For he who fell for my dimple.


The cute little dimple on her cheek.
*draws dimple on the left side of the smiley*

YAY I got home from work early. My boss gave me the thumbs up when she knew I was done so early. Let's keep our fingers crossed that I don't have anything to amend from the batch I just did.

ANYWAY since I haven't really uploaded photos yet like I promised (choke me now!!!)
Let me upload a few (yes, ibalik ang pagka- photoblog ng blog na ito! haha!).
So, here (for some weird reason, maliliit yung pictures ko with my friends. Labo)!


ANN, CARLO, BAN. Oh how I miss them so!


Grabe diba, after 5 effing long years!


The last day we saw each other! Boohoo.


Last pic is the latest! Taken an hour before I wrote this entry!


First photo was taken a day after I got here. Second photo was taken two months after I got here. Shawarmaland is doing me real good, yo!

Hay, that's all I could upload for now. Its 9 PM, gotta eat dinner and get some sleep so I can finish early again tomorrow! Work is so stressful. But, I am blessed.

Oh and you know what, I was really pissed with what THIS HOST from the "other network" said about Wowowillie (hahaha). Seriously. YOU ARE NOT GOD TO NOT FORGIVE. Sabi mo nadawit lang yung pangalan mo sa issue. Hindi ka naman madadamay kung hindi ka nagpaparinig.

Alam mo Wowowillie, wag mo nalang siya pansinin. Basta humingi ka ng tawad, okay na yun. Problema na ng kabila yun kung di ka nila mapatawad. Tsaka yung pag-iyak mo on national television, okay lang yan. Para saakin, naiitindihan kita. Ang dami dami mo na kaseng pinagdaanan nitong mga buwan, lalo na nung nakaraang taon. Move on na tayo, bayaan mo nalang sila.

Ha ha! Sorry! Masyado bang affected? Lumang issue na, pero feel ko lang i-share.

ANYWAY since I've started getting all showbiz....

V's nekkid photos. Screw them. I still love her. And whatever she does in her personal life, is none of our business. She took them for Zac, and I don't see anything wrong with that. They're together, she's got a hot bod, whatev. She is a public figure, but we don't own her. Zac, don't break up with her.

Britney's "lame" performance at the VMAs? (Thank you Ishna for uploading the video) Let's all give her some credit. I think she still delivered (well uhm, not like she used to but hey!), let's give her some time. Its been awhile since her last spotlight (on stage, I must say). Plus she's been through a really rough time. And I never once thought she had gone mad. We never knew what was really going on with her, so who are we to judge right? All we can ever judge is her music - and I'm loving it! BUT I will always and forever love WHEN YOUR EYES SAY IT from her "Oops! I did it again" album!
I still love you too, Britney.

Parents judging Paris, Nicole and Lindsay? NAH. If your daughters look up to them all you have to do is teach them NOT to be like Paris (or Nicole...or Lindsay). They can still look up to these girls in a such a way that they don't do exactly what Lindsay (or Paris...or Nicole) is doing these days. They are freakin' celebrities FFS. The only reason why people are making such a big fuss out of it is because of their status. But if it were your next door neighbor, wouldn't you say "So, what's new with that?" You can say something about it, but stop judging already. Bijeez!

So maybe celebs are there to be "judged".
But hey, they're human too.

HAY. Me and my randomness.