You’d make a great mom someday, Bie.


Oo nga. Nakikita ko lang.

Judy was in first grade. She was one of the kids who sat next to me at the benches by the parent’s hall. I don’t remember how our friendship started. All I could remember was that I’d change direction on walking to the gate on some days when I’m not in the mood to talk about Westlife and local showbiz.

On that day though, we were all hanging out on the usual spot. He was there, along with another close friend of ours.

Judy was hugging me so tight. And then I saw him staring at me and smiling.

And then he said those words. It really shouldn’t mean much hearing that at my age, but it sure made my day. It was also because he was the most important thing in my life. He will always be.


I have about two officemates who are pregnant right now.

Seeing their tummies grow bigger week by week just makes me wonder of how life would be for me when I’m finally “with baby”. Its kind of exciting…and really scary at the same time. Knowing all types of people from different races…makes me realize that being a parent is such a big responsibility. Your children will look up to you. What you teach them, the words you say, how you say them… You can see their parents through the type of person that they are.

It's always going to be like "Nako baka di siya tinuruan ng Nanay niya nga ganto..."

I wish I can be like my Mom. She’s the best. She’s not perfect, but she’s great. Really great.

She’s like my bestfriend. When we talk, we talk just like how I would talk to Maya, or Ayah… I’d choke her, pull her hair, or pinch her when she’s starting to get on my nerves with her antics. Sometimes she prances around like she’s my younger sister. Then I scold her and she stops. 5 seconds later, she starts prancing around again. She’s crazy. And that’s one of the things I love about her. My Mom and I also talk about EVERYTHING. Yes. No exceptions. Its because she made me trust her that way. That I can confide everything I want to confide in her, whether its right, or wrong (and of course, whenever its wrong she does her signature ‘core shaking’ sermon). She taught me what most kids these days don’t know.

Like, I hate when kids these days would say “Ay, panget siya kase mataba siya!”

My Mom would never influence me with that thought. I had a bestfriend back then when I was in 3rd grade, and she was plus-sized. But I always thought she was pretty. My classmates would call her “whale”. I would fight for her. I remember her being so nice to me that she gave me this scented pencil erasers. She was really sweet.

I can’t wait to teach my child about loving animals. I want to teach my child not to judge people with their physical appearance and that there is no such thing as an ugly person. Different. But not ugly. And that fat is a compound that can be found in the body, NOT a type of person.

I want to teach my child about valuing each day in life. What I know about God. I want her to have the same idea as I do about religion. And that she should not discriminate other people just because of their beliefs. And that stereotyping is a sin.

I can't wait to read Elang Uling before we both doze off (my Mom would read me that book everynight - up until I was in Grade school, its like this classic Philippine version of Cinderella).

Its a bittersweet feeling. What's really scaring me though are the really tough phases of parenting. Like having your first misunderstanding. The first time they answer back. Or stay out late. The stuff that I did, do and will do that makes Ma worried. Hay. Thinking about it, I really am a pain in the ass. That's why my Mom would laugh whenever I sing her "Sorry Sorry" by Rooney.

Hirap pala talaga maging magulang 'no? Akala natin ganun-ganun lang. Nako. Goodluck saating lahat pag darating na yung araw. Ngayon nga na wala pa akong anak, nahihirapan na ako, iniisip ko palang.

Let's all give our mothers a warm hug before we go to bed tonight.
I always do.

One day, we're gonna feel whatever it is we make them feel.
What a scary thought. Nako, wag naman po sana.