Rather waste some time with you.

Well yes, you guys. But I mean someone else. Hahahaha! Chichi ito!!! Lol.

ANYWAY. Everything in this blog is still raw. I've changed my header for the NTH time nao. Its weird that whenever I'm at work I have all these ideas popping in my head on what I'm supposed to put and edit in my blog. When I sit in front of my PC my head goes blank. The arabic insurance claims must've drained my poor leetle burrain. How sed.

So yeah, I will be fixing this when I can. I'd love to reply to your comments nao, but I don't wanna give like 1 liners and its 1 AM.

Maya called me earlier, I was jumping around the house. Hahaha. And then Grey's went on. Amazing. Must work on us meeting before Saturday.

Forgive me for this!!! Argh. This will look better soon, and I won't promise this time! Basta it will look better soon! Ahahahah!

Nait everyonesee!!!


Make it better.

My short, "meaningful" rant on stereotyping and racism.

I can't make much sense when I talk about them. That's why writing them is the best way to go! Lol. But yes, since I am new with this stuff, I find it quite hard expressing myself verbally. So yeah. There you have it. I won't apologize for my vid this time as it is understandable. I'm a losaar like that. Ahahahaha!

I love The White Stripes!!!


Today? Really?

YES. It felt like it was just 5 minutes ago. Amazing.
I looked around and smiled. I can still hear "Only Time" playing in the background, and I could still feel everything. The scent is exactly how it was, it was as cold as it was.

Doorbells and Ice Cream Sundaes.

Amazing. I shall continue to wish that I can prove Einstein wrong. There is no B. There is only A. And that I will succeed. It will bring me back. It will bring us back.

I can feel the zsa zsa zsu again.
Everything in the world is right, and it stops spinning.
There was only this. And nothing else mattered.

Take me. Why can't you just take me.


Which seems to be some years ago.

At exactly this time of the day, I was face down on my bed, writing in my silver, hard bound journal about an experience I almost had that day. Of what almost happened in school but didn't. And then I told myself that if I ever had the chance to come face to face to it again, I would go and...set myself free.

Next time, will come tomorrow.
And yes. I did let go. Ahahaha.

ANYWAY. You know the new John Lloyd-Bea movie? I saw the trailer at Lora's multiply (because she loves JL oh so much) and I felt like the movie was somewhat based on me. Hahahaha! I know most of us would feel that way about movies. There was this line though that really struck me. Made me wanna cry. When John Lloyd said : "She loved me at my worst. You had me at my best. And yet you chose to break my heart" (CUE FOR TEAR!!!). I hope the movie doesn't go the way as we all expect to (i.e., JL and Bea getting back together). We need a little tragedy people! In reality, things like that really do happen. And in reality, they DO NOT END UP together anymore. We should stop living in Disney Fairytale Land. When Prince Charmings dump the Princesses, the Prince Charmings move on. No matter what the situation is. Because that's how most of them are. In this case though, Bea dumped John Lloyd. She moved on first, and he had no choice. When he found someone new, it made her uncomfortable and she begs him to take him back. Hmm. I wanna watch it. Haha. Will wait for it on DVD.

I have a surprise for everyone. Its coming on one of Seventeen's issues. I'm not sure when, but wait for it! I'm so excited to see it too! Yihee!

Two nights ago, Ma and I bought matching brassieres from La Senza. Its grey with light pink polka-dots and its got this metallic pink strap. I wore an off-shoulder top yesterday to show it off. Its so cool! Hahaha! I also got a new Paolo Coehlo book. I was deciding on whether to get it or The Witch of Portobello but I decided to go with this one first. Its got about a hundred short stories. I love reading them, its like a Paolo Coehlo blog. Haha. I've been spending so much time online that it felt like I've been living in cyberworld. I wanna read more books now so I don't hog the PC every single day.

