Chikka! Kthxbai.


I'm so happy that all y'all are pleased with the VLOG -- as what my friends would call it. I'm posting one VLOG each week. Ha,ha.

ANYWAYS as you've noticed(if you have been reading my blog recently), I have randomly posted dialogues,phrases,quotes... Some are made up. Some I've heard from people, some I've read from...somewhere. Ha,ha. Some just pop up - out of memory.

I've also activated cross-posting in Multiply again. So I guess that would be fun. Since not all my friends read my blog, and not everyone visits my personal multiply account anyway (TO ALL MY BERSERKED friends - you can throw tomatoes at me now for not updating. Arr).

Methinks I laughed the day away at work today. At lunch we were talking about ghosts and ghost encounters, all of a sudden my officemates started acting like they were back in highschool sharing their not-so-great paranormal experience (hey, for a lucky few, their paranormal experiences were great! haha).

YESTERDAY.Headed to Aziz Mall(like I said) and raided Claire's. CLAIRE'S IS TEH LOVE. <3 Gotta love the stuff -- the hotpink/black tights remind me of Kate's striped crew neck knit top.

My bag is moar scene than me nao.

Taken after I took the video. Not even close, but I guess I sure am headed there.

TODAY. <3 these things. Seriously.

NAO (but actually I did this yesterday).I'm a Hannabeth rip-off wannabe. STICKER TATTOOS ARE TEH <3.

I also wore a blue bow around my head. Bows are hot.

Scene is allowing me to unleash the inner girl in me. I told Ma I was raiding Toy stores again. Haha.

I also wanted the Cupcake lippie from Claire's so bad but they didn't have them anymoar. Saddie.

Okay. Gotsta hit the sack.
And the only hitting YOU need to do -- is to hit me back.


Jay: B
Abbie: What
Jay: If I'm lost, would you look, and will you find me?
Abbie: Tiem after tiem, Jaybo.
Jay: If I fall, would you catch me, would you be waiting?
Abbie: Tiem after tiem, Jaybo.
Abbie: Spikky
Jay: ?
Abbie: Sometiems I picture you, you're walking too far ahead...
Abbie: I'm calling to you, you can't hear a word I say....
Abbie: I say, go slow, you'd fall behind...the second hand unwinds...
Jay: Just the chorus B.
Abbie: Oh.

Miss you Spics!