Unsceney Abbie.

OKAY. I really love Vanessa Hudgens. SUE ME.
Have you seen her on Tyra? OMGoose so effing cute. When Tyra asked her about her ethnicity, she said "...My Mom's Filipino and my Dad's Caucasian..." Aww! Ha,ha. I'm so proud of her. Snaps for V, she knows how to stand up for herself at such a young age! I will always be a Zanessa fan, I swear. If they break up I'll totally end up in tears.

Here, one of my favorite Zanessa photos (old, but still good) :

Gushing to the infinite level nao.

ACK. I feel like a 12 year old. Is it silly I've been OL for hours saving their pickies and watching pappo videos of them together? Argh. Partly blame it on watching HSM:2 last night.

ANYWAYS. Feeling much better today.
Found it hard to sleep last night though. It was weird. I've been feeling really weird since last night. Like I know something's about to change. Its scaring me. Its like I wanna walk back and forth the entire flat, or tap my fingers somewhere. But somehow all that just won't help. I think I'm going bonkers. Officially. Ugh. Seriously I don't like this feeling. Anyway I'm praying it goes away.

So. Not done with my blogspot template yet. Thinking about changing the header -- again.

Someone take me to Buffalo Exchange. I blame it on you, Hanna. Oh and it was just last night I started noticing how pretty Ali Barone was. Heehee! I want that Yellow Lipstick Prophet shirt. The print is so effing cute. A skeleton with a pink scarf and rollerskates! Loev. Ahahaha.

Oh and give me tips on how I can grow my hair fast. SERIOUSLY.
UGH. I regret the day I had them cut short. Someone balete that day from this year's calendar.