I also found my dream Prada shades. Its totely a steal for SR1,200. I want to get it because its so cheap but thinking about it, I can get a lot of stuff with that amount of money. Besides I already have the Chanel shades Ma just got me this year (KC Concepcion has the same one! Coolio!). One of my officemates, Ate Liz, told me to get it too because it was cheap but she also did say that the best time to splurge on designer shades is days before I leave for the Philippines FOR GOOD. She does have a point, man. Plus I'm sure there'll be tons of money-worthy designs by then. Haha. But...its hard not to love this one.

I've actually seen it last month but I shrugged off the idea of getting it because I thought it would cost like 3 grand or sumn. Haha. Oh well. This also reminds me of my glasses!! I got these super coo' Dior glasses. Tito Gilbs already ordered it for me, might be getting it by next month. My eyes are starting to fail me. Kazumbruttling!

Claire's is on sale. Love it.

Oh and - I'm totally major crushing on Kevjumba (of YouTube). Why does HappySlip get to be so lucky, eh? Haha! My favorite video of the moment : PUT IT IN PURSE. Lol!

Belated Happy 45th Monthsary, Babe!


Bucky and Snowy the Abbie Slayers.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Bucky. I barely knew her, but she added me as a friend in my multiply account. One day I posted an album wearing two-toned aviator shades. She commented asking me where I got them. A few days later, she posts an album wearing sunnies similar to mine. Strike 1. Not long after, I blog about my dream bag. The next thing you know, its her dream bag. I blog about my favorite fashion magazine, and next thing you know, its her favorite magazine. I blog about my love for Topshop, and next thing you know, she's shopping at Topshop. I pose like this, and next thing you know, she's posing like this. I upload photos like this, and next thing you know, she's uploading photos like this. I paint my nails blakc, and WHADDYAKNOW! She paints her nails black! I love this movie, and next thing you know, SHE LOVES IT TOO! I use this expression, and next thing you know, SHE'S USING IT TOO! I say I'ma go watch this film, and next thing you know, SHE WILL TOO! Bucky thinks she's cool and that people rip her off. I think Bucky also thinks that I'm stupid and that I don't notice whatever she does. SO. How many strikes is that now? Lol don't stop counting yet. I'm sure she's going to continue ripping me off my entire life. Maybe if I jump out the window she would too? I bet she's not gonna think its stupid. Hahahahaha!

Bucky has a friend too, named Snowy. Snowy is a bit nicer than Bucky. But I detest her nearly the same as Bucky. Snowy is one of the biggest copycats that I have in my network. Snowy likes to copy my poses too, my expressions and the things I like. Snowy also viewed one of my albums before she posted an album similar to my album's subject. When I read her album description, I was like "hmm, this one looks familiar". Hahahaha! Snowy also likes adding up people in my network, even the ones she haven't met yet. Methinks she's also a cupcake. She likes cupcaking with my boyfriend.

I don't make everything about me, and I'm sure they could've probably have gotten it from other people, but man. ITS JUST TOO OBVIOUS. All I can say for these two is GET A LIFE. NAO. Wai do people like then exist? They can be cool by being themselves, you know. They're not so bad. I just really hate that people think I'm the unoriginal one when some of the things I do are really FROM me. Not from Hannabeth or Vanessa or whoever I'm totally gushing over now. Sheesh. I mean, if you were in my position, you'd understand. Stealing photos, is one thing. STEALING IDEAS -- that's the worst.

Keep that in mind before you steal someone else's "identity". Stop hiding under their masks. Be true to yourself. There's nothing wrong with coming up with things only you can understand. That's the point of having your own identity. Methinks I can only accept having copycats and posers when (and if) I become famous. Like when you say "THAT'S HOT" you know that only Paris Hilton came up with it. Get me?

I like to think some are inspired by me. That one is really flattering. But then these two girls are starting to become pathetic. Bucky will always top my list. When I tested her on my pathetic-o-meter (ahahaha! got the o-meter from Tatin lol) and it went berserk, man! My pathetic-o-meter broke!

