Did you get to see the moon last night?

Just as I was about to slide the door closed, he came running.
He took my hand, and placed his on top of mine.

"What is this?"

"Here, something to make you think of me this month."

It was a bracelet. An entire chain of silver, half-moon engraved bracelet.
A reminder that he'd always be there. No matter what.

"Do you see that constellation? Those three stars in close distance to each other? That's Leo's constellation."

A friend interrupted while we were both staring into space.
"No, its not. That's Orion's belt"

I giggle.

"That's our constellation."

"I'll think of you when I see it."

"This is the beggining of the rest of our lives...This is the most coloful chapter of my life."

"Five, ten years?....You're worth it."

"I really didn't know what I was missing out on. I should've known it was you. Nasa tabi-tabi lang pala yung magpapasaya saakin ng ganito..."

Months later the chain broke. No matter how many times I fixed it, it would always break.

Why us? You never answered me that.

"I love you Abbie Almasco."