On top of all things hot --

I haven't even slept yet, and already, SOMETHING MADE MY DAY.

Can someone tell me what makes this picture such a big deal? NO?



I'm sure Lizzerizzerrie knoes about this nao. Heehee. I've already asked my gorgeous cousin a favor to get me something (while I'm sure she'd grab something for herself as well, haha). YAY excited! I can't believe it. I mean! Just looking at this peekey already makes me drool! Well, probably just as much as Lance and I have been drooling hours ago before I saw this. Ahahaha.

Oh well. Life is too good.
I just made a change. Still, that eerie feeling is there for some reason. Weird, I effing hate it.

Thank you God, for sending Kate to me to save my day!
But alas, I must doze off to dreamland. Actually I have to force myself to. If Ma sees me here, exactly where she left me 7 hours ago heading to Dreamland herself, she would strangle me. So yeah. Bai.

Andrew -- reply nao FFS!