Ugh. Such GOBBLEDYGOOK but its seriously getting on my nerves.
This will really sound so feelingera, but stop making me a big part of your life. I am no basis for being cool. To Snowy and Bucky : if you still want to copy me, make sure you credit. Stop making people believe that "oh she's so cool for doing this, saying this". I came up with the crap, so give me some credit! I deserve it!

Hannabeth is so right.
"no one is original anymore. everyone feeds off of everyone else."
I copy celebrities, and mix them a little of myself whenever I do. That's what would make it partially original. In other words, I get inspired but I come up with my stuff too. 70% has to come from you, or else you're nothing but a rip-off.

So there.


Sssh, its quiet nao.

Be back in a few.


And the word of the day is:

Third Vlog Entry!

Tsk. Wai do I always get bad screencaps for my Vlogs? Is this a sign that I should stop? Lol.

I was chatting with her when I was making one. Heehee!

I felt really bad about the Glorietta 2 bombing. I read from Niccolo's blog that this isn't the first time its happened. I wasn't really aware of the first one (please refresh my memory). It broke my heart, hearing the news. Glorietta is like my second home. Seriously, and I know most of you feel the same way. People go there to have fun, and ... its just sad that 8 (or is it 9) people had to die from this -- and so many injured. I mean, can you imagine? I can never. I'm in Glorietta all the time whenever I'm home, its just sad. I mean, Glorietta, regardless of its status (whatever that means) is one of the malls I will always be in love with. I've hung out in Glorietta even as a kid!!! May God bless everyone who got affected with this incident. And whoever is behind this, don't worry -- Satan's got your back. Which only means you will lose in the end.

Anyways, I'm chatting with Tinka now.
(Hi Tinks, love you! lol). Just got back from watching Grey's. Katuwa, we're both watching it in MBC4. Heehee!

So yeah.
About my VLOG (totally ewwing at the screencap still) - if you want me to talk about anything, or ask me anything, please leave comments! :-) I love comments, they're the best! Hahahaha.

HAY, work again tomorrow.


Don't You Wanna Be Relevant (oh no)

I never really watch Grey's Anatomy religiously, but everytime I catch it on the telly, I end up teary-eyed. Why oh why didn't I get it on DVD? Man, remind me to grab the seasons --- well whatever is available on DVD nao. Downloading it is such a bummer.

Speaking of which, I am currently hung-over downloading indie albums. I've always been a fan of the indie scene, took me awhile to really appreciate them by heart. Right now I'm totally digging The Cribs (gotta thank Lance again for showing me Hustler. Ahahaha). In addition to that -- Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse, Boys Like Girls, Ha Ha Tonka, Bloc Party. Currently downloading a few songs, and albums from these artists(actually moar than just these ones. ahahaha). They rock, I love them. Lizzerizzerrie alsointroduced Feist to me. Gotta love them too. Eversince I came back to Jeddah, music has become my bestfriend. Its always by my side. Whether I'm in the shower, or at work. It wakes me up, puts me to sleep. Makes me happy, sad and giddy. Most of the time its all I think about. Right nao though -- music decided to put countless Ashley Tisdale songs in my head.


Why oh why on merlin's pants did I play HSM:2 non-stop today.

I got doughnuts.
I was replying to my Multiply comments earlier and suddenly doughnuts were marching in my head. They weren't clothed but...they were dripping with chocolate and candy sprinkles. In less than 5 seconds after I snapped back to reality, I was already out of my room and into the kitchen interrupting my parents talking to each other.

And then I jumped up and down like -- OMG.
One totely Sharpay Evans moment.

YAOUCH I just hit my leg on the edge of the table!
Oh noes. Bruise! Bruise!

Best and I had another one of those super meaningful chats today.
He's one of the greatest guys in the planet.Ahahahaha. He even gave me an assignment. Lol I should research on something. Ahahaha. He made me realize a lot. He answered questions I never thought would be answered nao. Amazing.

