOVE LOVE LOVE TRIC TOOO!

16 Aug 07, 17:52
Leah: I LOVE U ABBIE! I hail thee! LOL! ;-D

Hahahaha! I LOVE YOU LEY! Ikaw talaga!

16 Aug 07, 03:03
Francie: Oh I miss you a lot Abs, btw I changed my url, i got a new blog. Take care gorgeous.

Will change your link asap, Francie! LOVE YOU!

15 Aug 07, 20:43
Mariel: I miss you Abbie!

Miss you too Mar!

15 Aug 07, 19:29
bliss weddings: hi just dropping by :)

Thanks for doing so!

15 Aug 07, 14:28
Crisel: Hey abbie! Miss you! :) Hope you're doing all right.. I'm here if you need anything with your blog redesign =p

CRISELLLLL! I miss hearing from you! And yes, I will PM you about my question asap! :-)

14 Aug 07, 17:59
Ayeen: Can't wait for your new template Abs! :-D *hugs*

Yay, thanks Yeen! *HUGS*

14 Aug 07, 17:26
Bea: Your july 30 post is v. v. inspiring :)

What's inspiring is reading comments like these. Thank you so much, Bea!

13 Aug 07, 11:35
Addie: is here again. :)

ADDIE I MISS YOUR POSTS! Stop going on hiatus mode already! :-(

12 Aug 07, 01:19
Vilee: Hello Abbie! :)

VILEE!!! Hello! :-)

10 Aug 07, 05:07
maske: hello

Hi Maske! :-)

9 Aug 07, 18:48
jervin: kumusta po? hehe

Okay naman Jervin, sana okay ka rin. :-)

7 Aug 07, 17:28
toni: ABBIE! >:D<


6 Aug 07, 22:11
Jove: HUG Abbie :)


6 Aug 07, 15:01
zyra: abbie!!! what's up with you? missed your blog, my pc is busted that's why. when i you coming back?

ZYRA!!! Hey!!! Heehee! Nako, gandang tanong!! ... NEXT YEAR!

4 Aug 07, 12:20
Shang: A belated happy birthday to Andrew :)

Thank you, on his behalf, Shang!

4 Aug 07, 12:00
jervin: hello

Hello! Haha!

4 Aug 07, 04:16
Addie: missed Abbie Almasco.

Abbie misses Addie too. :-(

3 Aug 07, 19:40
Raya: Hello, Abbie! :)


2 Aug 07, 18:56
aldrinbot: padaan lng po..

Haha,kulit ng nickname mo. Salamat sa pagdaan Aldrin!

2 Aug 07, 15:51
jervin: hello :)

Hello Jervin!

1 Aug 07, 15:38
faye: hi abbie! i want to try modeling. hehehe :) any tips on how i can start?

ACK! Hope its not too late for my reply (nah, its never too late)!
Try getting photos done first, then you can walk-in agencies and start from there! OH and when you hear about a model search going on, JOIN! Join ka lang ng join!!! ;-)

1 Aug 07, 12:35
jervin: padaan po sa unang araw ng agosto! :)

Hahaha!!! Salamat!!!

1 Aug 07, 10:52
pam: hey abbie! nice entry you've got there!!! i think that you already started to work towards change by just posting your entry. its simple but straight forward. kuddos to you!!

PAAMMMMY! Wow, super thanks for the comment, I really appreciate that you still like me even if there are changes... Love ya Pam! *hugs*

31 Jul 07, 12:20
jervin: padaan po.. kumusta po? :)

Hahaha! Okay parin! Salamat! :-D

30 Jul 07, 18:01
Ches: Haha, hayaan niyo na. Di naman coherent 'yung pinagsasabi niya ('yung crazy spammer). :P

Sana makipagfriends na talaga siya saatin Ches. Love you, Adoribel!

30 Jul 07, 12:20
jervin: padaan po! :)

Sige, daan lang ng daan! Masaya ito! Haha.

30 Jul 07, 12:09
abby: ang pathetic nung nagbadmouth kay abbie. grow up!

Wow, I love your name! :-D Hay nako Abby, hayaan nalang natin sila. Tsk.

29 Jul 07, 21:30
pam: wow!!!! someone's updating!!! everyone's dying to hear from you!!! =)

Oh wow. Heehee! Pammy!!! HI!! :-D

29 Jul 07, 16:59

Aw Ayeen! I'm really updating SOOOON!

