We will cause our own death.

Come to think of it. With the way we have been living our lives these days, its somewhat similar to suicide.

God made this earth, and God made us to live in it.
The way we value everything he created is one of the tests He has for us.
I mostly find it hard watching the news or reading the paper these days. There are barely any "heavy" good news to watch and read.

What are we doing with our lives?
What's the point of all the hating? The killing? The raping? The abusing?
Aren't you scared of what could possibly happen to your souls when you die?
Have you done anything sensible today? Did you even pray? Did you make good use of another day God has given you to live?

Have you lost hope? Like I did?
There is so much evil now. On most days I wished the second coming would be in the next 5 minutes. I'm no saint. But if its what it takes for a new beginning, for a better world, then yes. I am willing to die according to God's will. I have God by my side and in my heart. That's what matters.

And then there's animal cruelty.

The other day I asked Mama why God wasn't doing anything to save the Dolphins from being slaughtered yearly in Japan (after I saw the vid on Kaye's multiply account, I didn't have time to load it when I was reading Saab's blog). I wanted God to make a miracle. I wanted him to save the Dolphins. I wanted him to save every animal abused and killed for their fur and meat. Some people are just idiots to not get it. The only acceptable time to do that is when you're in dire need of it. Like being stuck in an island and you have nothing to eat and nothing to keep you warm. If God used animal clothing to keep Adam and Eve warm, let's not compare to how things were then to how things are NOW. Don't we have enough clothing to keep us warm? Do we need to kill animals for it?

Michael Jackson's THE EARTH SONG

In the end, we will cause our own deaths.
In the end, this world will die along with our souls, for we have already lost them years ago when all this chaos started to happen.

I feel so restless.
I want to do something about this.
But no one will listen.

I bet no one even read this blog entry entirely.
Its not that I want to be heard. I want my message to be heard.

If we don't start the change now, WHEN?
This world can no longer be a better place for our children, our children's children, and our children's grandchildren to live in. We are so consumed by evil that we forget to look back and realize the true essence of this life. Of the very reason why God died for US.

Shame on you. Shame on me. Shame on us.
I don't know how some of us manage to go to church AND not change.

I trust my life into YOUR hands, God.
And I will continue to pray for a miracle until the day I see you.
Even if I won't get to be here when that miracle happens.
I want a better world.
I hope for a better world.
Only YOU can make that happen. Please help us make it happen.

For the animals. And for us.


"Why was your face glowing in the night?"

"Papaaaaaa! Eeeeeeh!"
"Oh, okay, okay I know!"

Lately my Papa would tease me A LOT about Andrew. Seriously. Like, OMG sometimes he would even call me at work. The latest meme is: "Why were you so happy last night? Why was your face glowing in the night?" ZOMG. Ahahahahahahaha! Of course he meant it as a joke, my Papa isn't an extreme cheeseball like me, doi! He likes teasing me a lot, especially when he comes home from work and sees me on the computer, talking to Drew. Ahahahaha, I'm lolling bigtime!

EYNIWAY (HappySlip overload - watched TANKS over 10 times, exagge).

Sorrey, single L lang ang Chandelier.

Finally its ALMOST done. Bleh, I'm not even done painting the walls! And my curtains! I need scene curtains. Last night I lit it up and I daydreamed while listening to Ingrid Michealson. Amazing. I miss doing that. Back in HS, watching the sunset was ALWAYS part of my day. I can watch it from my bed, you see. It always gave me time to reflect. Sometimes I even lit up candles and wrote on my journal. I always had ME TIME. I miss ME TIME nao.

Speaking of high school, Ma got me pizza from Chuck'e'Cheese's. Ahahahahaha. I smiled as I gobbled away.

It was 9 PM and Ann calls me.
"Abbie! Tara punta tayong Chuck'e'Cheese's! Kakabukas lang niya, kakilala ni Daddy yung owner. Punta tayo dun, libre lahat pati food!"

"As in now na?"

"Oo! Ano ka ba, ihahatid ka naman namin pauwi. Nandito si Ban, Jayson tsaka si Ajin. Sasama si Jaja! Tara, go!"

"Mmm... K."

We super had fun. Exagge. Hahahahah! Nagsabog kami ng ka-otistikan sa Chuck'e'Cheese's. Kamusta naman yun. Hello, bump cars. Hahahahaha! We were such bullies that night. I mean we made fun of the other kids (hello, we're like 4, 7 years older than most of the kids there) who looked like people we bullied in school too! Ahahahahahaha! OMG. But just to clarify things, we don't like physically push them around ha. We just made fun of those people because...well, they asked for it, and we just know them well, we don't bully because of how they dress or look. Ahahahahahaha! But yeah, it was an uber un night! I went home like 12 AM. My parents were furious. Lol.