Lizzerizzerrie showed me a photo today of her new jacket. GRR. It is loev. Of course its from
Toppys, wherelse do we both get our supply? Lol. And her room really INSPIRED me to fix mine! I wanna paint away!!!!


I loev my tights.

Gringo loevs leaning on the keyboard whenever I'm OL. For some reason the mouse on the screen attracts him. His eyes would go wherever the mouse would. One time, he tried catching it with his claws. What an adorable pu--- I mean kitty. You gotta love my keyboard too. Old school, yo!


Another one of my favorite Zanessa photos (in Hawaii -- lol, yes. OLD but GOOD!) Sorrey, I liek sharing my undeniable loev for them with you guys. Ahahahaha. Why are they so effing perfect for each other, I hate it! I'm so jealass.

Methinks I got the munchies from that TV series marathon I did 30 minutes ago. Oh lol and Ellen Degeneres da bomb yo. She got so emotional over the dog she adopted. She is such a sweetheart, I loev her moar nao. Bless her and Portia. Aww. Oh and I really gotta give snaps for Britney. She presented herself (because "surrender" is such a heavy word to use) in jail after the hit and run case charged against her. 'Where's the party at??" Lol. K Brit, as long as you're smiling. Attagirl.

Hopping into bed now, popping a DVD -- and a doughnut while I'm at it.
GAH. Wearing retainers is such a drag. But oh what the hell, I liek wearing them (except when I eat, so off they go!!!! ahahaha)

Today for you, tomorrow for me!!!!


On top of all things hot --

I haven't even slept yet, and already, SOMETHING MADE MY DAY.

Can someone tell me what makes this picture such a big deal? NO?



I'm sure Lizzerizzerrie knoes about this nao. Heehee. I've already asked my gorgeous cousin a favor to get me something (while I'm sure she'd grab something for herself as well, haha). YAY excited! I can't believe it. I mean! Just looking at this peekey already makes me drool! Well, probably just as much as Lance and I have been drooling hours ago before I saw this. Ahahaha.

Oh well. Life is too good.
I just made a change. Still, that eerie feeling is there for some reason. Weird, I effing hate it.

Thank you God, for sending Kate to me to save my day!
But alas, I must doze off to dreamland. Actually I have to force myself to. If Ma sees me here, exactly where she left me 7 hours ago heading to Dreamland herself, she would strangle me. So yeah. Bai.

Andrew -- reply nao FFS!


Unsceney Abbie.

OKAY. I really love Vanessa Hudgens. SUE ME.
Have you seen her on Tyra? OMGoose so effing cute. When Tyra asked her about her ethnicity, she said "...My Mom's Filipino and my Dad's Caucasian..." Aww! Ha,ha. I'm so proud of her. Snaps for V, she knows how to stand up for herself at such a young age! I will always be a Zanessa fan, I swear. If they break up I'll totally end up in tears.

Here, one of my favorite Zanessa photos (old, but still good) :

Gushing to the infinite level nao.

ACK. I feel like a 12 year old. Is it silly I've been OL for hours saving their pickies and watching pappo videos of them together? Argh. Partly blame it on watching HSM:2 last night.

ANYWAYS. Feeling much better today.
Found it hard to sleep last night though. It was weird. I've been feeling really weird since last night. Like I know something's about to change. Its scaring me. Its like I wanna walk back and forth the entire flat, or tap my fingers somewhere. But somehow all that just won't help. I think I'm going bonkers. Officially. Ugh. Seriously I don't like this feeling. Anyway I'm praying it goes away.

So. Not done with my blogspot template yet. Thinking about changing the header -- again.

Someone take me to Buffalo Exchange. I blame it on you, Hanna. Oh and it was just last night I started noticing how pretty Ali Barone was. Heehee! I want that Yellow Lipstick Prophet shirt. The print is so effing cute. A skeleton with a pink scarf and rollerskates! Loev. Ahahaha.

