Because nothing compares.

NOTHING! compares to you..... Ahahaha that's how its sung diba? Lol.

Anyways can't say much. Because its "turnin' up...five minutes to midnight, you're comin' home with me tonight..." Ahahahaha! WTH is this, a Or something? Lol.

I raided Ikea last night! Woohoo!!! Wait 'til I show you my bed! I effing love it. It was so hard for me to get out of it this morning, and the entire day it was all I could think of! Hahahaha. Its not really done yet, like this blog. Yihee! Almost done. Hope you like all the new stuff I put, like the slideshow and I added more of my favorite music, too! There will be more changes soon.

Wai is it that everytime I fix my room, it would always go back to the way it was before I fixed it (which means chaos) the next day? Ugh.

Boys = Regina George (they ruin people's lives)
Gotta love it. That's my current YM! status. Hahahaha. Speaking of which, were you able to DL the latest version? Mar gave me a link but after I DLed it, it didn't really install well so I had to reinstall the old version. Losaar. Hahahaha. Oh well.
Okay, yes! I'm pissed off at him. Sometimes he can be such a tool. Like Jack Wyett. Ahahahaha.

Saw Evan Almighty just last night, I loved it. Its really touching. More touching Bruce Almighty I believe.
Oh and the boy I'm pissed at now (he-who-must-not-be-named, lol) got me pretty hooked on BLEACH. I love watching it on YouTube, man! Its dubbed in English! Wahooey! But I haven't even gotten to episode 2 yet but still! Ahahahaha!

I hate you Tric for making me go bawl over your Beyonce experience videos! Hmp.
But you know I love you. But I hate you for this! Waaaah! Lol. *cyberkiss*

Goodnight all y'all!
Another grueling day at work waits ahead!