See, he tastes like you...

Someone sing the next line for me! Hahahaha!!!

OMG I'm SO sorry I have totally neglected by blog. The DSL has been down for two days, just when I was in such a good mood to update everyone.

I'm talking to Andrew right now. He's realllly busy playing stupid online games (oops, don't tell him I said that). Actually all I can hear are his friends saying *#&$&^#$@%! !!! and *(&$^&@&!%^^&%$ !!!

Tsk. The influence of.... Okay I don't wanna say anything. Hahahaha.

There's like a lot to share! I made a list of the stuff I have to blog about and I'm going to type them in ONE SITTING I swear. With loads of photos pa! Hahaha.

So yeah.
Its really nice to see you guys still tagging me! I'm really touched, I swear.

Oh and wanna know a secret?
I EFFING LOVE ZANESSA (Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens)!
Dammit, blame on the Zac's Rolling Stone cover, fudge darn it!

Woohoo! Unleash the inner girly-girl cheeseball! Hahahaha!

Shh don't tell anyone else, this is between you and me!
Let's spit-shake to that.