So I was channel surfing as soon as I got home and I saw the making of Transformers on VH1. It was my first time to see Shia smile that wide. And then I saw a dimple! OHMIGAAAAAAA. Ahahahaha. I know I don't brag as much as Janny about her obsession on Shia LaBeouf, but you guys (my blog readers most especially) know that I have crushed on Shia since his semi post-Even Stevens-then-Full Throttle days! With his semi-fro and all. Ahahahahaha! Aww. Janny, is Shia dating anyone nao aside from the two of us? Lol.

Posting this late because the dsl was effed up last night.


Enough about me, let's talk about you for a minute...


Hahahahaha. La lang, its the song stuck in my head.
Take me back to 1995. Lol! Come to think about it, 1995 was the year I was introduced to Enya and Alanis. Its also when I adored Cathy Dennis. Waterloo Sunset! Yes! Hahahaha.

WTH I'm so emo right now, Jobiebie showed me this Christian video and they played Lifehouse's EVERYTHING in the background. I got to thinking about the song. I loved it waaaay back highschool, even before Smallville used it as its background music in one of my soopa favorite CLANA scenes. Ahahahahaha. Galing pala, saktong pwede rin siyang Christian song. So I'm listening to it now, together with my favorite Marie Antoinette songs. Nakaka-sad.

Today at service, I was super blessed. I don't know why I keep stopping myself from crying during P&W. Amazing. Its what I really don't want to miss during service. Super nakaka-bless kase.

I got my Ikea chandelier today! Yahoooey! But no its not like Marie Antoinette, hundred pe'cent pure crystal (hahahaha I'm lolling again). Its so pretty! We're putting it up tomorrow, exactly where I planned. Inside that white net which is hanging on top of my bed. Wahooey! Ahahaha.

Andrew and I planned on talking today, but after the service I went home immediately and took a power nap. I was supposed to sleep for 2 hours but I missed my bed so much I ended sleeping for 3. I texted him that I was OL but he didn't reply so I'm guessing he fell asleep na. Kainis, its our monthsary pa naman! Can you imagine, two more months and we're turning 4 years! Yihee! But I swear being in a long distance relationship is super stressful. Most of the time I think I can no longer handle it but most of my friends are telling me that I should be stronger now and less paranoid. Andrew always had this problem with "keeping in touch" with me when we're apart like this. Which is really wrong because its when we need to communicate more. Thing is, I'm the only one who sees it as a problem. Andrew is just chillax. He's always been. And whenever I ask him if he thinks we'd last being this way, he would honestly say YES. You can tell by the sound of his voice. Its hard for me to not be paranoid about everything since I got so used to us being together 24/7. I know everything about him first hand. Now I know about his thoughts and ideas last. What I really hate is knowing what's new with him FROM OUR FRIENDS. That sucks. Its been affecting my work. Last week my boss told me that I should focus on my job because I've been screwing up a little. That's one of the things I hate about myself. Whenever I have a problem, it totally affects everything I do.

Wow. Hello Sunshine! The Earth Says HELLO! Ahahahahahaha. Seryoso, I just got up. Walang hilamos at mumog yan! ...... Okay, ew. Oh, I love that photo of Jason watching me sleep (kuno) awww! Those were taken today lang. Err yesterday pala. Hahahaha.

Lance introduces me to new scenespirations. Of course you already know how much I love Hanna. He's shown me a lot more after I found out about her but Brookelle is the sheettack! He sent me like a hundred links to her photos. Okay about 20 something. Ahahahahaha. Thanks Lancyboo.

I love you. Don't leave me! *sob*

The feeling that I used to tell you about? Yung parang I can sense that there's a big change coming? I can feel it again. I swear it sucks. Most of the time it scares me. Tsk. I tried something really silly, I signed up for this free astrology reading and it said that an astronomical transit is coming my way, like second week of December to early January. It said that if I didn't grab the chance I would miss out on a big opportunity in my life. Hmm. I ditched astrology a long time ago. But for some reason this thing has been really bugging me nao.


I love you Kevin! Hahahaha! Cake I just saw his BUTTHASH HERO vid a few hours ago. I posted in my Multi but saved it as draft muna. Laughtrip super! Hahahaha.

Oh and I saw Footloose just last night. PANALO. I can't can't can't wait for the remake. Yay, Zefron! Haha! BTW have you seen Sarah Jessica Parker in Footloose? She plays "Rusty" and OMG her teeth! Her teeth! I will always love her voice though, like a child with husky voice. Its like her trademark diba? Funny that its how she is even in the 80's. And I thought HOCUS POCUS would be one of my most unforgettable favorite (SJP) flicks as a child. I swear I would pull Mama's hair whenever she's in the scene. "OMG MA! LOOK AT HER! HAHAHAHAHA!" But I wasn't mocking SJP or anything. I was just amazed. Me? Mocking SJP? Not in a million years. I will always love that woman. Please please please let SATC THE MOVIE hit the screens when I'm back home.

