Norly? Yarly!

I sat on my epiphany toilet again.
And I realized something.

I was shaking.
My head was exploding with all these crazy ideas.
That's what I'm about to do.
Its not easy.
But its going to be worth it.

At this point in my life, I like being the only one there.
I don't want to be understood anymore.
When people understand you, they tend to be like you.
They tend to copy you.
Then you lose your uniqueness.

You light up in pink, and they light up in pink too. I say this, they say this. I do this, they do this.
For once...can't I do this -- and you do that?

I wanna be someone people don't get.
I wanna be someone people don't really want to be.
Is that weird?

This couldn't be a phase.
I think I'm finally being me.

Its never going to work.
Maybe not this time.
If you follow me down this road, its going to be too obvious for you.

Its time you became yourself too.
We all deserve to know who we really are.
The world does not need another crappy person like me.
So stop being like me.

Oh hey.
Whaddya know. Its September 30. Someone remind me again what happened exactly 6 years ago? I'd love to hear it.

Replying to comments tomorrow.


I hate silent blog readers.

You know what would make my day? That's if you dropped a line or two whenever you visit! Seriously.

I LOVE EVERYONE WHO'S BEEN LEAVING ME SOMETHING these days. It also rocks that they're patient with my replies. God knows I am no superstar. I am fully aware that no one will die if I don't reply as soon as they leave a comment, but somehow I still feel bad whenever I don't get the chance to!

And my Qbox isn't working. That's shot to crap too. Boo.


Got my hands on Deathly Hallows. Okay losaar alert. Ha,ha. I know its been out months ago but I haven't even finished The Journey yet! But oh well. Book 7 is so hard to put down. Today I worked like there was no tomorrow because I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. NO SPOILERS PLEASE. So far I still laugh whenever I read "SAINT-LIKE. I'M HOLY. HOLEY, FRED, GEDDIT?!?" Hahahahaha! Ssssh! I know who died, okay? I just don't wanna know how!!! SHUSH! Hahahaha.

Stormed through almost (well not really) every spec store there is. I had my eyes checked two weeks ago. And whaddya know, I need to wear glasses!!! Thank you Tito Gilbert! Hahaha.

Slept from 6PM - 4PM (well not this week but) yesterday!! HUWAAAT! Went online for about an hour and headed back to bed again at 5. Woke up at 7 to get ready for work. As soon as I got to the office I found out I wasn't supposed to report today. BAH. But I stayed anyway and they gave me something to do. After that it was YOU-KNOW-WHO time! Lol!

Finished my article.
Woohoo!!! I'm so excited!

Am Getting so addicted to Facebook!! Lizzerizzerrie says it does that. Hahahaha!

Found out that a few family friends and relatives read my blog! YIKES!!! Hahahaha. Ooops, gotta watch out what you say, Abbie. Lol! HI GUYS IF YOU'RE READING THIS, I love you!!

Miss watching VH1 and MTV France. Boo.

Keep pushing the rewind button. Jaybo its your fault making me hear 3EB's "The Background". Grrrrr.

Am itching from wanting a Macbook Pro so freakin' bad. I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT NOW.

Sat on my imaginary epiphany toilet and realized that I wanted to do something crazy. You've seen Eurotrip right? Remember when Fiona called Scotty "predictable"? I figured I've lived my life being just that type of person. So I got up and told the world : I AM GOING TO VAG LAND AND I WILL WATCH THE WARPED TOUR WITH THE McLOVINS! YOU HEAR THAT? I AM GOING TO VAG LAND TO WATCH THE WARPED TOUR WITH THE McLOVINS! Well, 2009 that is. Hahaha! And Jaybo, Lancyclarks -- I am not holding a single bag. Rawr! God please help me save.

DLed almost every freakin' song on my McLovin' boys multiply accounts. I love music and they've opened new music doors for me. Hahaha!

Feel so blessed whenever I think about Serendra. How shallow of me. But seriously, I'll be living 3 freakin' minutes away from Serendra. And Serendra has a Topshop store opening -- plus I can get Sonja's cupcakes at 12 midnight whenever I get the (natural) munchies! I can take Mama Fel with me too! We'd walk around, and I can treat her to dinner when I want her to feel really special! Seriously, that's something. I cannot wait to move in! I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Thought about posting a Video Blog entry once a month. Just so my readers can really feel me, yo! Hahahaha. I'm thinking about it still but most likely I am going for it.

