I got a closet filled up to the brim --

-- not of clothes, though.

Anyway today kinda sucked. But am still thankful. God always knows how to work in our lives on days like this.

Oh. Pickies!

Guns are sexy nao. Ahaha. Romeo and Juliet? Lol. Toy guns. Mmm. Getting some soon. Oh and I last night I also got kiddie band-aids and wanted to use them for fun (guess where I got that from)- todae though I peeled this icky dry skin off my finger, and it bled. So, it figures I needed them anyway. Ahahaha.

Well yeah. Not close. I don't have scene hair YET. Jeez. I think I have nevarr over-accessorized this much. And I'm having a blast! Over-accessorizing. How did I do without it? ACK.

So yeah.
Its still the same.
But December will bring a ton of change.
I can't wait.
Will change blog template again.

Dyeing hair tomorrow.