I don't really like Soulja Boy. Crankin' I like. Ahahahaha. Jaybo just sent me a link to that vid where Travis Barker remixed that Soulja Boy track "Crank That". I agree with my McLovin' boys. SO MUCH BETTER! I was like "WO!" when I saw the vid! Amazing.

Bad news, Lizzerrino (she called me Abberinno recently. Ahahahahha!)and I are having problems with our flight schedules next year. Oh noes. OH NOES! So please pray for my dearest Sarah and I. May we find a solution to this problem so we can finally be broke-ass female dogs when we get back from Manila. Ahahahahaha! But seriously. Please do. Not about being broke though.

So there.
Heading to dreamland in a few.
Any takers?


Once Fcukstains, always Fcukstains.

The first time I saw her was during the Seventeen Favorite Model Search Go-see at the Summit Office. I was just getting out of the room when a familiar face walks past me. Turns out it was her big sister.

I didn't really get to talk to her until about two weeks later, during our first ever shoot for Seventeen, for the August 2005 issue. I sat on Toto's red couch, about a meter away from her. She had her cellphone in hand, and I had my hair tied up in several buns, I was picking up where I've left off in The Da Vinci Code.

"Anong year mo na?"

That was, one of the first things we ask each other.

"Fourth year. Ikaw?"
"Fourth year ka na? Akala ko high school ka palang! Hahahaha! Ako first year."

"Anong name mo?"
"Hey Abbie, tara picture tayo."

And then the rest is what we would all call HISTORY.

Regardless of who her father is, who her mother is, and who her siblings are, you'd forget that this girl sitting next to you is considered a celebrity. She is pathetically one of the most real girls I've come to know. And I consider myself lucky to be a friend that she would say she misses. Ahahahahaha. But seriously. I guess from a fan's point of view, I understand why some people hate her or don't get her. Its because they don't know her. That's just how she really is, she would practice her right to freedom of expression for all she cares. She doesn't care if she would look silly or sound silly or whatever. Of course she knows her limits. She's not naive. But she is who she is. And it would be up to you whether you would want to take her or leave her.

We don't hang out all the time, but she has her own ways of making you feel like you don't really miss out on all the big details on her life. We don't chat much, we don't text much, we don't talk on the phone much. But for some reason she never made me feel like we lost touch. We have our own way of showing each other that we care, we share our biggest secrets with each other when we have time. Guy problems, kilig moments...

She knows when to be tough, and when to go soft on you. She's made me feel what my other friends can't make me feel. She has this way of showing you that she appreciates you for you who are. With her simple gestures of putting her arms around your shoulder when you walk around, or leaning on your shoulder, resting her arms around your arms, and one of my most favorite Saab-lambings is when she doesn't air -kiss you but actually kiss you on the temple when you meet up, or hug you super tight because you haven't seen each other in a while? I feel super loved. It makes me miss her so much.

Once you get to know her, you cannot NOT love her. There's a lot more to her than you think. She's definitely full of surprises. I will always love her, I will always be her friend, and I will always be her fan.

Fcukstain, no matter what happens, I just want you to know that you always have my back in everything that you do. And I know that we haven't really hung out much, but thank you because you never fail to make me feel that I will always have our friendship and that nothing, even distance can break the bond that we started to build two years ago. Thank you for making me feel worthy of having you as a friend.

You're one of my favorite girls, fcukstain. And its not because you're famous and loved by many. Its because you are what you are, and you just inspire me to keep it real - ALWAYS. And that no matter how many people stick knives in my back, what matters is that I'm true to myself and the people around me. What matters is I have a family to love. And another fcukstain by my side always (in your case, si SP. Ahahahahha).

Pano ba yan, I'm missing out on your party. Promise when I get back, let's hire some strippers. Ahahahaha. Shopping nalang tayo.

I miss you. See you in a few months, and always remember that I am here for you. My ears are soopadoopa q-tipped for any new chi-chi you wanna share with me. Of course if you have any problems, I'm just an IM (and text) away.

(Grabbed from Saab's Multiply account. Photo : Micheal John David [for Steph Nepomuceno] Make up : Saab Magalona. Text/Doodle: Abbie Almasco)


xx -- Your Fcukstrot

Pag nagka-album ka na, bigyan mo ako ng libreng CD. With autograph ha.


Life is a female dog.

Don't even try to guess what my meme has been for this week.

Camille Agcaoili, I love you for always making my day. I cannot wait wait wait to finally meet you. Haaaay. I swear lately, when we chat we have this really weird....trips. Hahahahahaha! Panalo. Cake and I have been naturally high for some reason. I love her so much. Check out the multiply template she made for me in my personal multiply account. Panalo!!!!


Uyyy friends sila! Hahaha lol. Oh and look! I barely have make-up on! Can you see my mole? I have like 9 moles in my face PALANG ha. Hahahaha!

