Gimme, Gimme (more)!

TIME!!! Of course I had to use Britney's new catchy song that I have (shamelessly) loved (ever since I DLed it from Ban's multiply account last weekend) as my entry title. Notice how many times I used a parenthesis. And that's just the introduction!

Well. There is nothing much to say today. Same old, same old.
I rant, I complain about my job. And then I rant some more. And then there's the "OMG I so want to give up" look I give out to my officemates. And then more complaining.
Oh but today was quite different though - I got my check. AND IT GOT BIGGER! OMG thank you, God.

And so the complaining stops.
For today at least.

LESSON NUMBER ONE for job seekers out there - if you are not in dire need of wheelage, look for a jobbage that you (know you) will lovage.
There's something about me adding -age to every word I use lately. Its stupid...age.
This is what work can do to you.

LESSON NUMBER TWO. Don't work nalang para walang hassle.
CORECTTO! Cue for high five, yo!

Will reply to comments on the weekend.
Sending my la-hav to you all.

I love Dave Chappelle's LIL JON skit.