29 Jul 07, 13:23
Blogger Tutor: Blogger Tutor

29 Jul 07, 12:02
aldrinbot: daan lng po hehe

Sureness! Haha!

28 Jul 07, 10:32
jervin: cute ng blog parang ikaw.. :) xlink po tayu.. ty:)

Uy salamat! Nako problema ko na nga yung mga links ko, puno na yung drop-down menu bar! Hahaha!

27 Jul 07, 14:03
aldrinbot: wow nice blog.. x link po tau.. tnx :biggrin:

Salamat! ;-D

27 Jul 07, 12:15
farr: hello po,ang ganda po ng blog niyo...

Uy Farr, maraming salamat!!!

27 Jul 07, 07:01
giannina: hello! :D ingats lagi..

HI NININZ!!! Ingat ka rin lagi ah!

21 Jul 07, 00:39
Addie: Yay! Kaya mo yan! Go Abbie! I'm happy for you..Love lots <3

Hay sana talaga! Salamat Addie.

20 Jul 07, 13:06
CAMS: Choclit Cake! I love you! :* Miss miss miss you much xoxo

Choclit Cake! I LOVE YOU TOO! So sorry wasn't able to reply to your text. I was swamped with claims at work! BOO!

19 Jul 07, 14:55
Ches: Hey Abs! I really miss you :(

Me too Adoribel. :-(

19 Jul 07, 13:38
shang: I can't believe this person would actually waste his/her time trash talking ate abbie. I pity little poor you. It must suck being you.

Hay Shar, let's just let them be. Love you girl!

19 Jul 07, 03:38
maite: hahahaha! you miss abbie-poser-social-climber-*****-cocksuckerr? duhh! award to you all!

15 Jul 07, 22:26
tric: abbie! random question, what color gusto mo motif ng wedding mo? :) la lang. i hope you're doing great. we all miss you! hehe! :)

I LOVE THAT QUESTION! Alam mo I don't know yet eh! Ang hirap nga eh! Heehee! Grabe, this is super exciting! Haha!

13 Jul 07, 15:52
regine: ayieee.. kilig naman! wedding talks :D yieee... hihi, in Gods time everything will be done. dba nga what we gots to do gots to do. first things 1st :D kudos. mwah mwah

Hi Reg!!! Hay thanks for reminding me about that again, it really helps when I think of that phrase. :-*

13 Jul 07, 04:14
len: heyheyhey abbie!


12 Jul 07, 17:08
upper viceo: i miss you!!! :D


10 Jul 07, 16:09
kaberday: haymissyou. hope you got my text message.

I did Kaberday!!!! :-*

9 Jul 07, 04:01
Angie: missing abbie big time.

Don't worry, I'm back now, Anj!

8 Jul 07, 15:51
Vilee: Hi Abbie! I missed your posts.

Aw Vil, don't worry I'm here now!!!! ;-)

8 Jul 07, 11:00
nadine: hi abbie!wow, wedding talks na ah!!im excited for you!!wow,i mean,halos magka age lang tau pero ako ntatakot pa kng anong mangyyri sa future ko!!:P eep!!!

Oo nga eh! Grabe! Alam mo Nads, lately natatakot na ako. Natatakot na na-eexcite na ewan. :-(

6 Jul 07, 19:13
Tinka: Where are you na Abbie. We miss you. :)

TINKS! I'm back, I'm back!

6 Jul 07, 12:38
shang: awww...i miss your posts ate abbie. how's life been treating you lately? MWAH!

Its all good Shara dear! But its hard. WAH.

6 Jul 07, 09:49
ishna87: i miss you and your blogs abbie! :D take care.

ISH! MY ISH! Wah. I'm back now! Heehee! :-D You take care too sweets!

6 Jul 07, 05:33
kryss: abbie, i read your blog that you wanted antoi-ish furniture.. u can check out muebles italiano at g4. im a fan of marie too.bought my bed there. :) check it out!

AH YEAH! I see that! Sige thanks for telling me, I will check it out when I get back!!! :-D

5 Jul 07, 15:27
kaberday: imissyou and your posts.. haaay!

Aw Kaberday I miss you too!

4 Jul 07, 15:57
Sky: Hi Ate Abbie! Have you seen the Dior fashion show in Versailles pictures?

Hi Sky! :-) No I haven't! :-( Are they grool? :-D

3 Jul 07, 19:13
giannina: hello! ingats! :D

Nininz! Ingat ka rin! :-D

3 Jul 07, 18:17

Tone I miss you too!