Oh and guess what, I've started writing my short stories! Yay! Haha posting them soon. I'm emotionally stressed now. Inaway ko nanaman si Andrew. Hmp. Its not my fault, people. Don't look at me like that!

Anyways, can't say much. Gotta go to bed or I'll be all woozy and grumpy again tomorrow. And I've seen my assigned claims. They're in effing worm writing. Hmp. Wish me luck with that. I love everyone who dropped by. Will reply to comments asap. Career mode ako sa short stories ko so I can post the link on my sidebar soon and you can go have a look-see-see-see. Ahahaha.

Yay, Hannabeth updates! Lol.

This morning, I had the weirdest dream. Ever.
Okay maybe not, but you get my point.

I love you Lance, Jaybo, Allan and Apple! Lol. Chatting with them now.


You hypebeast clone!

You always make me barf. My Choclit Cake - Camille Agcaoili and I were chatting about you last night and how much you make us want to shove our footsies up your stinky buns. Ugh. You are such a feeler. You're the biggest losaar I know.

SO. I fixed my room (again) today. And we set up the stuff I got from Ikea properly this time. But its not really "fixed" yet, ifykwim. And I'm getting Hanna-inspired curtains when we go to Haraj.

I feel like a Princess! Will post photos of it without my bed cover on, I love my comforter! Eeee!

At 3 AM, Cams and I were chatting about, well a lot of stuff (and a lot of chi-chi), when suddenly an idea popped into my head. Ahahahaha. I made a new blog! Its where I'm gonna be posting all the creative whacko juices, like the MTVs I've been directing in my head for a song that I like. The short stories I've been telling you about, and who knows, maybe poems and songs, too! Basta all my (ahem) creative crap, I'll be posting it there. As soon as I'm done figuring everything out, I'll post the blog link here. But the blog is up na. Just nothing in it yet. Hahahaha. By February I might even make like fanvids, or my own MTV! Ahahahahaha! Okay ba?

I dyed my hair black again. Ang weird kase, after barely a week it washed off! Walang kwenta ang Garnier! Lol just kidding. I used it again. Ahahahahahah.

I love Chocolate Glazed too! Yum yum!!!

I watched Marie Antoinette again today, and all its special features while and after fixing my room. Heehee! Panalo talaga yung Cribs with Louis XVI. It makes me laugh every time I watch it! "THESE ARE MY DAWGS...SOMETIMES WHEN I'M SAD, I LOOK INTO HIS EYES AND IT GIVES ME STRENGTH!". Mind you, his (Jason Schwartzman) "dawgs" are actually half-bodied Roman-looking statues!!! Ahahahahaha!

I never liked the Pussycat Dolls - EVER. But I'm starting to love Nicole big time! I'm downloading her album right now! Her "Baby Love" video seriously got me considering buying a small yacht for me and Babe. NORLY! I asked my Mom if it would cost millions and she said it would depend. Hell no, I won't get anything that reaches a million. Ahahahaha! Just a small yacht for me and my Babe to cruise on. How's that for a plan, eh? Hahahaha. BUT. First thing's first. CAR. WEDDING. MALDIVES. I know I've got God by my side to help us make it happen. Wahooey! And guess what, I started "saving" now! Medyo gagastos lang ng konti when Ann comes here by December. Sakto sa Winter sale! YES.

"HANGIN' AROUND, NOTHING TO DO BUT FROWN...RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS ALWAYS GETS ME DOWN..." Don't you just love The Carpenters? Have you heard Emmy Rossum's version of this? WOW. Emmy Rossum talaga is ENYA+IMOGEN HEAP! And yes, part FROU FROU too. Download her album!!! She rocks, man.

Have you tried Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit? I bought the entire "line", except for the shower gel cause I'm getting a kilo (maybe half? lol) of Karma from Lush soon. Man, Pink Grapefruit! The smell is amazing. It would make people wanna eat you up when you walk past them. Ahahahahaha! When I apply the lip balm, I always end up biting my lips! Seriously!

Hala, I'm turning into Droopy.
All y'all know what this means.

(Miss you Leeobryan Mallari Lim!)


Orignal Glazed.

So yeah, as I told you in my vlog, today's (make that last night) the grand opening of Krispy Kreme in Jeddah. I just arrived a few minutes ago. Such an amazing experience. Ahahahaha! Merely 10 minutes after I got in line, a girl came near me with a camera in hand and said "Hi, I'm from Fainak magazine, its an online magazine launching on the end of this month." Then she handed me a card. "Would you mind if I took your photo? It would be uploaded there, check the website at the back of the card, but it won't be up until the end of this month. The magazine covers events like this too, and since you're here, well..." And then she took her camera out. "Are you with your family?" But Ma didn't want to be in the photo so I asked this girl that was in line behind me to join me and she willing ly did. When she asked for our names, the other girl said "A.B." and I said "ABBIE", and A.B. said, "Really? That's what my friends call me too!" When we got back into our queue, she tapped me on the shoulder and said "Nice meeting you", and I said the same thing in return.

