Avril 14th

It will be playing on my wedding, instead of the traditional wedding song. Most probably in Caliraya, just as Chucky suggested.Tentatively 6 years from now (please Lord, help us make it happen). I’m not sure about the rest. Andrew and I have been discussing this seriously yesterday. But one thing’s for sure. No matter what happens, the honeymoon will be spent here (and yes, he agreed!) :

Amazing. Its my instant pick-me-upper. I just think about us snuggling and enjoying the view and I already get the zsa zsa zsu! Its totally paradise. Ever since I saw it on Preview, I told myself : “this is where I’m going on my honeymoon!” So exciting (Annie you still owe me your photos, I wanna see! Haha, I miss you Annie)!

But the future effing freaks me out.
I’m on fire, and now I think I’m ready to bust a move….

Ahahahaha. Nag-burst into song daw ako bigla?

And I haven’t even started saving yet. Dapat may naitatabi na ako.

Most probably, I can focus on this as soon as I get back from P.I.

And speaking of P.I., I’m really so excited to see Sarah already. We’ve been planning our slumber party since we started chatting. Ahahaha. Plus I told her we have have have to go shop at the independent section in Rockwell, I have so been wanting to go since…well, forevaar! Ahahaha. But of course, we will never skip Toppys. Its our happy place. Amazing that I haven’t really hung out with this cousin of mine yet but I am totally in love with her! She’s one of the effing coolest cousins evaar!

The days fly like doves. I love Paramore. Loved them since Franklin.

Seriously I never notice how fast weeks have come and gone. I love working! Ahahaha.

Got my paycheck today.

I really thought today was Sunday lang. Parang kahapon lang nag-start yung week ko, tapos biglang weekend na! Galing!

Ann is flying on the 21st next month. I can’t wait. Buti nalang I haven’t been shopping majorly at Toppy’s.

I did get a few new pairs of Havies and I raided Body Shop (I am now a walking Grapefruit) recently.

If I have money left from my October salary I’ll be raiding Life for Bed Head and Ikea by Friday (hopefully) so I can prepare for redecorating my room by December. Someone tell me where I could get really cool leopard-printed wallpapers! I think painting four walls in leopard is…well…hassle. Ahahahaha.

I really wanna go raid Sephora and Lush, too (bath bombs, bath bombs!! And moar Karma!!!). But I have to start saving for my plane ticket and pocket money! And a digital camera!!! Kuya and Sarah will be home by June too, and I don’t wanna go unprepared and just use my camera phone for rare reunions like that. Your prayers are needed for this.

December will be loaded with winter sales. The prices are just so effing pathetic. Ahahahaha. Its like, you don’t care how hard you’ve earned your money, you just wanna spend them all!!! ITS BAD!!! I haydet! When I get home, I’d definitely buy ‘Rich dad, Poor dad’ and any book by Trump. Ahahahaha. Someone told me that I should start saving. One of the voices in my head. Grr.

Oh yeah, since I’ve always wanted to name something “Max” (for some reason), I have decided to name the voice inside my head (the one that belongs to me) “MAXIE”. *snorts*

Methinks my Christian D. specs are epiphany glasses. Ahahahaha!

Err. Yeah.

I totally love Coehlo’s “Like the Flowing River”. Its like reading his blog or something. Not to brag or anything (and I know I’m not the only one to feel this way) but I have thoughts similar to his! I really wish I knew how to write as good as he does. I find it really hard expressing thoughts like that. Most of the time, instead of sounding inspiring, it sounds like I’m talking about crass. Ahahaha. But seriously. I’ve really thought of writing a short story (even before I read from Saab’s blog that she’s publishing hers in her blog)

Lance let’s franchise Pink Berry.

The other day in the office, two cute guys were giving away glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Turns out the owners of the "branch" here in Jeddah are clients. So, we get free doughnuts! Yay! Its opening on the 14th. Will definitely drop by after work.

I love Jeddah.
I effing love it here.
Can’t wait for Central Park to open!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Weekend, I love that you have finally come.