I hate silent blog readers.

You know what would make my day? That's if you dropped a line or two whenever you visit! Seriously.

I LOVE EVERYONE WHO'S BEEN LEAVING ME SOMETHING these days. It also rocks that they're patient with my replies. God knows I am no superstar. I am fully aware that no one will die if I don't reply as soon as they leave a comment, but somehow I still feel bad whenever I don't get the chance to!

And my Qbox isn't working. That's shot to crap too. Boo.


Got my hands on Deathly Hallows. Okay losaar alert. Ha,ha. I know its been out months ago but I haven't even finished The Journey yet! But oh well. Book 7 is so hard to put down. Today I worked like there was no tomorrow because I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. NO SPOILERS PLEASE. So far I still laugh whenever I read "SAINT-LIKE. I'M HOLY. HOLEY, FRED, GEDDIT?!?" Hahahahaha! Ssssh! I know who died, okay? I just don't wanna know how!!! SHUSH! Hahahaha.

Stormed through almost (well not really) every spec store there is. I had my eyes checked two weeks ago. And whaddya know, I need to wear glasses!!! Thank you Tito Gilbert! Hahaha.

Slept from 6PM - 4PM (well not this week but) yesterday!! HUWAAAT! Went online for about an hour and headed back to bed again at 5. Woke up at 7 to get ready for work. As soon as I got to the office I found out I wasn't supposed to report today. BAH. But I stayed anyway and they gave me something to do. After that it was YOU-KNOW-WHO time! Lol!

Finished my article.
Woohoo!!! I'm so excited!

Am Getting so addicted to Facebook!! Lizzerizzerrie says it does that. Hahahaha!

Found out that a few family friends and relatives read my blog! YIKES!!! Hahahaha. Ooops, gotta watch out what you say, Abbie. Lol! HI GUYS IF YOU'RE READING THIS, I love you!!

Miss watching VH1 and MTV France. Boo.

Keep pushing the rewind button. Jaybo its your fault making me hear 3EB's "The Background". Grrrrr.

Am itching from wanting a Macbook Pro so freakin' bad. I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT NOW.

Sat on my imaginary epiphany toilet and realized that I wanted to do something crazy. You've seen Eurotrip right? Remember when Fiona called Scotty "predictable"? I figured I've lived my life being just that type of person. So I got up and told the world : I AM GOING TO VAG LAND AND I WILL WATCH THE WARPED TOUR WITH THE McLOVINS! YOU HEAR THAT? I AM GOING TO VAG LAND TO WATCH THE WARPED TOUR WITH THE McLOVINS! Well, 2009 that is. Hahaha! And Jaybo, Lancyclarks -- I am not holding a single bag. Rawr! God please help me save.

DLed almost every freakin' song on my McLovin' boys multiply accounts. I love music and they've opened new music doors for me. Hahaha!

Feel so blessed whenever I think about Serendra. How shallow of me. But seriously, I'll be living 3 freakin' minutes away from Serendra. And Serendra has a Topshop store opening -- plus I can get Sonja's cupcakes at 12 midnight whenever I get the (natural) munchies! I can take Mama Fel with me too! We'd walk around, and I can treat her to dinner when I want her to feel really special! Seriously, that's something. I cannot wait to move in! I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Thought about posting a Video Blog entry once a month. Just so my readers can really feel me, yo! Hahahaha. I'm thinking about it still but most likely I am going for it.

Am totely totely totely loving my cousin Lizzerizzerrie/Geegeelizzerpeas/Lizzerpodpiepeas/Gee. Hahahaha! Everytime we see each other online we just call each other names. Coincidently, my Aunt Vivian (Ma's sister), Uncle Ian and Will would call her Gee. While my folks would call me Nee! Hahaha. She's one of the biggest reasons why I'm going on June. She enjoyed her vacay last month back in Pinoyland that she's determined to go back again. We've been planning our ites like crazy and we both could not deny that we are just so freakin' excited!

Am missing Andrew BIG TIME. I guess I don't need to elaborate on that.

Got 5 moar pairs of contacts for free! Courtesy of my coolest Tito Gilbert (Hi Tito! I will not swear on this blog again, I promise! Lol!) He gave me another set of Blue and Green but I was so excited to get two sets of Grey and one pair of Hazel Brown ones too! Yay! This calls for one whole day of camhoing. Friday here I come!

Stopped dermatitis from infecting my entire body! Ewww. I love you, J&J 24 hour moisture shower set!! Grr. Its definitely got something to do with the office being so inspired by Antartica's weather. I swear, if they don't fix the freakin' thermostat I'll be grabbing a pair of skis and I'll dress up like an Eskimo next week so they could get the idea.

So I guess that does it. The week isn't done though. Ha,ha!

On my next post, I wanna make it about what you wanna hear/know.
Leave a comment/question on my Haloscan NOW and ask me anything. Tell me what you want to hear!!! I'd love to read them. Eeek! Don't get me all excited for nothing!!!
(Eyuch, feelingerang superstar ito!)

Have a Happy Wednesday, you!