Tsub-Tsub-Tsubi Heaven!

Last Thursday, after work, Ma, Tito Boying and I headed to Life. Its where Tsubi, Paul Frank, Juicy Couture, Betsey Johnson and Bed Head goodies are sold here. Sadly, the pair of Tsubis available were like size 8 (sucks being a 6 sometimes). Good news is though, there will be new stuff coming soon but it would cost half of my salary. Wow. But early next year, they will be on sale. So….you know what that means. I was like a 5 year old inside a candy store. I almost pranced around the entire store with my giddiness. I was like “Ma, look at this!!! …. And this!!! Oh wow this is really cool!!! Look Ma, skulls!” for the entire 30 minutes we spent there. So maybe I can’t afford a Spy bag yet, but to own a pair of Tsubis would be FINE. TOTELY.

I miss the beach. The other day at work, a family friend handed me a Jergens lotion. Its Shea Butter. I think lotion should be a part of office supplies since its freakin’ cold in the office everday. Like, all I need is an entire faux-fur ensemble. And I mean including ear and hand warmers. Anyway, the lotion smells exactly like that Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil I got. It brought me back to the days when Andrew and I were on getaway mode. Wah. Wala lang, random thought. Hahaha.

ANYWAY - I can't update much. Its 11:30pm now and I have to go to bed. I spent more than 12 hours at work again. It sucks. The only good thing about it is the check I get - and the friends I have in the office. Aside from that, everything sucks. Take me back to the days where I'd wake up 5 minutes before class, when "P*TANG*NA 8:55 NA!" would be my first words of the day (blog readers below 18, please don't try this at home, its verrry dangeraaaas. hahaha!), and where out of panic I would shower from the faucet and not the shower head (yes I am stupid, I admit that. Lollage.)

Also, I have been stopping myself from logging in at Skype/YM to go GS with my Mclovin' boys Jay and Lance (sorry boys, if I go OL, you know you'd keep me up late. WAH! Weekend, promise!) Yarly, I swear!

Please pray that I get back at 5-ish tomorrow. AAAAH!

It's 11:35. Noooooo!!!!