Am totely totely totely loving my cousin Lizzerizzerrie/Geegeelizzerpeas/Lizzerpodpiepeas/Gee. Hahahaha! Everytime we see each other online we just call each other names. Coincidently, my Aunt Vivian (Ma's sister), Uncle Ian and Will would call her Gee. While my folks would call me Nee! Hahaha. She's one of the biggest reasons why I'm going on June. She enjoyed her vacay last month back in Pinoyland that she's determined to go back again. We've been planning our ites like crazy and we both could not deny that we are just so freakin' excited!

Am missing Andrew BIG TIME. I guess I don't need to elaborate on that.

Got 5 moar pairs of contacts for free! Courtesy of my coolest Tito Gilbert (Hi Tito! I will not swear on this blog again, I promise! Lol!) He gave me another set of Blue and Green but I was so excited to get two sets of Grey and one pair of Hazel Brown ones too! Yay! This calls for one whole day of camhoing. Friday here I come!

Stopped dermatitis from infecting my entire body! Ewww. I love you, J&J 24 hour moisture shower set!! Grr. Its definitely got something to do with the office being so inspired by Antartica's weather. I swear, if they don't fix the freakin' thermostat I'll be grabbing a pair of skis and I'll dress up like an Eskimo next week so they could get the idea.

So I guess that does it. The week isn't done though. Ha,ha!

On my next post, I wanna make it about what you wanna hear/know.
Leave a comment/question on my Haloscan NOW and ask me anything. Tell me what you want to hear!!! I'd love to read them. Eeek! Don't get me all excited for nothing!!!
(Eyuch, feelingerang superstar ito!)

Have a Happy Wednesday, you!


"What are you doing with a chair on top of your bed?"

"OMG she saw you?? So what were you doing with a chair on top of your bed anyway?"

"I stuck our photo on my ceiling."

"What did you do that for?"

"So you'd be the first thing I'd see in the morning."



I wish I were there.
Coco. Raep Pete for me, okay? Jump up and down and say "PETE,ABBIE LOVES YOU!!!!" over and over for me! Lol.


Guess what? Last week my Tita came back from the UK and she didn't come Topshop empty! Lol. I asked her to get me these two sweet tops from Kate's 2nd collection.

Giddy (and exhausted!) at 1 AM right after I got it.

Taken just the other day. I wasn't feeling well so I sat in front of the big ass window in the office just car watching. Lol.

HMM. There isn't much to tell. Lately I've been cramming on work and working on my article after. The other day felt different though.

I just felt like I landed on "What If" planet while chatting with one of the closest people to my heart. It felt... right. But I can't feel that way. Olschmulsch. That's how life is. The next day I got sick. Weird!

You know what, Facebook is so freakin' addicting. Hahahaha.

And I cannot cannot cannot wait for June. Seriously. And its all because of Kuya and Pinsan Lizzers. Grr.

Okay. Off to more gobbledygook in Multiply now. Hahaha.
HEY! OMG sorry for not updating in my berserked account yet! Boo me.

NOOOO three days to go!!!
Deadline, deadline!


I LIVE HERE. Hahaha!


I feel you, Chris Cocker.

I mean okay. Maybe you went...erm... overboard, but I hear you. And I totally understand you defending Britney.

I mean, like I said (a coupl'a days ago) - Britney Spears is just human, like us. She goes through difficult times and phases like us. Thing is she's this big celebrity - everyone wants a piece of her. People have been so hard on her and everything. Lately I like looking at the bigger picture. I really put myself in their situation and that's when I start to understand, even if I don't know a thing or two of what's really going on in their personal lives.

Celebs, Models, Actors doing drugs. Totally wrong, but somehow totally understandable (not saying anyone should still do it - I'm just saying that this is reality. They shoot things up their noses for reasons we can never really understand, but get. Got me?). Showbiz. It eats you.

We are born critics, yes. But I hope we can somehow limit ourselves to judging people, that's all. Like I said - let's just judge her music or the way she dresses, but not who she is as a person. I hope one day we'd all stop being fascinated with their personal lives (but I find it hard to not be fascinated by Kate Moss. Hmm).

To wrap this up, it all goes down to this - When it comes to other people, we don't know any better. Its complicated. But that's how it is.

Thanks for showing me the Seth Green reply to that vid, Spikky.



No, its not "when you touch my body" or my "shopping spree" (well maybe. just a teeny tiny bit).

Okay, not exactly the right time to quote Britney.

The news ruined my morning. I really had a hard time letting it sink in. It was so hard to absorb. And I’m not exaggerating. I was THAT affected.

This is proof that there is no justice in our government. Seriously.

I mean c’mon. Are the evidences enough to prove that HE really did it?

And if he really did, how sure are you that the money came from the government?

He was already rich even before he made the crossover to Politics. Why question all the haciendas and the mansions and the cars and his obsession with gambling?

