Which seems to be some years ago.

At exactly this time of the day, I was face down on my bed, writing in my silver, hard bound journal about an experience I almost had that day. Of what almost happened in school but didn't. And then I told myself that if I ever had the chance to come face to face to it again, I would go and...set myself free.

Next time, will come tomorrow.
And yes. I did let go. Ahahaha.

ANYWAY. You know the new John Lloyd-Bea movie? I saw the trailer at Lora's multiply (because she loves JL oh so much) and I felt like the movie was somewhat based on me. Hahahaha! I know most of us would feel that way about movies. There was this line though that really struck me. Made me wanna cry. When John Lloyd said : "She loved me at my worst. You had me at my best. And yet you chose to break my heart" (CUE FOR TEAR!!!). I hope the movie doesn't go the way as we all expect to (i.e., JL and Bea getting back together). We need a little tragedy people! In reality, things like that really do happen. And in reality, they DO NOT END UP together anymore. We should stop living in Disney Fairytale Land. When Prince Charmings dump the Princesses, the Prince Charmings move on. No matter what the situation is. Because that's how most of them are. In this case though, Bea dumped John Lloyd. She moved on first, and he had no choice. When he found someone new, it made her uncomfortable and she begs him to take him back. Hmm. I wanna watch it. Haha. Will wait for it on DVD.

I have a surprise for everyone. Its coming on one of Seventeen's issues. I'm not sure when, but wait for it! I'm so excited to see it too! Yihee!

Two nights ago, Ma and I bought matching brassieres from La Senza. Its grey with light pink polka-dots and its got this metallic pink strap. I wore an off-shoulder top yesterday to show it off. Its so cool! Hahaha! I also got a new Paolo Coehlo book. I was deciding on whether to get it or The Witch of Portobello but I decided to go with this one first. Its got about a hundred short stories. I love reading them, its like a Paolo Coehlo blog. Haha. I've been spending so much time online that it felt like I've been living in cyberworld. I wanna read more books now so I don't hog the PC every single day.

I also found my dream Prada shades. Its totely a steal for SR1,200. I want to get it because its so cheap but thinking about it, I can get a lot of stuff with that amount of money. Besides I already have the Chanel shades Ma just got me this year (KC Concepcion has the same one! Coolio!). One of my officemates, Ate Liz, told me to get it too because it was cheap but she also did say that the best time to splurge on designer shades is days before I leave for the Philippines FOR GOOD. She does have a point, man. Plus I'm sure there'll be tons of money-worthy designs by then. Haha. But...its hard not to love this one.

I've actually seen it last month but I shrugged off the idea of getting it because I thought it would cost like 3 grand or sumn. Haha. Oh well. This also reminds me of my glasses!! I got these super coo' Dior glasses. Tito Gilbs already ordered it for me, might be getting it by next month. My eyes are starting to fail me. Kazumbruttling!

Claire's is on sale. Love it.

Oh and - I'm totally major crushing on Kevjumba (of YouTube). Why does HappySlip get to be so lucky, eh? Haha! My favorite video of the moment : PUT IT IN PURSE. Lol!

Belated Happy 45th Monthsary, Babe!