I feel you, Chris Cocker.

I mean okay. Maybe you went...erm... overboard, but I hear you. And I totally understand you defending Britney.

I mean, like I said (a coupl'a days ago) - Britney Spears is just human, like us. She goes through difficult times and phases like us. Thing is she's this big celebrity - everyone wants a piece of her. People have been so hard on her and everything. Lately I like looking at the bigger picture. I really put myself in their situation and that's when I start to understand, even if I don't know a thing or two of what's really going on in their personal lives.

Celebs, Models, Actors doing drugs. Totally wrong, but somehow totally understandable (not saying anyone should still do it - I'm just saying that this is reality. They shoot things up their noses for reasons we can never really understand, but get. Got me?). Showbiz. It eats you.

We are born critics, yes. But I hope we can somehow limit ourselves to judging people, that's all. Like I said - let's just judge her music or the way she dresses, but not who she is as a person. I hope one day we'd all stop being fascinated with their personal lives (but I find it hard to not be fascinated by Kate Moss. Hmm).

To wrap this up, it all goes down to this - When it comes to other people, we don't know any better. Its complicated. But that's how it is.

Thanks for showing me the Seth Green reply to that vid, Spikky.