Oh and give me tips on how I can grow my hair fast. SERIOUSLY.
UGH. I regret the day I had them cut short. Someone balete that day from this year's calendar.


Hey, Scenester!!

(For my Multi contacts, this is a repost)

I wrote this blog entry in my Multiply account entitled "I WANNA BE SCENE" Saying this:

MARCH 9 2007.

FUDGE DARN YOU LANCE! You shouldn't have let me read THIS!

Okay now I wanna go SCENE for a change. I think it rocks. No actually. IT DOES.
Kudos to Lance for making such a great post about it, for the first time, I finally understood what SCENE meant! After he mentioned it to be months ago! Hahaha.


Pink/Blonde/Black hair anyone?
And I mean on one head.

A few months later, I was making that just come true.

OCTOBER 5 2007.

It was early this year when I first heard about it. Lance and I were chatting and he brought this up - being as random as I was. It was in the usual "hey bhie check this out" and I'd mock him for whatever it is that he showed me. I think
the link that he gave me that day changed our relationship.
See, Lance and I barely like the same things. There are those few moments in our lives that whenever we would talk about something, I'd go off with an "Ew" and he would give off his signature "Whut?" when we'd tell each other about the things we liked.
So at first, this whole thing confused me a lot. Were they emo? Were they posers?
Nada. Nou. La.
The first thing I noticed about them was their fashion sense.
Partly punk, harajuku and emo combined.

The hair man, the hair.
Lance would always say that this is the elite's version of EMO (over nine thousaaaand lollage points for that).

At first I really wanted to be scene mainly for their sense of style. I mean, they wear designer stuff. They dress like hos BUT DON'T look like one - they don't play the part too.
The attitude they actually give off is like"Screw this I'm doing whatever I want to FFS".
It kinda took me awhile to realize that I didn't want to just be a poser (according to Lance, there are three types of Scene people).

Remember that post I wrote about me feeling so excited about something, being happy, blah blah blah - that was the day I realized I wanted to change my lifestyle. I mean hey, call me shallow or whatever but I swear, this is it you guys. I've found the person I wanted to be.


"Make me look scene nao!!"
"Bhie it doesn't go that way."
"Chinky you're not scene enough"

Right! They were right. Being scene takes time to learn. You don't be one (unless you just want to dress like them) - you learn to be one. You have to be one like that.
There are no rules of being scene. Actually you can leave the whole "looking scene" behind if you're not up for it but you have to possess the strength and the whole idea of life, like them. Which trust me, is not very easy to do. Its an entire new territory. I even told my Ma about it. I'm going to make a 180 degree turn (can't be 360 all at once). BUT. It has to start within.

And that's when I found Hannabeth.
My ultimate scenespiration. Lance told me about the other scene girls too but I can relate to Hannabeth.... Ionno. It could be the wannabe scene in me talking but I think I wanna be just liek her. Methinks this isn't liek my Marie Antoinette/Bumblebee obsession.

Until I find my true scene self - I'm gonna go ahead and be like Hanna.
I'm sure she won't mind. Haha!
So yeah, she's responsible for me dyeing my hair -- wanting to get my nose pierced -- painting my room -- getting moar Hello Kitty stuff -- rethinking about getting a tat -- living in a hoodie -- DOING JUST WHAT I WANT TO DO IN LIFE WITHOUT EVAR CARING WHAT PEOPLE WILL THINK OF ME. EVAR.

And you thought it was THAT easy.
I figured a lot of people always saw me as "this" and "that". Maybe its about tiem I let myself out. No restrictions. No censoring. No limits (well not really but you know what I mean).
You get? NOT NAO. But soon. Things liek this don't change overnight.
Of course I have my McLovin' boys to lecture me moar about this, too.

Screw it -- I'm doing this.

If people liek the change, that's fine.
If they don't, NOT MY PROBLEM. I wasn't born to please anyone.
Of course, as contradicting as this will sound to most of you - I will still live under God's principles and teachings. I mean,
this is just me making the most out of my life. Don't worry about that part. God knows I will never leave him again.