Just because he was a drop-out and didn’t take up law doesn’t mean he cannot run a country.

He may not have been the best President but he surely accomplished a lot during his (short) term.

Kung diinin siya, ganun-ganun nalang. Bakit? Dahil bobo siya? Dahil artista lang siya? Kung magmaliit kayo, kung tumapak kayo ng tao parang napaka-perpekto niyo. Walang politikong malinis. Sa totoo lang. Wag sana kayong maghugas kamay.

Sabihin mo nga saakin, may isa bang naupo sa senado, o natira sa Palasyo na hindi nangurakot? Kung tutuusin, hindi siya nangurakot. Hindi pera ng gobyerno yung ginalaw niya. O, gusto mo ng prueba? Ilabas mo muna yung ebidensiya mo na pera nga talaga ng sambayanang Pilipino yun. Sige. At tatahimik ako.

Ang pagpapatakbo ng bansa, matututunan yan. Para saakin ang pinaka-importanteng karakterismo ng Presidente, o ng mga politiko ay yung intensyon nila para sa bansa. Siguro nga, importanteng may konting background ng law. Pero wag naman sanang umabot sa ganitong punto. Ni hindi niyo nga inayos yung paglilitis ng kaso. Pinatagal niyo pa ng anim na taon bago niyo hinatulan. May ginawa ba kayong pag-imbestiga? Hindi nga? Ows?

(Bless his soul) But didn’t Kennedy have an affair with Marilyn Monroe? Yet he has been and will always be one of the greatest Presidents of America.


Yes, they are OUR leaders, they “take care” of our country BUT they are not God to be perfect. I just want to see past Politics and law and look at the bigger picture.

If you want to prove me wrong and tell me that he deserves to be in jail, then give me one good reason why he deserves life imprisonment. And I’ll tell you who deserves it more than he does.

One of the things I really liked about him was how open he was about his life. I mean, we all knew what kind of person he was before he shifted to Politics. The women, the gambling…the women. And yet majority of Filipinos voted for him. I would’ve voted for him if I were registered then. Its because I really believed that he had no skeletons in his closet. And that it would be easier to accept who he was because we’ve heard of him a lot of times, our grans and gramps have seen his films (my gramp was an old friend of his, btw. He used to be the “kahero” of Sampaguita films and that was where Gramp became good friends with him, along with Dolphy and FPJ…share lang), you know…showbiz stuff. I saw his sincerity of how he wanted to help our country rise from poverty (most especially).

I still believe this was a set-up.


Sana lang, diinin niyo narin yung ibang mga politikong nangurakot tulad ng sabi niyong pangugurakot na ginawa niya (umano). I just think its really unfair that you put all your attention on him when there are even MORE politicians running around the office with stuffed pockets (and bank accounts). If he was sentenced to life imprisonment, then so should they.


My friend Joseph.

Tomorrow is a big day for you.
I'm praying you get acquitted. I've always believed in your capability of serving the country. I remember that day you surrendered. I was practicing for Prom with my partner in the social hall.

"I don't like her taking his place"

"Why's that?"

"I just don't like her."

Ever since I saw the documentary on your trial at the supreme court, that's when I really proved that you were innocent. I was still a political science student then. We tackled the facts.

God always favors the underdogs, dear Jo.
Let's all pray. I sure will keep praying for you.
If you are guilty, then let them prove that.

AND IF THEY ABSTAIN... you know what that means.

I hope they realize that you've always been rich, even before you lived in the palace.


For he who fell for my dimple.


The cute little dimple on her cheek.
*draws dimple on the left side of the smiley*

YAY I got home from work early. My boss gave me the thumbs up when she knew I was done so early. Let's keep our fingers crossed that I don't have anything to amend from the batch I just did.

ANYWAY since I haven't really uploaded photos yet like I promised (choke me now!!!)
Let me upload a few (yes, ibalik ang pagka- photoblog ng blog na ito! haha!).
So, here (for some weird reason, maliliit yung pictures ko with my friends. Labo)!


ANN, CARLO, BAN. Oh how I miss them so!


Grabe diba, after 5 effing long years!


The last day we saw each other! Boohoo.


Last pic is the latest! Taken an hour before I wrote this entry!


First photo was taken a day after I got here. Second photo was taken two months after I got here. Shawarmaland is doing me real good, yo!

Hay, that's all I could upload for now. Its 9 PM, gotta eat dinner and get some sleep so I can finish early again tomorrow! Work is so stressful. But, I am blessed.