We were in line for nearly an hour. It was packed, I swear. And man, the cute guys lined up on the other side of the entrance. Ahahahahaha! (Lol, I love you Babe! I miss you!! Haha! )

We ordered a dozen (in assorted flavors. Go figure. Hahahaha) and I tried a Chocolate Chiller. Most of the guys working there were Filipinos, so I was like smiling at them and all. It was nice seeing kababayans. After we paid, Ma and I stood at one corner waiting for my drink to be handed to us, when this one Pinoy guy came out of the counter and asked what we ordered for again. He went in and came back with it and said "Next time ka nalang bumawi sakin ah" and then I just smiled and nodded, I didn't really know what he meant but anyway, just as we were about to leave, Ma turned to me and said "Why don't we get another box?" And I said it was the right thing to do since we were already there. So she signaled "1 more box" to the guy who handed me my drink. He came out with a box and said "Sige na", and smiled.

OHMYGOLLYGOSH. BY THE BEARD OF ZEUS!!! I GOT A DOZEN KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS FOR FREE!!!!! Ahahahahahaha!!!! The best. Kase naman, when I was back home I didn't have time to go all the way to the Fort (or Megamall) just to get me a box.

I LOVE YOU KRISPY KREME! Hahaha buti nalang clients namin yung mga may-ari, baka next week hindi na House of Donuts ang dadalhin ng mga boss namin sa work para samin, Krispy Kreme na! Ahahaha!

I downloaded Emmy Rossum's album. I tried DLing it right after I saw her vid on YouTube (remember my SLOW ME DOWN entry? Uhuh), but I couldn't find her album yet. After I saw Tinka post about this in Multiply, she kind of reminded me about it again. So I found it this time and I DLed away! Yay!

But I'm totally loving Ingrid Michaelson's KEEP BREATHING. It played on Grey's Anatomy's season three finale (saw it last night lang on YouTube. Panalo, brought me to tears. I love you Sandra Oh!)

My flight will be moved. Secret nalang kung kailan. I'm surprising Drew baybeh.
"SUPPLIES!" Hahahaha.



Fake laugh.

Oh and -
"Why can't you see that...love is what you want, love is what you need to set you free?"

DOWNLOAD "CLICK YOUR HEELS" -- it effing rocks. LSS!!!!
Indiescene FTW!



What you are ain't WHO you are.

My personal mantra.

Today, I got to thinking about people. How we limit ourselves because of our gender, our race, and our beliefs. I wish we can all find a way to get out of the cages society built us.

I hate that gender affects how we are as people. Generally, we are all human beings. Man, Woman, Sheman, Homan, Whatman, whatever. It is perfectly normal for a man to feel weakness. And it is perfectly normal for a woman to be strong. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever see the day when men are finally free from all the masochism sh*t they have to put up with and just be THEMSELVES. JUST BE HUMAN. Okay sure, they have to stand up for a lot of things, BUT I hope they stop "ACTING" the part. Geddit? Boys cry, even men cry. Deal with it.

I cannot wait to see the day when gays and lesbians are finally accepted. Its not their choice to be that way. They just turned out to be that way. To be in their situation is very complicated. And I really do give them snaps because they are the ones who have embraced who they really are, and are willing to fight for their right as people. I know God never mentioned "IN BETWEENS" in the Bible, but they are still children of God. Most of the gay and lesbian people I know are religious, and I believe that GOD UNDERSTANDS. I don't know, there is no proof of this but its what I think. God never hates. Let's stop pointing our filthy hands at them. I'm no saint. You're no saint. We're all sinners. Pulling off a Pontius Pilate just won't work.

Whites, Blacks, Asians, Latins? Culture, Skin color, Language. Those are the only things that set us apart from each other. Aside from that, what else? We all feel the same things. We all love, we all hate. We all feel happiness and pain. We are all capable of doing great things. We can do what the whites do, the blacks can do what we do, the latins can speak our language, yada-yada-yada. It all lies in our hands. If we want to, we can. Nothing is impossible. No two people, even from the same family, even from the same country, even from the same continent ARE ALIKE. We are all different in our own way. I don't see why we should stereotype people for what they are. Its just not right.

Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Adventists, Mormons... Our beliefs DO NOT define who we are as people. I have learned to accept that not all people believe in the things that I do. I think its because I have friends who practice different religions but we never let it get in the way of our friendship. In fact, our relationship is a lot more interesting since we get to share the difference of our practices. I don't think God would want us fighting over our religion being the RIGHT religion, and that the rest of the other religions are practicing it wrong. Even if its worshipping Buddha (and not God) still does not give us the right to prove Buddhists that they won't get anything good out of it. RESPECT THEM. RESPECT THEIR BELIEFS. Religion is not supposed to set us apart from each other. Its supposed to unify us. Do you think God is actually cheering for you when you take people down with your righteous speech on "IM GOING TO HEAVEN, YOU'RE NOT?". Spreading God's word is NEVER wrong but don't make reach a point when you start to act all smug saying something like that. From what I've heard in church, all that God wants is for you to accept Him in your heart. I don't actually recall anything about taking people down if they don't read the Bible, or if they don't believe in the things that YOU do.

I hope we can all live freely. According to what we want, according to who we really are. All we need to know is to properly distinguish right from wrong. Now or Never. Today or Tomorrow. YOU.

Lahat tayo tao. Yun nalang paka-isipin natin. TAO TAYO, at TAO LANG TAO. Yun lang yun. Lahat tayo nagkasala. May karapatan lang tayong magturo ng daliri kung may ginawa ang ibang tao saatin ng masama. Pero wag tayong humusga ng iba dahil lang magkakaiba tayo ng opinyon.

But what makes it really complicated is this:
We ARE human. And we err.

Where do I stand again??


Because nothing compares.

NOTHING! compares to you..... Ahahaha that's how its sung diba? Lol.

Anyways can't say much. Because its "turnin' up...five minutes to midnight, you're comin' home with me tonight..." Ahahahaha! WTH is this, a musical...blog? Or something? Lol.

I raided Ikea last night! Woohoo!!! Wait 'til I show you my bed! I effing love it. It was so hard for me to get out of it this morning, and the entire day it was all I could think of! Hahahaha. Its not really done yet, like this blog. Yihee! Almost done. Hope you like all the new stuff I put, like the slideshow and I added more of my favorite music, too! There will be more changes soon.

Wai is it that everytime I fix my room, it would always go back to the way it was before I fixed it (which means chaos) the next day? Ugh.

Boys = Regina George (they ruin people's lives)
Gotta love it. That's my current YM! status. Hahahaha. Speaking of which, were you able to DL the latest version? Mar gave me a link but after I DLed it, it didn't really install well so I had to reinstall the old version. Losaar. Hahahaha. Oh well.
Okay, yes! I'm pissed off at him. Sometimes he can be such a tool. Like Jack Wyett. Ahahahaha.

Saw Evan Almighty just last night, I loved it. Its really touching. More touching Bruce Almighty I believe.
Oh and the boy I'm pissed at now (he-who-must-not-be-named, lol) got me pretty hooked on BLEACH. I love watching it on YouTube, man! Its dubbed in English! Wahooey! But I haven't even gotten to episode 2 yet but still! Ahahahaha!

I hate you Tric for making me go bawl over your Beyonce experience videos! Hmp.
But you know I love you. But I hate you for this! Waaaah! Lol. *cyberkiss*

Goodnight all y'all!
Another grueling day at work waits ahead!


Avril 14th

It will be playing on my wedding, instead of the traditional wedding song. Most probably in Caliraya, just as Chucky suggested.Tentatively 6 years from now (please Lord, help us make it happen). I’m not sure about the rest. Andrew and I have been discussing this seriously yesterday. But one thing’s for sure. No matter what happens, the honeymoon will be spent here (and yes, he agreed!) :

Amazing. Its my instant pick-me-upper. I just think about us snuggling and enjoying the view and I already get the zsa zsa zsu! Its totally paradise. Ever since I saw it on Preview, I told myself : “this is where I’m going on my honeymoon!” So exciting (Annie you still owe me your photos, I wanna see! Haha, I miss you Annie)!

But the future effing freaks me out.
I’m on fire, and now I think I’m ready to bust a move….

Ahahahaha. Nag-burst into song daw ako bigla?

And I haven’t even started saving yet. Dapat may naitatabi na ako.

Most probably, I can focus on this as soon as I get back from P.I.

And speaking of P.I., I’m really so excited to see Sarah already. We’ve been planning our slumber party since we started chatting. Ahahaha. Plus I told her we have have have to go shop at the independent section in Rockwell, I have so been wanting to go since…well, forevaar! Ahahaha. But of course, we will never skip Toppys. Its our happy place. Amazing that I haven’t really hung out with this cousin of mine yet but I am totally in love with her! She’s one of the effing coolest cousins evaar!

The days fly like doves. I love Paramore. Loved them since Franklin.

Seriously I never notice how fast weeks have come and gone. I love working! Ahahaha.

Got my paycheck today.

I really thought today was Sunday lang. Parang kahapon lang nag-start yung week ko, tapos biglang weekend na! Galing!

Ann is flying on the 21st next month. I can’t wait. Buti nalang I haven’t been shopping majorly at Toppy’s.

I did get a few new pairs of Havies and I raided Body Shop (I am now a walking Grapefruit) recently.