Audrey Kitching and HannaBeth.

"We're not just a gang, (#)*(&@&!^! ...but a way of life."
-Scene for Dummies (Hollywood Undead)

This will be my new life.
Living scene -- more importantly than just looking scene.

This is for you, Abby.

Am sick today, will reply to comments as soon as I get better.



Mwahahaha. Methinks I just made a new spell. I'ma say that when you sweet guys throw me compliments. Heehee!

But I'm so proud I was able to do it myself! Woohoos!
Loev. Ahahaha.

Hey, you know what? I never crushed on Piolo Pascual until 10 minutes ago. Hahahaha. Sorrey, just being honest. Lol. I just saw his film with Regine Velasquez(Paano Kita Iibigin?) and man he is hotness. WHYYY? I never thought he was hot. Maybe he is -- in this film most especially. Heehee.

I cannot wait to grow my hair. UGH.

I cried last night watching HP5 when Sirius Black died. Boohoo! (And yes, I just saw it last night. I know. LOSAAR.)
The movie was kinda bitin though. There's this usual element of HP movies missing from the fifth installment. It wasn't really as exciting as the fourth one. I was expecting the fifth to be bettaar since its always been "hey this one's better than the last one" each installment. But oh well.

I'm addicted to coffee again.
NOES!!!This is bad.

Is it too late for me to be addicted to Red Jumpsuit's "YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL" ???
Andrew posted a vid in his multiply dedicating it to me. Oh, how sweet is he. I miss you Babe.

"Starry starry night..."


Fixing template tomorrow.

Krispy Kreme opening soon.
Whatevaar that really means. Hahaha.

My room is messy again.
Haven't had dinaar yet.

Can't wait for Maya to fly on the 22nd.

I love John Lennon.

Addicted to ZANESSA.
Saving Hawaii pickies.

Hanna you should really dress as a sexy Marie Antoinette!!!

Wai is Jaybo not talking to mee?
And wai is he talking to joo, Lancyboo?



I wish I was walking in the sands of Sheraton again.
Yes, back to that night.


Methinks I got that all covered.

Showaar tiem!

Brr, its cold.



Its FILL IN -- not FILL OUT.

You have no idea how sorry I am to be posting this. But I promised -- so here it is.


LOL. Gotta love the screencap, man.

4 takes. 4 takes FFS!!
And man, my grammatical errors.
Oh well. Hahahaha!
Hope you enjoy.
Not as good as Happy Slip (have no intentions of copying her, that's not very cool) -- she rocks hard, I love her too!



"Shall We?"

Minnie Mouse.
Hands on waist.
Plain white.
Mine getting in the way.
Hands clasped.
Music to my ears.
No end.
Drowning with overjoy.
Floating on air.
Wanting you forever.
No day like today.

This I swear.
We shall.
We shall again.


Slow Me Down.

Emmy Rossum -- I totely feel the opposite.
Oh. If you haven't heard her song, LISTEN TO IT NAO. Man, she rocks. The song would remind you of Imogen Heap though. And thanks to the video comments on youtube, she did sorta remind me of Enya, too.

BLOG will be done next week.
No work on Monday-Wednesday.

I can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow.
TOMORROW'S A WEEKEND (in Jeddah, it is).
()#*$*(&@*#^!(*@()$*#*(&&&^&@ !!!

Andrew is on the phone with me.
Oh listen, he's singing!
Chatting with Ayah nao.

NADS and PAM -- you guys were right. HAPPY SLIP is FREAKIN' FUNNY! So far my favorite is Vlog number 4 and BOYPREN. I'm subscribing to her vids nao. I was scared of watching her videos when you told me about her right after I posted about making a vlog because I might do something similar to her by coincidence and you'd think I was a copycat. Lol. But when I saw her vids, there was liek no way I can be as cool as she is. She rocks! Ahahaha.

I hoep Hanna dresses as a Sexy Marie Antoinette for Halloween.