Oh and you know what, I was really pissed with what THIS HOST from the "other network" said about Wowowillie (hahaha). Seriously. YOU ARE NOT GOD TO NOT FORGIVE. Sabi mo nadawit lang yung pangalan mo sa issue. Hindi ka naman madadamay kung hindi ka nagpaparinig.

Alam mo Wowowillie, wag mo nalang siya pansinin. Basta humingi ka ng tawad, okay na yun. Problema na ng kabila yun kung di ka nila mapatawad. Tsaka yung pag-iyak mo on national television, okay lang yan. Para saakin, naiitindihan kita. Ang dami dami mo na kaseng pinagdaanan nitong mga buwan, lalo na nung nakaraang taon. Move on na tayo, bayaan mo nalang sila.

Ha ha! Sorry! Masyado bang affected? Lumang issue na, pero feel ko lang i-share.

ANYWAY since I've started getting all showbiz....

V's nekkid photos. Screw them. I still love her. And whatever she does in her personal life, is none of our business. She took them for Zac, and I don't see anything wrong with that. They're together, she's got a hot bod, whatev. She is a public figure, but we don't own her. Zac, don't break up with her.

Britney's "lame" performance at the VMAs? (Thank you Ishna for uploading the video) Let's all give her some credit. I think she still delivered (well uhm, not like she used to but hey!), let's give her some time. Its been awhile since her last spotlight (on stage, I must say). Plus she's been through a really rough time. And I never once thought she had gone mad. We never knew what was really going on with her, so who are we to judge right? All we can ever judge is her music - and I'm loving it! BUT I will always and forever love WHEN YOUR EYES SAY IT from her "Oops! I did it again" album!
I still love you too, Britney.

Parents judging Paris, Nicole and Lindsay? NAH. If your daughters look up to them all you have to do is teach them NOT to be like Paris (or Nicole...or Lindsay). They can still look up to these girls in a such a way that they don't do exactly what Lindsay (or Paris...or Nicole) is doing these days. They are freakin' celebrities FFS. The only reason why people are making such a big fuss out of it is because of their status. But if it were your next door neighbor, wouldn't you say "So, what's new with that?" You can say something about it, but stop judging already. Bijeez!

So maybe celebs are there to be "judged".
But hey, they're human too.

HAY. Me and my randomness.


Nippy-nipped from Lu.

I read this on her blog days ago and so here. Ha,ha. I miss reading Lu's blog entries! Lol.

1. How tall are you barefoot?
5'3". SOB!

2. Have you ever smoked?
Tried, yes. My Mom knows. And she says its no problem as long as I just TRY.

3. Do you own a gun?

OMG I want to! Like when I get a car of my own especially!!

4. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

Hot chocolate!!! Sometimes Twining's Green Tea (really, blame Ayah!)

5. Can you do push ups?

Yeah! Its part of my work-out! Ha,ha!

6. Do you like painkillers?
OH YES. Especially when flo is in town and she's becoming such a drag!

7. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
OMG ionno!!! Hahaha. I don't even lure them. Lollage!

8. Do you own a knife?
Yeah, same with Luce. I don't have one in my bag/pocket. Quoting Jaybo, "PEPPER SPRAY FTW!"

9. Name 3 things you wanna do at this exact moment?
» Get a taaaaaaaan!
» Fly back home.
» Watch the sunset listening to senti songs, like I used to do in HS.

10. Name the last 3 things you have bought lately:
» Zara platforms.
» TS tops.
» Foot stool.

19. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink:
» Mirinda Citrus (a fave since HS!)
» Green Tea.

20. Favorite place to be?
TOPSHOP! My happy place!

21. Least favorite place to be?
My cubicle. *sigh*

22. Where would you like to go?
EUROPE. The UK first to see my cousins Will and Sarah!!!

23. Last time you had an alcoholic drink?
OMG. Its been ages! Last year? YES! Lol! I was in my "rebel" stage. I got a glass of GIN and mixed it with water and I drank alone in my dorm room because Andrew and I had a huge argument! Hahaha.

24. What songs do you sing in the shower?

Lately I sing Rooney's WHEN DID YOUR HEART GO MISSING. Hahahaha!

25. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?
Whatever was under my bed.

26. Last thing that made you laugh?
Me mimicking ANCHORMAN lines to my McLovin' boys. Hahahaha!

27. Worst injury you've ever had?
"Stiff neck". RIGHT NOW! IT FEELS LIKE AN INJURY 'CAUSE I CAN'T FREAKIN' MOVE MY HEAD TO THE LEFT! (to the left, to the left.... ouch!)

28. What items do you ALWAYS take with you when you leave the house?
Usually the entire house but when its somewhere near or the mall I take five things - my two cps, house keys, carmex lip balm and my Iqama. Woohoo!