1 Jul 07, 04:46
Addie: And also, super belated happy bday! :) Magkasunod nga pala kau Cams, heehee! <33

Yezzeree! Magkasunod kami ni Cake ko! Heehee! :-D Miss you na Addie!

1 Jul 07, 04:44
Addie: ... is missing Abbie Almasco (:

I really do miss you too!

30 Jun 07, 22:04
Tinka: Miss you..

Grabe Tinks na-miss din kita, super!

29 Jun 07, 22:24
Leeoban: hiya :) just thought of making myself busy on here :) im also blogging here na, how do you add people here ba??

Sa html mo yun mapapaltan! kaya mo yan, magaling ka naman dun! Love you Ban. MISS YOU SO MUCH.

29 Jun 07, 21:28

Super thanks! :-D

29 Jun 07, 21:27
DIANA: ate abbie! i got something for you on my Multiply site.. pls. read my blog.. i really got something for you there that u shud believe..PLEASE +) .btw.

Yeah I read it na, and I LOVE IT SOBRA. Na-touch ako, Di. It really means a lot to me. *bearhugs*

26 Jun 07, 02:17
len: im gonna make an entry about you biebie.. hmm... ill make it if I still have time later. hehe..were having a practice right now for our call flow certification.. basta if I have time.. Ill make one..

AW LEN! I miss you.

26 Jun 07, 02:14
len: abbie.. belated.. hay.. wala na kame ni mark.. huhu..


25 Jun 07, 19:25
pam: happy birthday abbie!!!

Uy thanks!!! :-D Eeee! hahaha!

25 Jun 07, 18:14
daniella: belated happy birthday...bon voyage

Aw thanks a lot Daniella. Love your name!

25 Jun 07, 15:53
leah: yaks! na late ako sa pagbati..ehehe..HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS ABBIE ANTOINETTE!
hekhek. love you girl!

Okay lang yun! Better late than never! Like how late I'm replying to comments! heehee! Love you!!!

25 Jun 07, 06:15
Raya: Belated happy birthday, Abbie! God bless you! :-)

Aw, thanks Rai. God bless you too!

24 Jun 07, 20:48
ELLA: happy birthday pretty abbie ♥ take care =)

Thank you pretty Ella!! :-) You take care too!

24 Jun 07, 19:40
reese: happy birthday to my supermodel online buddy! :) gudluck and godbless on everything! :) stay sweet and humble! :)

REESEY! OMG grabe ka naman ng uber-cool FRIEND! ;-) You stay as great as you are Reesey! *HUGS*

24 Jun 07, 18:56
annie: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBIE! May God continue to shower you with his eternal love. Keep smiling! Love ya long time! :)

Annie, thank you so much for the greeting! :-) I know God will continue blessing you too! :-)

24 Jun 07, 16:47
nadine: abbie, bday mo??!!wow..happy bday love!!:D take care gorgeous!:D *besos*

Thanks Gorgeous!!! :-D

24 Jun 07, 15:38
Janny: happy bday doodle! :D

Aww thanks Janny!!!

24 Jun 07, 14:35
2net: ei abbie nice site eh.. happy birthday... :biggrin: ingatz..

Uy thanks! Sobrang salamat! :-D

24 Jun 07, 10:11
Vilee: Hello Abbie! Happy birthday! :) GOD bless.

Thanks, Vil!!! :-) God bless you too!

24 Jun 07, 09:58
Tric: Happy birthday, beautiful!! May God bless you even more! :) Much love!! :heart:

I know he will continue to bless both of us more Tric! Love you!

24 Jun 07, 09:54
nadine: hi abbie!!r u back in jeddah nA?aww, y dont u try modeling there to keep urself busy?!hehe..i hope ur feelin better abbie!!:D kiss, kiss!!xoxo!

Nako, iba yung look na hinahanap nila dito for modeling! :-( Sayang din. haha!

23 Jun 07, 07:13
lenq: hi abbie... hay.. i miss you.. im happy that you and andrew are even stronger now.. kame ng Nieko.. ewan ko.. hay...

Aw Lenny. :-(

23 Jun 07, 03:25
regine: that blog entry hit me. ur such an influential writer. thnx for that heartwarming entry my eyes are opened now.^^ just pray. everything will go their when we ask,ryt?

Oh wow Reg. Na-touch ako sobra. Salamat ng marami. Its really comments and people like you that make me want to go further. Thank God for friends like you!