"People copy me because I'm cool".
I have to turn myself into an inflatable.
I want some people to haet me now as much as I haet their guts.
Some people don't deserve to be nice to anymoar.
I'm really going to keep it real nao.
Seriously. So yeah. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you.
I'm not trying to be a diva. Its the simple "rules" of feminism, duh! (oh lol Mean Girls). No, I mean its how its supposed to be. Y'know that phrase -- "Shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice" ? I don't wanna be the dummy that people USE all the tiem for whatever. If I were as famous as Hannabeth -- that's when I wouldn't mind at all. Maybe I shouldn't. BUT NO.


SO. If you screw up --



You can't see it, but I'm rolling my eyes.


"this is reality.
no need to try and disguise.
wearing a mask, covering your true identity.
be who you are.
no one has the right to judge you.
don't use people to gain something worthless."

Liek you can even understand.
I love Hanna. She understands me.
I'm not on poser mode. But reading her journal -- I've gone through that too.
There was always soemthing about har I was so fascinated about.
Not just fashion-wise but how she is as a person.
Its liek "loev at first sight". Y'dig?

Maybe not. Losaar.


"All was well."

Those were the exact words I uttered at exactly 2:43 AM at the exact moment I finished reading it. Well, I hoped for a better ending, but I guess -- well, it was pretty good.

Hmm. All is well except for this blog.
WAIT, its not done yet y'know. I gotsta finish by tomorrow afternoon, right after I get home from work.

VLOG coming up on Friday. Excited to answer all y'alls questions.

I'm totely loeving my black hair.
OHMYGOOSE. Methinks I wanna keep it like this for a long, long tiem.

Why is Andrew so sweet? In this really jologs kinda way, but I still loev it.
The things love make you do. Bijeez.




Once you go black, you'll never go back?


See, I have natural dark brown/red hair. Most of the tiem, people ask me "Nagpakulay ka ba?"
NAO I can answer them with a big fat "YES"


(See the brown? See the brown?)


I knoe it might not look any different. Its not a drastic change but I've nevaar had my hair colored bafore. Hey nao my hair has been completely deflowered! Amazing.

I LOEV YOU MUMMY. Thank you for dyeing it fer me!

Oh and soemthing I took earlier this aftaarnoone.

Metallic Purpaal Headbands? TEH SEXXXX TOO! Hahahaha!
(Oh and yeah this was taken after work. No need to wonder why I look so haggard)

I loev my hair. Can't stop feeling it. Ahaha.



ZOMG another Hannagasm!

Only ONE of my favorite videos of Hanna. Actually I didn't know she had a lot until -- last night! Hahahaha! So yeah.

Two three reasons why this rawks -- HONG KONG GARDEN. HELLO KITTY. And...well you know the second reason why. IT HAS HANNA ON IT FFS! Ahahaha.



I got a closet filled up to the brim --

-- not of clothes, though.

Anyway today kinda sucked. But am still thankful. God always knows how to work in our lives on days like this.

Oh. Pickies!

Guns are sexy nao. Ahaha. Romeo and Juliet? Lol. Toy guns. Mmm. Getting some soon. Oh and I last night I also got kiddie band-aids and wanted to use them for fun (guess where I got that from)- todae though I peeled this icky dry skin off my finger, and it bled. So, it figures I needed them anyway. Ahahaha.

Well yeah. Not close. I don't have scene hair YET. Jeez. I think I have nevarr over-accessorized this much. And I'm having a blast! Over-accessorizing. How did I do without it? ACK.

So yeah.
Its still the same.
But December will bring a ton of change.
I can't wait.
Will change blog template again.

Dyeing hair tomorrow.



Chikka! Kthxbai.


I'm so happy that all y'all are pleased with the VLOG -- as what my friends would call it. I'm posting one VLOG each week. Ha,ha.