If I have money left from my October salary I’ll be raiding Life for Bed Head and Ikea by Friday (hopefully) so I can prepare for redecorating my room by December. Someone tell me where I could get really cool leopard-printed wallpapers! I think painting four walls in leopard is…well…hassle. Ahahahaha.

I really wanna go raid Sephora and Lush, too (bath bombs, bath bombs!! And moar Karma!!!). But I have to start saving for my plane ticket and pocket money! And a digital camera!!! Kuya and Sarah will be home by June too, and I don’t wanna go unprepared and just use my camera phone for rare reunions like that. Your prayers are needed for this.

December will be loaded with winter sales. The prices are just so effing pathetic. Ahahahaha. Its like, you don’t care how hard you’ve earned your money, you just wanna spend them all!!! ITS BAD!!! I haydet! When I get home, I’d definitely buy ‘Rich dad, Poor dad’ and any book by Trump. Ahahahaha. Someone told me that I should start saving. One of the voices in my head. Grr.

Oh yeah, since I’ve always wanted to name something “Max” (for some reason), I have decided to name the voice inside my head (the one that belongs to me) “MAXIE”. *snorts*

Methinks my Christian D. specs are epiphany glasses. Ahahahaha!

Err. Yeah.

I totally love Coehlo’s “Like the Flowing River”. Its like reading his blog or something. Not to brag or anything (and I know I’m not the only one to feel this way) but I have thoughts similar to his! I really wish I knew how to write as good as he does. I find it really hard expressing thoughts like that. Most of the time, instead of sounding inspiring, it sounds like I’m talking about crass. Ahahaha. But seriously. I’ve really thought of writing a short story (even before I read from Saab’s blog that she’s publishing hers in her blog)

Lance let’s franchise Pink Berry.

The other day in the office, two cute guys were giving away glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Turns out the owners of the "branch" here in Jeddah are clients. So, we get free doughnuts! Yay! Its opening on the 14th. Will definitely drop by after work.

I love Jeddah.
I effing love it here.
Can’t wait for Central Park to open!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Weekend, I love that you have finally come.


Will you love me now that I'm smart -

- looking? Lol.

When I was in grade school, I was top of my class. I was accelerated once, from 4th to 5th grade. I was a straight A student.

Contrary to the belief that “unica hijas” are spoiled brats, well I am living proof that this isn’t true. Most of the time, I had to earn for whatever I wanted. When it came to my grandparents though, it was a different story. They were me genies. Just say the word and whatever you wished for would magically appear on both of their hands. Ahahaha.

ANYWAY. One of the most unforgettable dog cookies I got was this Barbie I saw at the local mall (I was in Palawan). I told Ma I really wanted to have one, so she told me that if I got a hundred on all my exams she would get it for me. I worked extra hard for it, sometimes I would only get 98% on some tests (lol). When I got my report slip, I immediately asked my Teacher if I could run home for a few minutes (home was literally 40 steps away. 20 if you run. Ahahaha) – and I did just that. It was one of the most glorious moments of my life. I felt so proud of myself. It wasn’t the first time I aced all my exams then, but for some reason that certain time just felt extra special.

It all changed when I moved to the middle east. At 6th grade, I placed ninth in class. A lot of things were going on until I didn’t really care about academics anymore. And for some reason, I felt happy being average.

Sometimes I wished I was still as “interested” in acads (in high school) as I was in grade school. Sometimes I wish I paid more attention in class, than wandering off to Nevaevaevaland on most days. I did remain focused on some subjects though. Like Literature and Music. I’d get pretty low and average grades from the rest. Don’t even get me started on Math. PLEASE. Sometimes I think I still hurt Pop. He’s a successful CPA. He used to teach back home, and he’s considered one of the notorious professors in this uni in Palawan. When I was younger, I would watch him correct his students’ papers. I would never forget all those big ass question marks he writes on them. He just looks at it for barely 20 seconds and he knows if its partly correct. Are the answers wrong? Is the solution right? Or is the solution right? And the answers wrong?

There are times when I just feel sorry about myself, for not being the student that I really am.

I remember wanting to give 90% to school, and not 60%. But high school was just too much fun. I wasn’t the smartest in class, but I didn’t get the lowest grades. I would get really high grades, but they come in season, like summer. Ahahaha.

I have no regrets, really. But sometimes I just wished I paid more attention, that’s all. You geddit? Lol.

You might say that I am no longer "smart", or at all -- but life has been good. I'm blessed to know that I have experienced what it was like to be on top of the world. Academically speaking.

My advice to all my blog readers who are still in school: Make everyday count. Always bring your digital camera and take loads of videos (like me). You'll love watching them every now and then.

And to my fellow "fresh-out-of-school-and-into-the-gruesome-industry-of-working-your-buns-off" peeps : Let us all be reminiscent together and wish we would wake up to just one of our high school mornings and when money came easy. Ahahahaha.

