My friend Joseph.

Tomorrow is a big day for you.
I'm praying you get acquitted. I've always believed in your capability of serving the country. I remember that day you surrendered. I was practicing for Prom with my partner in the social hall.

"I don't like her taking his place"

"Why's that?"

"I just don't like her."

Ever since I saw the documentary on your trial at the supreme court, that's when I really proved that you were innocent. I was still a political science student then. We tackled the facts.

God always favors the underdogs, dear Jo.
Let's all pray. I sure will keep praying for you.
If you are guilty, then let them prove that.

AND IF THEY ABSTAIN... you know what that means.

I hope they realize that you've always been rich, even before you lived in the palace.