Don't You Wanna Be Relevant (oh no)

I never really watch Grey's Anatomy religiously, but everytime I catch it on the telly, I end up teary-eyed. Why oh why didn't I get it on DVD? Man, remind me to grab the seasons --- well whatever is available on DVD nao. Downloading it is such a bummer.

Speaking of which, I am currently hung-over downloading indie albums. I've always been a fan of the indie scene, took me awhile to really appreciate them by heart. Right now I'm totally digging The Cribs (gotta thank Lance again for showing me Hustler. Ahahaha). In addition to that -- Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse, Boys Like Girls, Ha Ha Tonka, Bloc Party. Currently downloading a few songs, and albums from these artists(actually moar than just these ones. ahahaha). They rock, I love them. Lizzerizzerrie alsointroduced Feist to me. Gotta love them too. Eversince I came back to Jeddah, music has become my bestfriend. Its always by my side. Whether I'm in the shower, or at work. It wakes me up, puts me to sleep. Makes me happy, sad and giddy. Most of the time its all I think about. Right nao though -- music decided to put countless Ashley Tisdale songs in my head.


Why oh why on merlin's pants did I play HSM:2 non-stop today.

I got doughnuts.
I was replying to my Multiply comments earlier and suddenly doughnuts were marching in my head. They weren't clothed but...they were dripping with chocolate and candy sprinkles. In less than 5 seconds after I snapped back to reality, I was already out of my room and into the kitchen interrupting my parents talking to each other.

And then I jumped up and down like -- OMG.
One totely Sharpay Evans moment.

YAOUCH I just hit my leg on the edge of the table!
Oh noes. Bruise! Bruise!

Best and I had another one of those super meaningful chats today.
He's one of the greatest guys in the planet.Ahahahaha. He even gave me an assignment. Lol I should research on something. Ahahaha. He made me realize a lot. He answered questions I never thought would be answered nao. Amazing.

Lizzerizzerrie showed me a photo today of her new jacket. GRR. It is loev. Of course its from
Toppys, wherelse do we both get our supply? Lol. And her room really INSPIRED me to fix mine! I wanna paint away!!!!


I loev my tights.

Gringo loevs leaning on the keyboard whenever I'm OL. For some reason the mouse on the screen attracts him. His eyes would go wherever the mouse would. One time, he tried catching it with his claws. What an adorable pu--- I mean kitty. You gotta love my keyboard too. Old school, yo!


Another one of my favorite Zanessa photos (in Hawaii -- lol, yes. OLD but GOOD!) Sorrey, I liek sharing my undeniable loev for them with you guys. Ahahahaha. Why are they so effing perfect for each other, I hate it! I'm so jealass.

Methinks I got the munchies from that TV series marathon I did 30 minutes ago. Oh lol and Ellen Degeneres da bomb yo. She got so emotional over the dog she adopted. She is such a sweetheart, I loev her moar nao. Bless her and Portia. Aww. Oh and I really gotta give snaps for Britney. She presented herself (because "surrender" is such a heavy word to use) in jail after the hit and run case charged against her. 'Where's the party at??" Lol. K Brit, as long as you're smiling. Attagirl.

Hopping into bed now, popping a DVD -- and a doughnut while I'm at it.
GAH. Wearing retainers is such a drag. But oh what the hell, I liek wearing them (except when I eat, so off they go!!!! ahahaha)

Today for you, tomorrow for me!!!!