Parking now.
Replying to comments asap.

Happy Birthday Justin Quirino, Candice Crisostomo, Regine Rodriguez and Candee!


Shakespeare is dead.

I rode a horse with a white knight once.
And I will never forget it.

Whatever happened to the hopeless romantics in all of us?

I mean, things change. That I get. But love? Doesn't that have to be one of the things that have to remain constant in this world?

I don't think our ways of showing our significant others should change at all. Seriously. For some reason, I prefer snail mails over e-mails. Phonecalls in my landline number than texting (its not really how people back then would do it, I just like landline phone calls. hahaha ). I also never liked using webcams, for some reason I find it really awkward. But I have done it TWICE ( the first time the webcam was on me, the second time, it was on my shoulders and focused on my room. hahahaha ).

My point is, nothing will ever beat how our ancestors (lol) did it.
The serenading and all that. Back then, I would watch a Dolphy or an FPJ film, and it was never without the ultimate harana song.


I would cringe. "That's such a silly song!"
Who would've thought, years after I made that statement, that it would be something I would be looking for at this point of our generation. Not that I'm complaining about my relationship or anything, but...

Where have all the white knights gone? Are they all married already? Have they gotten some girl knocked up? Are they out of the country? Are they...dead?

Methinks all of the above.
What happened to the Shakespeare in all of us? What happened to the people looking for love? For genuine love? What happened to " AGAINST ALL ODDS " and " YOU AND ME AGAINST THE WORLD? ". Can we blame it on how we all have been living our lives these days? Everything comes so easy. So does love?

Back then, people would go through SO MUCH before they got what they really wanted. Thinking about it, it was better that way. We can learn to truly appreciate it when it finally lands in our hands.

When it comes to love, is there really such a thing as "right" and "wrong" ? Are there no gray areas? Can't you just do things because you want to? Because you feel its right even when other people think its wrong?

Whoever said love isn't complicated? Easy? Are you serious??
Love is supposed to be complicated. Only then can love really work. Or not. Depending on what type of relationship you're in.

Love letters. Chocolates. Flowers. Cliche? Yes. But no.
The key ingredient for this to work is SINCERITY.

Where where where are the sparks. I know they're in there somewhere. And with that said -- where have all the real MEN gone?

What happened to things like -- singing out loud in front of your friends for you? Kneeling when saying sorry? Coming late to school carrying a big ass sports bag only to take out a bouquet of flowers for you because he didn't forget your "monthsary" ? Trying to steal a kiss when no one is looking? Sending you emails as soon as he gets home? Calling you every single day even if you've spent the entire day with him? Making everything about you (including his YM status message)? Telling your friends how in love he is with you? Cheeseballs? Passing you short, sweet notes everyday? Composing poems for you? Popping out of nowhere to say "I love you" ? Secretly holding your hand under the table?

Will these things change too? Do they have to? Why?
I want my children to feel the things I have when I'm in love. I'd like them to experience waking up almost every hour just smiling to themselves thinking that they've got the person they truly want and love in their lives. I'd like them to feel watching the sunset one day and realizing how that particular one felt so different from the rest. I'd like them to experience staring into nothingness just replaying every moment spent with the people they love in their heads.

I'd like them to learn that love is not easy. It never was, and it never should be.
I'd like them to be hopeless romantics like me.

"Anak, its not always about doing the right thing, what's right in everybody's eyes. Its about what you feel. How you feel. Don't let anything get in your way. Love will ALWAYS conquer everything. When you love, stand by it. Fight for it. But when you're not sure, don't ever promise. Learn the art of compromising, because everything can be settled when you talk about it. And when you make big decisions, talk about it together. There are no rules in love, anak. I can't tell you though how true love feels like, you'll know it in your guts. You are never too young to fall in love. There is no such thing as 'I'm too young to feel this way'. Love knows no age. It comes at any point in our lives. You do have the choice to want it or not want it. But make sure its what you want. What you both want. Remember everything you said, the promises you made. Don't forget to communicate always. When you feel that something isn't right, talk about it. Respect your relationship and everything you've gone through. Never chicken out if you have problems. Face them together. Don't go marching out there alone. I want you to love truly, anak. I want you to be loved back, too. Because every person deserves to be loved that way. If you want to give it your all, I have nothing against that. Just make sure your partner is doing the same. Only you can tell if its mutual, and it is reciprocated. Nothing beats the feeling of being with someone you truly love. Every relationship goes through rough times, make sure you don't let go just because you're facing a problem. I'm always here for you if you need advice.

Alam mo anak, I knew a Shakespeare when I was your age. It was wonderful. I hope you get to know one, I hope he finds you -- and I hope he doesn't let you go."

Kind of exciting, isn't it?
I do pray, by that time, the kind of love that we knew still exists.

Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo. Where art thou thy Romeo?
Oh, I know where he is. But I'm not saying.