29. Who is the last baby you held?
AALIYAH! This morning. I love her!

30. What are your plans now that you have finished?

DL more songs from Jaybo's multiply. There's something about songs in Italian, Spanish and French that I've been loving oh-so-much lately (even when I don't understand them!). Its the McLovin' influence. Rawr.


I cannot be any more depressed. Someone send me tickets to London! NOW NA!


BUT God is so good. WALANG PASOK BUKAS! Panaloooo.


Did you get to see the moon last night?

Just as I was about to slide the door closed, he came running.
He took my hand, and placed his on top of mine.

"What is this?"

"Here, something to make you think of me this month."

It was a bracelet. An entire chain of silver, half-moon engraved bracelet.
A reminder that he'd always be there. No matter what.

"Do you see that constellation? Those three stars in close distance to each other? That's Leo's constellation."

A friend interrupted while we were both staring into space.
"No, its not. That's Orion's belt"

I giggle.

"That's our constellation."

"I'll think of you when I see it."

"This is the beggining of the rest of our lives...This is the most coloful chapter of my life."

"Five, ten years?....You're worth it."

"I really didn't know what I was missing out on. I should've known it was you. Nasa tabi-tabi lang pala yung magpapasaya saakin ng ganito..."

Months later the chain broke. No matter how many times I fixed it, it would always break.

Why us? You never answered me that.

"I love you Abbie Almasco."


Gimme, Gimme (more)!

TIME!!! Of course I had to use Britney's new catchy song that I have (shamelessly) loved (ever since I DLed it from Ban's multiply account last weekend) as my entry title. Notice how many times I used a parenthesis. And that's just the introduction!

Well. There is nothing much to say today. Same old, same old.
I rant, I complain about my job. And then I rant some more. And then there's the "OMG I so want to give up" look I give out to my officemates. And then more complaining.
Oh but today was quite different though - I got my check. AND IT GOT BIGGER! OMG thank you, God.

And so the complaining stops.
For today at least.

LESSON NUMBER ONE for job seekers out there - if you are not in dire need of wheelage, look for a jobbage that you (know you) will lovage.
There's something about me adding -age to every word I use lately. Its stupid...age.
This is what work can do to you.

LESSON NUMBER TWO. Don't work nalang para walang hassle.
CORECTTO! Cue for high five, yo!

Will reply to comments on the weekend.
Sending my la-hav to you all.

I love Dave Chappelle's LIL JON skit.


Tsub-Tsub-Tsubi Heaven!

Last Thursday, after work, Ma, Tito Boying and I headed to Life. Its where Tsubi, Paul Frank, Juicy Couture, Betsey Johnson and Bed Head goodies are sold here. Sadly, the pair of Tsubis available were like size 8 (sucks being a 6 sometimes). Good news is though, there will be new stuff coming soon but it would cost half of my salary. Wow. But early next year, they will be on sale. So….you know what that means. I was like a 5 year old inside a candy store. I almost pranced around the entire store with my giddiness. I was like “Ma, look at this!!! …. And this!!! Oh wow this is really cool!!! Look Ma, skulls!” for the entire 30 minutes we spent there. So maybe I can’t afford a Spy bag yet, but to own a pair of Tsubis would be FINE. TOTELY.

I miss the beach. The other day at work, a family friend handed me a Jergens lotion. Its Shea Butter. I think lotion should be a part of office supplies since its freakin’ cold in the office everday. Like, all I need is an entire faux-fur ensemble. And I mean including ear and hand warmers. Anyway, the lotion smells exactly like that Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil I got. It brought me back to the days when Andrew and I were on getaway mode. Wah. Wala lang, random thought. Hahaha.

ANYWAY - I can't update much. Its 11:30pm now and I have to go to bed. I spent more than 12 hours at work again. It sucks. The only good thing about it is the check I get - and the friends I have in the office. Aside from that, everything sucks. Take me back to the days where I'd wake up 5 minutes before class, when "P*TANG*NA 8:55 NA!" would be my first words of the day (blog readers below 18, please don't try this at home, its verrry dangeraaaas. hahaha!), and where out of panic I would shower from the faucet and not the shower head (yes I am stupid, I admit that. Lollage.)

Also, I have been stopping myself from logging in at Skype/YM to go GS with my Mclovin' boys Jay and Lance (sorry boys, if I go OL, you know you'd keep me up late. WAH! Weekend, promise!) Yarly, I swear!

Please pray that I get back at 5-ish tomorrow. AAAAH!

It's 11:35. Noooooo!!!!