Hey, Scenester!!

(For my Multi contacts, this is a repost)

I wrote this blog entry in my Multiply account entitled "I WANNA BE SCENE" Saying this:

MARCH 9 2007.

FUDGE DARN YOU LANCE! You shouldn't have let me read THIS!

Okay now I wanna go SCENE for a change. I think it rocks. No actually. IT DOES.
Kudos to Lance for making such a great post about it, for the first time, I finally understood what SCENE meant! After he mentioned it to be months ago! Hahaha.


Pink/Blonde/Black hair anyone?
And I mean on one head.

A few months later, I was making that just come true.

OCTOBER 5 2007.

It was early this year when I first heard about it. Lance and I were chatting and he brought this up - being as random as I was. It was in the usual "hey bhie check this out" and I'd mock him for whatever it is that he showed me. I think
the link that he gave me that day changed our relationship.
See, Lance and I barely like the same things. There are those few moments in our lives that whenever we would talk about something, I'd go off with an "Ew" and he would give off his signature "Whut?" when we'd tell each other about the things we liked.
So at first, this whole thing confused me a lot. Were they emo? Were they posers?
Nada. Nou. La.
The first thing I noticed about them was their fashion sense.
Partly punk, harajuku and emo combined.

The hair man, the hair.
Lance would always say that this is the elite's version of EMO (over nine thousaaaand lollage points for that).

At first I really wanted to be scene mainly for their sense of style. I mean, they wear designer stuff. They dress like hos BUT DON'T look like one - they don't play the part too.
The attitude they actually give off is like"Screw this I'm doing whatever I want to FFS".
It kinda took me awhile to realize that I didn't want to just be a poser (according to Lance, there are three types of Scene people).

Remember that post I wrote about me feeling so excited about something, being happy, blah blah blah - that was the day I realized I wanted to change my lifestyle. I mean hey, call me shallow or whatever but I swear, this is it you guys. I've found the person I wanted to be.


"Make me look scene nao!!"
"Bhie it doesn't go that way."
"Chinky you're not scene enough"

Right! They were right. Being scene takes time to learn. You don't be one (unless you just want to dress like them) - you learn to be one. You have to be one like that.
There are no rules of being scene. Actually you can leave the whole "looking scene" behind if you're not up for it but you have to possess the strength and the whole idea of life, like them. Which trust me, is not very easy to do. Its an entire new territory. I even told my Ma about it. I'm going to make a 180 degree turn (can't be 360 all at once). BUT. It has to start within.

And that's when I found Hannabeth.
My ultimate scenespiration. Lance told me about the other scene girls too but I can relate to Hannabeth.... Ionno. It could be the wannabe scene in me talking but I think I wanna be just liek her. Methinks this isn't liek my Marie Antoinette/Bumblebee obsession.

Until I find my true scene self - I'm gonna go ahead and be like Hanna.
I'm sure she won't mind. Haha!
So yeah, she's responsible for me dyeing my hair -- wanting to get my nose pierced -- painting my room -- getting moar Hello Kitty stuff -- rethinking about getting a tat -- living in a hoodie -- DOING JUST WHAT I WANT TO DO IN LIFE WITHOUT EVAR CARING WHAT PEOPLE WILL THINK OF ME. EVAR.

And you thought it was THAT easy.
I figured a lot of people always saw me as "this" and "that". Maybe its about tiem I let myself out. No restrictions. No censoring. No limits (well not really but you know what I mean).
You get? NOT NAO. But soon. Things liek this don't change overnight.
Of course I have my McLovin' boys to lecture me moar about this, too.

Screw it -- I'm doing this.

If people liek the change, that's fine.
If they don't, NOT MY PROBLEM. I wasn't born to please anyone.
Of course, as contradicting as this will sound to most of you - I will still live under God's principles and teachings. I mean,
this is just me making the most out of my life. Don't worry about that part. God knows I will never leave him again.

Audrey Kitching and HannaBeth.

"We're not just a gang, (#)*(&@&!^! ...but a way of life."
-Scene for Dummies (Hollywood Undead)

This will be my new life.
Living scene -- more importantly than just looking scene.

This is for you, Abby.

Am sick today, will reply to comments as soon as I get better.