Kickin' it like Hannabeth.

Maya flying to Shawarmaland on the 22nd.
Did cartwheels in my head after I knew.
Ate using my hands for the first time in a fast food resto.
Mind you they had these "blinds" covering our table -- so no harm done there.
Besides arabs don't care. Hahaha!
Tore through chapter 25.
200 pages more. (#&$*(!*^#@$(_! !!
Chatting with Lizzerizzerrie.
If they dowanna, they dowanna. Drop it.
I miss Lance and Jaybo.
Maybe a Toyota Camry would be better.
Real life -- MY STORY!!!
Ants on the Apple.
Working out again.
December! December! Come nao!
Maya let's hang at IP when you come.
ZOMG utorrent! YES!!
Chipped toenail.
I love Superbad. Sad ending though.
Jaybo I'm DLing Entourage now!
Off now. Bed bugs.
Jaybo you rubbed it off me.
Oh and Lance read your mail dammeet.
Andrew reply or else.
Tabs hope your defense went well!