New template coming up!

Not because I got tired of Marie. But because... I'm 21!
Hahahaha! That has got to be the best excuse.

I'm putting up a question box, too. Then I can reply to all your comments together!
I swear, I know you might think its easy to just reply to comments but I don't wanna give one-liners so I want to take my time in answering them! Gah.

Got home from work - I really should grow-up and discipline myself with the time I tuck myself in. This morning, like 8-ish, I felt like I haven't slept in years. Exagge!
Thing is though, instead of working, I got a paper and pen and started writing ideas for my blog! Hahahaha! Seriously.

YOU GUYS MAKE ME SMILE. I mean it. Thank you for the love. I really appreciate it. I'm doing my best to keep you with me. You guys rock!


Please pray they won't make me work OT this weekend. Its the only day I can really work on my blog. Tsk.