No, its not "when you touch my body" or my "shopping spree" (well maybe. just a teeny tiny bit).

Okay, not exactly the right time to quote Britney.

The news ruined my morning. I really had a hard time letting it sink in. It was so hard to absorb. And I’m not exaggerating. I was THAT affected.

This is proof that there is no justice in our government. Seriously.

I mean c’mon. Are the evidences enough to prove that HE really did it?

And if he really did, how sure are you that the money came from the government?

He was already rich even before he made the crossover to Politics. Why question all the haciendas and the mansions and the cars and his obsession with gambling?

Just because he was a drop-out and didn’t take up law doesn’t mean he cannot run a country.

He may not have been the best President but he surely accomplished a lot during his (short) term.

Kung diinin siya, ganun-ganun nalang. Bakit? Dahil bobo siya? Dahil artista lang siya? Kung magmaliit kayo, kung tumapak kayo ng tao parang napaka-perpekto niyo. Walang politikong malinis. Sa totoo lang. Wag sana kayong maghugas kamay.

Sabihin mo nga saakin, may isa bang naupo sa senado, o natira sa Palasyo na hindi nangurakot? Kung tutuusin, hindi siya nangurakot. Hindi pera ng gobyerno yung ginalaw niya. O, gusto mo ng prueba? Ilabas mo muna yung ebidensiya mo na pera nga talaga ng sambayanang Pilipino yun. Sige. At tatahimik ako.

Ang pagpapatakbo ng bansa, matututunan yan. Para saakin ang pinaka-importanteng karakterismo ng Presidente, o ng mga politiko ay yung intensyon nila para sa bansa. Siguro nga, importanteng may konting background ng law. Pero wag naman sanang umabot sa ganitong punto. Ni hindi niyo nga inayos yung paglilitis ng kaso. Pinatagal niyo pa ng anim na taon bago niyo hinatulan. May ginawa ba kayong pag-imbestiga? Hindi nga? Ows?

(Bless his soul) But didn’t Kennedy have an affair with Marilyn Monroe? Yet he has been and will always be one of the greatest Presidents of America.


Yes, they are OUR leaders, they “take care” of our country BUT they are not God to be perfect. I just want to see past Politics and law and look at the bigger picture.

If you want to prove me wrong and tell me that he deserves to be in jail, then give me one good reason why he deserves life imprisonment. And I’ll tell you who deserves it more than he does.

One of the things I really liked about him was how open he was about his life. I mean, we all knew what kind of person he was before he shifted to Politics. The women, the gambling…the women. And yet majority of Filipinos voted for him. I would’ve voted for him if I were registered then. Its because I really believed that he had no skeletons in his closet. And that it would be easier to accept who he was because we’ve heard of him a lot of times, our grans and gramps have seen his films (my gramp was an old friend of his, btw. He used to be the “kahero” of Sampaguita films and that was where Gramp became good friends with him, along with Dolphy and FPJ…share lang), you know…showbiz stuff. I saw his sincerity of how he wanted to help our country rise from poverty (most especially).

I still believe this was a set-up.


Sana lang, diinin niyo narin yung ibang mga politikong nangurakot tulad ng sabi niyong pangugurakot na ginawa niya (umano). I just think its really unfair that you put all your attention on him when there are even MORE politicians running around the office with stuffed pockets (and bank accounts). If he was sentenced to life imprisonment, then so should they.