22 Jun 07, 17:56
Tric: aawww abbie. as long as you both have each other and as long as the love is there, nothing else matters. you have his heart with you. ♥

Aw Tric, super thanks! *bearhugs*

22 Jun 07, 07:53
Addie: Abbie, minsan na lang ang mga boys na ganyan. WHOOT!WHOOT! <33

Haaay Addie.....

21 Jun 07, 18:40
ELLA: i ♥ that entry ABBIE. i know this ain't new pero U MADE ME CRY. juss like how my boyfren makes me cry when he says the sweetest things. haha. awww.. ganuuun. swear. i hope u guys stay together FOREVER

Aww Ella ang sweet mo naman!!! :-) Grabe 'no pag napapaiyak tayo ng mga boyfriend's natin? Haaaay. I'm wishing the same for you guys too!!! :-)

21 Jun 07, 18:17
Vilee: Awww!


21 Jun 07, 17:59
Janny: miss you doodle!

Miss you Janny!!!!

21 Jun 07, 14:41
shang: I wrote a similar entry on my multiply. hehe.

I read it and I loved it! WAAAH!

21 Jun 07, 14:37
shang: Aww..Ate Abbie, your post made me cry. Direct hit toh! Don't wori, things will be alright again.=) This is just a new beginning.

Amen to that Shar. Ako rin umiiyak when I was typing that blog entry!

Before I forget....



Hold that thought.

Pardon. ITS NOT DONE YET. NOT EVEN CLOSE (well, sort of)!

Someone help me with my question box. Haha. I'm such a tard. I don't know how to make one. WAH. I cannot wait to get this done with so I can move to replying to your comments already!

Its also an answered prayer because...TODAY IS OFFICIALLY A WEEKEND (weekdays here are Saturday - Wednesday, sometimes they make us work overtime on Thursdays but thank God today isn't one of those days! Haha)!

Andrew and I just finished talking to each other (Skype rocks. But since he doesn't have a Skype installed yet, we use YM for "calls". Haha. We're so retro. We just had a slight argument though. Thanks Jay for listening).

I'm sorry about my new template. Lol. But I love it! I just want to finish it already.

There will be changes with how I post too. Haha.

(Its my beloved Grammy's birthday!)

That goes for you too.
Be back as soon as I get up.
Thank you Lord for giving me one day this week where I can wake up and realize that I've slept for over 14 hours - again. Here's to drooling all over the pillows! Woohoo!


New template coming up!

Not because I got tired of Marie. But because... I'm 21!
Hahahaha! That has got to be the best excuse.

I'm putting up a question box, too. Then I can reply to all your comments together!
I swear, I know you might think its easy to just reply to comments but I don't wanna give one-liners so I want to take my time in answering them! Gah.

Got home from work - I really should grow-up and discipline myself with the time I tuck myself in. This morning, like 8-ish, I felt like I haven't slept in years. Exagge!
Thing is though, instead of working, I got a paper and pen and started writing ideas for my blog! Hahahaha! Seriously.

YOU GUYS MAKE ME SMILE. I mean it. Thank you for the love. I really appreciate it. I'm doing my best to keep you with me. You guys rock!


Please pray they won't make me work OT this weekend. Its the only day I can really work on my blog. Tsk.


See, he tastes like you...

Someone sing the next line for me! Hahahaha!!!

OMG I'm SO sorry I have totally neglected by blog. The DSL has been down for two days, just when I was in such a good mood to update everyone.

I'm talking to Andrew right now. He's realllly busy playing stupid online games (oops, don't tell him I said that). Actually all I can hear are his friends saying *#&$&^#$@%! !!! and *(&$^&@&!%^^&%$ !!!

Tsk. The influence of.... Okay I don't wanna say anything. Hahahaha.

There's like a lot to share! I made a list of the stuff I have to blog about and I'm going to type them in ONE SITTING I swear. With loads of photos pa! Hahaha.

So yeah.
Its really nice to see you guys still tagging me! I'm really touched, I swear.

Oh and wanna know a secret?
I EFFING LOVE ZANESSA (Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens)!
Dammit, blame on the Zac's Rolling Stone cover, fudge darn it!

Woohoo! Unleash the inner girly-girl cheeseball! Hahahaha!

Shh don't tell anyone else, this is between you and me!
Let's spit-shake to that.


To my Yummy Hubby...


In a few years we'll be starting our own family, I can't wait!