Bucky and Snowy the Abbie Slayers.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Bucky. I barely knew her, but she added me as a friend in my multiply account. One day I posted an album wearing two-toned aviator shades. She commented asking me where I got them. A few days later, she posts an album wearing sunnies similar to mine. Strike 1. Not long after, I blog about my dream bag. The next thing you know, its her dream bag. I blog about my favorite fashion magazine, and next thing you know, its her favorite magazine. I blog about my love for Topshop, and next thing you know, she's shopping at Topshop. I pose like this, and next thing you know, she's posing like this. I upload photos like this, and next thing you know, she's uploading photos like this. I paint my nails blakc, and WHADDYAKNOW! She paints her nails black! I love this movie, and next thing you know, SHE LOVES IT TOO! I use this expression, and next thing you know, SHE'S USING IT TOO! I say I'ma go watch this film, and next thing you know, SHE WILL TOO! Bucky thinks she's cool and that people rip her off. I think Bucky also thinks that I'm stupid and that I don't notice whatever she does. SO. How many strikes is that now? Lol don't stop counting yet. I'm sure she's going to continue ripping me off my entire life. Maybe if I jump out the window she would too? I bet she's not gonna think its stupid. Hahahahaha!

Bucky has a friend too, named Snowy. Snowy is a bit nicer than Bucky. But I detest her nearly the same as Bucky. Snowy is one of the biggest copycats that I have in my network. Snowy likes to copy my poses too, my expressions and the things I like. Snowy also viewed one of my albums before she posted an album similar to my album's subject. When I read her album description, I was like "hmm, this one looks familiar". Hahahaha! Snowy also likes adding up people in my network, even the ones she haven't met yet. Methinks she's also a cupcake. She likes cupcaking with my boyfriend.

I don't make everything about me, and I'm sure they could've probably have gotten it from other people, but man. ITS JUST TOO OBVIOUS. All I can say for these two is GET A LIFE. NAO. Wai do people like then exist? They can be cool by being themselves, you know. They're not so bad. I just really hate that people think I'm the unoriginal one when some of the things I do are really FROM me. Not from Hannabeth or Vanessa or whoever I'm totally gushing over now. Sheesh. I mean, if you were in my position, you'd understand. Stealing photos, is one thing. STEALING IDEAS -- that's the worst.

Keep that in mind before you steal someone else's "identity". Stop hiding under their masks. Be true to yourself. There's nothing wrong with coming up with things only you can understand. That's the point of having your own identity. Methinks I can only accept having copycats and posers when (and if) I become famous. Like when you say "THAT'S HOT" you know that only Paris Hilton came up with it. Get me?

I like to think some are inspired by me. That one is really flattering. But then these two girls are starting to become pathetic. Bucky will always top my list. When I tested her on my pathetic-o-meter (ahahaha! got the o-meter from Tatin lol) and it went berserk, man! My pathetic-o-meter broke!

Ugh. Such GOBBLEDYGOOK but its seriously getting on my nerves.
This will really sound so feelingera, but stop making me a big part of your life. I am no basis for being cool. To Snowy and Bucky : if you still want to copy me, make sure you credit. Stop making people believe that "oh she's so cool for doing this, saying this". I came up with the crap, so give me some credit! I deserve it!

Hannabeth is so right.
"no one is original anymore. everyone feeds off of everyone else."
I copy celebrities, and mix them a little of myself whenever I do. That's what would make it partially original. In other words, I get inspired but I come up with my stuff too. 70% has to come from you, or else you're nothing but a rip-off.

So there.