ANYWAYS as you've noticed(if you have been reading my blog recently), I have randomly posted dialogues,phrases,quotes... Some are made up. Some I've heard from people, some I've read from...somewhere. Ha,ha. Some just pop up - out of memory.

I've also activated cross-posting in Multiply again. So I guess that would be fun. Since not all my friends read my blog, and not everyone visits my personal multiply account anyway (TO ALL MY BERSERKED friends - you can throw tomatoes at me now for not updating. Arr).

Methinks I laughed the day away at work today. At lunch we were talking about ghosts and ghost encounters, all of a sudden my officemates started acting like they were back in highschool sharing their not-so-great paranormal experience (hey, for a lucky few, their paranormal experiences were great! haha).

YESTERDAY.Headed to Aziz Mall(like I said) and raided Claire's. CLAIRE'S IS TEH LOVE. <3 Gotta love the stuff -- the hotpink/black tights remind me of Kate's striped crew neck knit top.

My bag is moar scene than me nao.

Taken after I took the video. Not even close, but I guess I sure am headed there.

TODAY. <3 these things. Seriously.

NAO (but actually I did this yesterday).I'm a Hannabeth rip-off wannabe. STICKER TATTOOS ARE TEH <3.

I also wore a blue bow around my head. Bows are hot.

Scene is allowing me to unleash the inner girl in me. I told Ma I was raiding Toy stores again. Haha.

I also wanted the Cupcake lippie from Claire's so bad but they didn't have them anymoar. Saddie.

Okay. Gotsta hit the sack.
And the only hitting YOU need to do -- is to hit me back.


Jay: B
Abbie: What
Jay: If I'm lost, would you look, and will you find me?
Abbie: Tiem after tiem, Jaybo.
Jay: If I fall, would you catch me, would you be waiting?
Abbie: Tiem after tiem, Jaybo.
Abbie: Spikky
Jay: ?
Abbie: Sometiems I picture you, you're walking too far ahead...
Abbie: I'm calling to you, you can't hear a word I say....
Abbie: I say, go slow, you'd fall behind...the second hand unwinds...
Jay: Just the chorus B.
Abbie: Oh.

Miss you Spics!


The best video blog entry - EVAR.

I was being sarcastic.
Man, this is the worst you will ever see.


I keep saying "BLOG ENTRY" -- when its clear that its actually a "VIDEO BLOG ENTRY".

YIKES. I know most of you won't care, but y'know since I did say I was gonna make one, here it is. Haha. Forgive me for my silliness. I promise to do better next time! If you've seen the whole video, you'll know what to do. And if you don't watch it, well --- I guess that still won't stop me from making another one if I feel like it. Haha.

Okay. That's it.
BIJOO!!! Goodluck with this.
Give me some credit man, its my first time to do this!!!

Sorry for the LIGHT. Arr.
And the excessive hand movements.
And the fugly facial expressions.
But that's just how I am. Rawr.


Kickin' it like Hannabeth.

Maya flying to Shawarmaland on the 22nd.
Did cartwheels in my head after I knew.
Ate using my hands for the first time in a fast food resto.
Mind you they had these "blinds" covering our table -- so no harm done there.
Besides arabs don't care. Hahaha!
Tore through chapter 25.
200 pages more. (#&$*(!*^#@$(_! !!
Chatting with Lizzerizzerrie.
If they dowanna, they dowanna. Drop it.
I miss Lance and Jaybo.
Maybe a Toyota Camry would be better.
Real life -- MY STORY!!!
Ants on the Apple.
Working out again.
December! December! Come nao!
Maya let's hang at IP when you come.
ZOMG utorrent! YES!!
Chipped toenail.
I love Superbad. Sad ending though.
Jaybo I'm DLing Entourage now!
Off now. Bed bugs.
Jaybo you rubbed it off me.
Oh and Lance read your mail dammeet.
Andrew reply or else.
Tabs hope your defense went well!


We were underneath.

"But I can't...I don't know how."

"That's alright. Practice makes perfect."

Let's press PLAY again, shall we?